Diary of Two Mad Authors by TL Burns

This blog is primarily about us, our writing, our goals, and of course, Marilyn Monroe!! It’s also dedicated to all the wonderful authors we know and what’s going on in their lives. We will always strive to share all sorts of interesting facts about ourselves, other authors and of course Marilyn Monroe!! If nothing else, we want to stir up some conversations!!

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Fateful Night: What She Knew Book 1 (What She Knew Trilogy)

Did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide? Did someone get away with an elaborate plot to murder the famous sex goddess? On that “Fateful Night” in August 1962 find out what may have happened to her and why she was killed. Many argue that she was involved in way too many secrets from different factions of the world. She was a smart woman who could play the dumb blonde to attain her stardom yet she unwittingly learned of conspiracy plots and political threats that would not only end her life...

Have You Read?
Red Desert - Point of No Return
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli

Anna left at dawn.
She entered the Martian desert, all alone.
Where is she going?
What secret is she hiding?
Thirty years after the Mars exploration mission Hera, whose crew died in mysterious circumstances, the ensuing political issues that slowed NASA's race to conquer space have finally ended. This time the five members of the new Isis mission will not travel the 400 million kilometres for a short visit. This time they are destined to become the first colonisers of the Red...

Heads & Tales
Karina Kantas

A diverse collection of flash and short fiction.
28 short stories that will delight, fright and leave you questioning your sanity.......

Flyover Zombie: a Battlefield Z series
Chris Lowry

End of Days. The Zombie Plague swept the nation but a fast thinking leader in California took charge and built a wall on the Rockies and Appalachian mountains. It blocked off the middle of America, but contained most of the virus that turned the world upside down.
The middle is a wasteland. No one goes in, no one flies over. Everything is rationed in the cities struggling to support millions of refugees. Martial law controls their lives.
But when that leaders daughter goes down in...

Seducing Megan: Prossers Bay Series Novella
Cheryl Phipps

Left pregnant and alone
After a life of drama and heartache, Megan has fought hard for independence and peace. With her gorgeous fiveyearold twin daughters to support alone, she has no time for games – especially playing those of millionaire Jordan Lambert.
Unlucky in love
Jordan’s a man who’s used to getting his own way, either by money or sex appeal. So when the fiercely independent Megan Adams remains immune to his job offer, financial assistance and charm, he’s...

Beyond Watson: A Sherlock Holmes Anthology of Stories NOT Told

Imagine a Holmes Without his Boswell...
Or, as is the case with the volume you now hold in your hands, imagine a Holmes without the voice of Watson. Is there a difference? After all, we have learned about the great detective not through his own voice and eyes, but through that of his loyal companion, his dear friend, his Boswell. What might we be missing? Who else could tell of the great detective’s feats?
Find out as today's best Sherlock Holmes authors including Derrick...