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The Windsor Caper
Gerda Weissmann Klein

This is a gentle and magical story with a strong retro feel, from a time when mobile phones and computers only existed in science fiction and perhaps life was a bit simpler. As well as providing some amusing insights into the differences between the American and British versions of the English language, it vividly brings alive some of the fascinating pageantry and drama of English History and integrates them into an exciting adventure.
Set in the 1980s it is about two American girls....

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Once Upon a Fairy Tale (The Lands of Elohan Book 3)
Felicia Mires

Do you believe in fairy tales?
Prince Tristian has heard of elves, dragons, and all things magical, but his father King Raghnall insists the fairy lands are no more. He denies the existence of Elohan, the great Lord of all the realms, but Tristian has other ideas.
When Prince Riordan of Rin visits the royal court with a contingent of elves, Tristian is smitten. The lady Maerwynne can ignore his attentions all she wants, but Tristian won’t give up. That is, until the king discovers...

Origins: Psychic Unleashed (Paranormal Female Psychic Suspense
Eric Drouant

Young. Psychic. Deadly.
When CIA operatives discover that teens Cassie Reynold and Ronnie Gilmore possess uncanny psychic abilities, their seemingly normal existence is catapulted into a world of espionage, mayhem, and cold blooded murder. Set against the backdrop of the Cold War, these two highvalue targets are marked as prey for renegade agent Thorne. Capturing them will cement his position within a clandestine world, rife with danger at every turn.
 The year is 1973 and the world...

Progdemption: Book 3 of The Progtopia Trilogy
Eula McGrevey

In Progatory, their boundless determination led to the ultimate fight for freedom, as the underground resistance movement clashed with the One World Government in an allout war.

Now in 2039, Camille and Peter find themselves broken and bloodied, struggling to pull their group together and mourn their fallen friends, but unwilling to give up the struggle, no matter what the cost.

Meanwhile, in 2174, the powerful elite have gained control over millions of memories and minds,...


A deadly secret in a suitcase full of stolen gold leads to a series of unexplainable murders while the FBI hunts for a top foreign killer spy.
The story starts during the final days of the WW2. Young Ben searches an abandoned coal mine tunnel for stolen guns the soldiers hid inside. Unfortunately, he meets an AWOL foreign Army officer on the run. The officer is involved in the theft of a large amount of gold from one of his superiors and had it hidden in the same tunnel.
Years later,...

Olive and Little One
Robert Villegas

When a little bear cub wakes up after sleeping all winter long, he finds that his mother is nowhere to be found!
He gets up the courage to climb down deep into Frijoles Canyon at Bandelier National Monument in Northern New Mexico.. With the help of a very wise Great Horned Owl, the lonely little bear sets out on an adventure to try to find his mother.
My story is based on actual events that occurred when a little orphaned bear showed up at Bandelier National Monument in the Spring of...