Dee-Scoveries by Devorah Fox

reading, writing, and havin' fun in Port Aransas, Texas

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The Lost King (The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam
Devorah Fox

When all you have owned, everyone you have loved and everything you have done are gone, who are you? King Bewilliam awakens one morning not in his castle but in a cow pasture, inexplicably transformed from a beloved and respected ruler, husband, father, and dragon slayer of renown to a homeless and ragged vagabond. What mysterious bewitching spell so cruelly reversed his fortune? Who had cast it and why? In his quest to uncover and break the curse and regain his kingdom, he journeys to...

Have You Read?
Do You Believe In Legend? (Stars of Heros Book 2)
Ani Manjikian

"Legend isn't about people. It's about pursuing a dream or higher ideal. About believing in something impossible and transforming the belief into reality through faith and hard work. The future is a legend written and unwritten."

Blowing in the Wind
D.B. Silvis

A New Adult Novel.
The humorous experiences of an eighteen year old entering college life.

The House on Schellberg Street
Gill James

Renate Edler loves to visit her grandmother in the house on Schellberg Street. She often meets up with her friend Hani Gödde who lives nearby. This year, though, it is not to be. Renate finds out a terrible secret about her family. She has to leave behind her home and her friends and become somebody she never thought she could be. The house on Schellberg Street needs to stay strong.
Will it and those who work in it be strong enough?Will Renate ever feel at home again?...

The Heartbreak: Undying Love #2
Isabelle Connors

After fighting so hard to win Arianna's heart Skylar is determined to keep it. There's only one problem, life. He tries his hardest to adapt into college life, but it's not that easy balancing everything. No matter how hard he tries, there's always something or someone in his way.
Arianna knew that once Skylar left for College their relationship would never be the same. She tries her hardest to keep their relationship intact, but nothing seems to be enough.
Is their love truly an...

Small Fish Big Fish
PJ McDermott

It's easy to go down the wrong path. The descent to hell is gradual...
Scotland, 1965. Seventeen-year-old Stephen McBride has a dull, grey, average life in the impoverished town of Ferguslie Park. When he sees ten pounds on the floor of the corner shop, he takes a risk and spends the money on himself at the local fairground. He doesn't know it at the time, but his one dishonest decision changes the rest of his life.