The Thirteenth Hour Companion Site by Joshua Blum

The companion page for the novel, The Thirteenth Hour, by Joshua Blum as well as other stories in the same universe. This page contains pictures and other behind-the-scenes information about the novel and related works.

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The Thirteenth Hour
Joshua Blum

#TheThirteenthHour = #80smovie + #fairytale for adults about dreams and wishes, wild hearts and childhood promises, and the quest to find the unsung hero that lies in all of us. A young man is reluctantly catapulted into a dangerous quest he'd previously only thought possible in fairy tales. Though his travels take him around the known world, the more important changes occur within, as he learns a little about what it means to live, to die, and to love.

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The Wielder: Betrayal (The Wielder Series Book 1)
David Gosnell

Arthur just buried his wife of 76 years. To make things worse, he knows he won't be joining her in the afterlife anytime soon because of a "gift" he was given. That gift being six entities that are grafted to his soul. He can summon them at will a succubus, a demon sorcerer, a fairy, a leprechaun, a catbeing warrior and his ever most trusty hellhound. Because of their direct connection to his soul their power leeches into him. So, Arthur doesn’t age or get sick.
He knows he will...

Traitor's Hope (Chronicles of Gensokai Book 2)
Virginia McClain

Traitors lurk around every bend. Mishi’s mind is betraying her, and she fears her kisō and katana will betray her next. Taka’s heart abandons her for a person she cannot possibly trust. Now that the two friends are obliged to help reestablish peace in the land of Gensokai, the only question is where the next betrayal will come from and if Mishi and Taka will have the strength to survive it.......

George Mazzeo

In the aftermath of World War II, recently discharged Army Air Force pilot Duke Kellogg and his fledgling airline find themselves embroiled an adventure involving intrigue and missing treasure. The legend of the Golden Dragons has been debated from bar stools throughout the South Pacific for years, but most believe it to be nothing more than a good yarn. When a mysterious woman enters the Coral Pacific offices and claims to be the fiancée of a missing courier on a secret mission carrying...

Mail Order Mix Up (Brides of Beckham Book 4)
Kirsten Osbourne

Be sure to check out my newest releases, Kissing in Kansas which released September 15th, and Ruby that released August 8th. A complete list of my work can be found here
When Ellen and her sister, Malinda, are forced out of the only home they’ve ever known by a local banker after the death of their father, they answer an advertisement placed by Harriett Long for mail order brides. Ellen chooses to marry the sheriff of a small town in Colorado while Malinda agrees...

4 Hours: An Apocalyptic Horror Novella (Ferine Apocalypse)
John F Leonard

City Flu sweeps the globe. Swift, virulent, devastating.
Beneath Whitehall, a few of the immune gather in a government bunker.
Something worse than pandemic is taking place above their heads.
Two men are sent to investigate ...
Pearcey is a veteran.
Cynical and smart.
Fear is an old friend.
Horror is nothing new.
But this is fear and horror of a different order.
It may well be an apocalyptic event. The Apocalypse. Right here, right now. In London, across the...