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Happy Mood = Happy Life: Simple Tips To Live A Happier Life
Jamie Hill

Do you feel fed up and frustrated?
Do you feel like you are not getting the most out of your life?
Do you feel frustrated with you work and home life?
Do you feel like time is passing you by?

Do not worry, you are not the only person feeling that way but there are ways to achieve a happier life and be in a much happier mood more often.
When reading Happy Mood = Happy Life you will read about simple tips to...

Have You Read?
Life Intrudes
K. C. Sprayberry

Teens face many issues in this often unforgiving world. The choices they make often decide where their life ends up. Choices are often gauged by the support they receive from the world around them, or their own values, which can be tested by their peers reactions.
The twentyfirst century has given teens many things that seem to spell doom to their dreams and hopes. School violence, abusive friends, alcohol and drugs, and bad decisions leave them wondering if it’s worth the effort to...

DOG of the ANCIENTS: Book One (5-Ever series 1)
Tammy Berg

Brodie is a Golden Retriever…
A dog of The Ancients, but even such dogs are not allowed to talk to just anybody. The rules require those he is allowed to correspond with to be a soul of The Ancients, not just any human.
He knew that if a human truly believed, then they too could hear the animals speak.
Problem was that not many believed anymore, making it that much harder for the Golden’s to keep balance between animals and humans…
Book One...

Horror in a Hurry Volume 1: The collected novellas plus two new
FR Maher

Time is a valuable commodity. I know this as I struggle to manage my life in university, hosting major events out of university and my life as a writer. I have become adept at keeping plates spinning – okay, some of them do crash occasionally, but timepoverty can sneak up on you, and when it’s got you trapped it’s a very hard thing to escape. This was the thinking behind creating Horror in a Hurry, stories that could be read in a single sitting. It was a sweet day when Charles de...

Parallel Adventures: Into The Caves
P.S. Winn

Jenny and Jayden Carter are twins. Turning thirteen and out of school for the summer the twins are worried their vacation time will be boring. Heading down to the caves near their home, the twins find a lost puppy. Chasing him into the caves the twins find the surprise of their life and some adventures they will never forget.......

Fairytale Lost (A Queen City Novel)
Lori Hendricks

Emmalyn and Lukas are meant to be... but that doesn't mean they will have their fairytale.