The Thirteenth Hour Companion Site by Joshua Blum

The companion page for the novel, The Thirteenth Hour, by Joshua Blum as well as other stories in the same universe. This page contains pictures and other behind-the-scenes information about the novel and related works.

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The Thirteenth Hour
Joshua Blum

#TheThirteenthHour = #80smovie + #fairytale for adults about dreams and wishes, wild hearts and childhood promises, and the quest to find the unsung hero that lies in all of us. A young man is reluctantly catapulted into a dangerous quest he'd previously only thought possible in fairy tales. Though his travels take him around the known world, the more important changes occur within, as he learns a little about what it means to live, to die, and to love.

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Red Panda Zoo: A Spanish and English Picture Book (Mama Young's
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Red Panda Zoo's bright and beautiful images bring the zoo to life in Spanish and English. Infants and toddlers will enjoy the exciting pictures. Young readers will learn over 20 English and Spanish animal names. Red Panda Zoo includes a complete SpanishEnglish vocabulary list at the end of the book as a teaching aid for educators and parents.
Red Panda Zoo is a musthave addition to any young reader library, and an exciting new book for Spanishspeaking homes like Mama Young's.......

Dark Harvest (Dark Moon Series Book 2)

When Mike Hardy and Bentley Britt left North Carolina they thought they would have a fresh start. However, it isn't long before the troubles they left on the east coast find them.
The Coven is used to being feared, but soon they find themselves in a vulnerable situation. Cronus is facing old enemies and those grudges spanning centuries can only be paid in blood.
Werewolves are disappearing and the Blood Moon Pack is hunting for those responsible. Will they find the answers they seek?...

Born To Run, Live To Be Free (Under Open Skies Book 2)
Daris Howard

Humorous, Inspirational Story That All Will Love
     In this new book in the Under Open Skies series, Tom Johnson is in his early 20's and struggling to make it through college and take care of his little family. Due to the stress created by the overload of class work, the challenges of having very little money, and the limited amount of time for his family, he often feels trapped by his circumstances.
     To try to earn some extra money to help out with his family income,...

Scars of Yesterday
Angelica Kate

Jordan Kuriel was tough as nails, immovable and unflinching which were the very characteristics that propelled her into a decorated military career serving multiple tours overseas, until the moment a bomb ended that trajectory and sent her state’s side for good. Upon her return home, she found her younger sister’s lifetime of bad choices come to a head making Jordan a single mother causing her life’s mission to take a drastic turn. Balancing her grief, healing and an infant Jordan...

Charitable Hearts
EJ McCay

Good looks and good intentions can come in the same package.
After losing her family, Maggie Lawrence, accomplished author and philanthropist, has kept everyone at a distance. Levi Martin, the movie star, wants her to donate to his charity. He's confident that his good looks will make her give in. But Maggie has a reputation to maintain. If Levi thinks he can flash his charming smile and get her to hand over her hard earned money he’s in for the surprise of his life.
Will she see...