Dee-Scoveries by Devorah Fox

reading, writing, and havin' fun in Port Aransas, Texas

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The Lost King (The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam
Devorah Fox

When all you have owned, everyone you have loved and everything you have done are gone, who are you? King Bewilliam awakens one morning not in his castle but in a cow pasture, inexplicably transformed from a beloved and respected ruler, husband, father, and dragon slayer of renown to a homeless and ragged vagabond. What mysterious bewitching spell so cruelly reversed his fortune? Who had cast it and why? In his quest to uncover and break the curse and regain his kingdom, he journeys to...

Have You Read?
Nightfall and the Masked Demon
Richard Combs

Young Navajo women are murdered and butchered in drugcrazed rituals. The evidence points back to ghastly rituals performed by a satanic cult years earlier. The FBI and Navajo Police join forces with a veteran Navajo County investigator to hunt down the deranged killer(s).
Richard Combs weaves this masterful tale of a fiendish serial killer, sexual crimes, demonic cults, masked demons, and Navajo life with a sure hand and many surprises.......

Red Wheels Turning
Hugh Ashton

Brian Finch-Malloy is plucked from the muddy trenches of Flanders and sent to pre-Revolution Russia to assess the strange weapons that are being developed there. But Lenin, in exile in Zurich, also has his eyes on these weapons, and sends his trained killer, Kolinski, to seize them for the Bolsheviks. High adventure around and under(!) the Baltic Sea.

Death Of A Bride: A stand-alone thriller (Greek Island
Luke Christodoulou

Of all the plans a bride makes in anticipation for her wedding day, dying is definitely not one of them.
The Zampetaki mansion, on the remote island of Gadvos, welcomes dozens of guests for the grand wedding of Cassandra Zampetaki and Homer Cara. It's a wedding that will never take place. The bride's lifeless body is found, brutally murdered, on the morning of the wedding. Planned to look like an openandshut case, the mastermind behind it all did not figure on Hellenic Police Captain...

Flowers On The Wall (Hart Of Rock And Roll Book 1)
Mary J. Williams

Ryder Hart
Rock God
Wounded Soul
Quinn Abernathy
Healer of Souls
Ryder Hart came up the hard way. From his childhood, to scratching his way to
the top of the charts. Every moment was a struggle. Now that he's made it,
nothing is taking him down. Not even a secret so dark it invades his dreams and
haunts his waking hours.
Quinn Abernathy's hunger for success is no less than...

In Rebellion (Archangel Jarahmael and the War to Conquer
John J. Higgins

Even the underlying force of love that drives the Almighty’s Universe can go wrong. What happens when the First Born of Heaven feels threatened by the Almighty’s love for the Humans in the Garden of Eden?
IN REBELLION, the second installment of the Archangel Jarahmael and the War to Conquer Heaven Trilogy, chronicles the efforts of the Heaven’s elite to dethrone the Almighty Himself. Angels are forced to choose sides, legions of Rebel Angels who worship Luciferael against the...