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This blog is run by a small group of writers. We mostly discuss the writing process, with tips, hints and interviews with editors and published writers. In addition we review new (and not so new) published work.

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Hangman's Wood
Paula K. Randall

When Jake Summers, a university student, is viciously attacked and left for dead, newly promoted D.I. Fiona Brightman finds herself on the trail of a couple of young thugs embarked on a spree of brutal assaults. But soon the violence escalates and first a child and then a middleaged woman are murdered in Hangman's Wood, with a fourth person missing: young and attractive Natalie Gower. With time running out, can Brightman, dealing with a tricky marriage and still grieving from the death of...

Have You Read?
The Blackguard (The Blue Dragon's Geas Book 2)
Cheryl Matthynssens

THE BLACKGUARD is Book 2 in the Groundbreaking series THE BLUE DRAGON'S GEAS, which begins with OUTCAST (Book 1).
In THE BLACKGUARD, Alador finds himself in the city of Silverport, the Lerdenian capital. Surrounded by a culture that sees murder as a path to social power, he struggles to find his place. Sent by his uncle, the High Minister of Lerdenia, to the Blackguard, he begins his training as both a soldier and a water mage. The dragon dreams have not stopped and he learns more of...

Daddy's Girl
Ms. Lauren Bradshaw

"A killer is loose on the streets of Detroit; torturing and mutilating the innocents of Motor City. But are all of its occupants really that innocent?
Detective Artie Franco and his team in the Major Case Unit have been assigned to investigate, stop and bring to justice this twilight menace. However the various methods of death that the killer implements, plus the unusual trophies taken from each of the bodies causes a turf war between the local cops and the F.B.I who want nothing more to...

Babel (Peace Child Book 2)
Gill James

Kaleem has found his father and soon finds the love of his life, Rozia Laurence, but he is still not comfortable with his role as Peace Child. He also has to face some of the less palatable truths about his home planet: it is blighted by the existence of the Z Zone, a place where poorer people live outside of society, and by switchoff, compulsory euthanasia for a healthy but aging population, including his mentor, Razjosh.
The Babel Tower still haunts him, but it begins to make sense as...

The Downtrodden (The Brown Rain Series Book 2)
Connie Cockrell

After their nearmiss with the Children of God, Alyssa and Kyra are hesitant to trust strangers again. The world after the mysterious brown rain isn’t what they had been expecting, but they cannot go back. Hunger and thirst drive them onward, and duty takes them into the embrace of another survivor community.

Will they find a more open welcome this time around? Or is the depravity of man more universal than Alyssa and Kyra can comprehend?......

One Great Love
Marie Tayse

They had a history together but time had changed things. Life happened. I do's were said. Babies were born. Years passed. He never moved on. He never gave up on one day getting a second chance. He could never love another as he had loved her.
They had just met. How could he love her enough to want to spend the rest of his life with her? It was crazy but it felt so right.
She was older and had been married before, but none of that mattered to him. She was everything he had ever wanted...