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This blog is run by a small group of writers. We mostly discuss the writing process, with tips, hints and interviews with editors and published writers. In addition we review new (and not so new) published work.

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Hangman's Wood
Paula K. Randall

When Jake Summers, a university student, is viciously attacked and left for dead, newly promoted D.I. Fiona Brightman finds herself on the trail of a couple of young thugs embarked on a spree of brutal assaults. But soon the violence escalates and first a child and then a middleaged woman are murdered in Hangman's Wood, with a fourth person missing: young and attractive Natalie Gower. With time running out, can Brightman, dealing with a tricky marriage and still grieving from the death of...

Have You Read?
Ian Thompson

The year is 2060, the month June, and it’s raining outside.
So starts this tale of a time when the men and women of the United Kingdom, more specifically the residents of Stoke Hammond – a place some seven miles south of what used to be Milton Keynes – have to rise up and vanquish a posturing foe.
Set forty years after the collapse of the European Union, this story tells of a titanic struggle between Europe’s strangling, new shadow, EZICASH, a plumber called Phil Lud and his...

Crystal Mary Lindsey

Have You Ever Lived In A Home With Invisible Bar's ?
Have You Lived In Fear Of Making Your Spouse Angry ?
A young innocent girl starved for affection meets a young man, desiring for him to fill a void in her life. She believes if she gives him everything he wants then he will love her in return. In her naivety she mistakes his lust for love. This man is a controller. By remaining loyal to him she ultimately ends up suffering...

Thicker Than Water: Book 3 of The Grayson Trilogy
Georgia Rose

There are tough times ahead for Emma Grayson in the final part of these mysterious and romantic adventure stories as she struggles to move on from her old life.
‘Vaguely aware of the tremor in my hand I ran my fingers up through the thick locks of his dark hair. Fear clutched at my heart as I sensed the icy tendrils of grief reaching for me once more.’
As the overseas action steps up a gear for Trent, Emma has her own challenges to face. Loyalties are tested and vengeance sought...

Parliament of Rooks: Haunting Brontë Country
Karen Perkins

No matter how hard life is, humanity has the power to make it bearable – or worse.
Parliament of Rooks, the new historical paranormal novel in the award-winning Yorkshire Ghosts series, contrasts the beautiful, inspiring village of Haworth today with the slum – or rookery – it was during the industrial revolution: rife with disease, heartache, poverty, and child slavery in the mills.
In 2017, life expectancy in the UK is 81.
In 1848 Haworth, it was 22.

John Carson

While investigating the murder of a former detective, DI Frank Miller begins to see the connection between this and the murder of the head of Edinburgh’s Serious Crime Unit. As the investigation unfolds, a 25 yearold murder case is reopened, and when Miller delves into the past, he finds that somebody had a secret that is costing people their lives. He also discovers the awful truth of who really killed his wife in a hitandrun two years ago, and how his wife’s killer is coming after...