Pukah Works by K. Caffee

Join with author K. Caffee as she writes about the sorrows and joys of the Pukah!

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Out of the Darkness (Followers of Torments Book 1)
K Caffee

He is called Nameless. Born to fight in the Arena, he has won his way to freedom. In a bloody world where cunning and strength count for all, and personal gain is everything, he finds that freedom is even more chaotic than slavery. Bound to honor oaths both to Goddess and self, he must fight a war against the culture that spawned him to strike his own path.......

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The Simple Uses of Herbal Teas, and Indian Spices: The Many
Devika Primic

The following information is most helpful for many ailments, the herbal spices and unique herbal teas, to the top cures from around the world, of the best traditional medicine, and of the different remedies for a younger looking skin.
Read on to find out what can make the many changes in your life, and improve your lifestyle too......

The Singularity magazine (Issue 3)

The Singularity is a new speculative fiction magazine, based in London, England, that publishes short stories that are singular in voice and style.
Issue 3 features another ten stories from awardwinning and new writers from around the world, including our first translated piece and our first collaborated story:
The Shackles of Memory, by Mjke Wood
Bee Futures, by Vaughan Stanger
Mission Creep, by David Galef
Waters of Lethe, by Ian Sales
Islands of Light in a Sea of...

A Paleolithic Fable (Anki Legacies)
S Shane Thomas

Dangerous magic wielders invade the Stone Age to replace humanity with a species fit to serve their kind. One man was sent to stop them and a group of misfits join the struggle for existence. Archaeology and cryptozoology meld into high fantasy.

A Paleolithic Fable is an excellent path into the Anki Legacies.......

Not Another Vampire Story

He was mouthwateringly handsome and suave, sweet and thoughtful, every bit perfect with dark hair and grinning eyes but none of it fooled eighthgrade Sylvia. It didn't take a pint of blood for her to know that her sister Julia's new boyfriend Terry was a vampire...
Of course, a trail of sparkling would have helped, but there was none. Full sunlight, garlic bread and functional in all the usual boyfriendmaterial capacities, it was difficult to detect at first, but yes, Terry was a...

Dangerous Perceptions: The Road To Nowhere
Stuart Murray

Steve Tait is a tough ex Marine with ambition, determination and the driving force to do whatever he can to create a better existence. But he’s lost, struggling to find his way and hasn’t a clue how to turn his life around.
That begins to change during a trip through Montana when an incident on the highway results in a high speed chase that brings Tait into conflict with Jackson, a powerful rancher who virtually owns the local town. Mistakes happen, leading to Tait, his wife and...