Pukah Works by K. Caffee

Join with author K. Caffee as she writes about the sorrows and joys of the Pukah!

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Out of the Darkness (Followers of Torments Book 1)
K Caffee

He is called Nameless. Born to fight in the Arena, he has won his way to freedom. In a bloody world where cunning and strength count for all, and personal gain is everything, he finds that freedom is even more chaotic than slavery. Bound to honor oaths both to Goddess and self, he must fight a war against the culture that spawned him to strike his own path.......

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TraVerses: Poems by Ron Shaw
Ron Shaw

Poetry commands the singular ability to lay one prostrate and bare before the reader, giving safe refuge to words and thoughts of depth excavated from crevices yet explored deep within the poet. I find no other form of writing to be so utterly and beautifully invasive.
The poems that follow are my second collection of published poetry. My initial traverse into the
purest of all literature, poetry, Without From Within, has surpassed my greatest expectations. It has been wellreceived....

A pocketful of stories: Fantasy tales to delight and enthral
Katrina Jack

Welcome to a world of faeries, dreamers,history and much more. A Pocketful of stories contains twelve short fantasy tales, filled with delightful, and not so delightful, characters. From the dreamer who does not wish to face up to reality, to the shopkeeper and his daughters who yearn for adventure, this book will take you through multiple worlds and situations.......

The Harvest Moon Feast
Parrish Gore

For decades Cypress Bayou has been plagued by disappearances and unexplained deaths. In one night Louis Wheat will unwittingly discover the answer to the mysteries that surround Cypress Bayou. But what Louis discovers is nothing any human being should know and live. There are things in this world, things only the dead have seen and the living should never know.......

Ultimate Nyssa Glass: The Complete Series
H. L. Burke

Available for the first time in a single volume, all five Nyssa Glass Adventures.
Nyssa Glass is a reformed cat burglar turned electrician's apprentice, settled into a life repairing videophones and radiosets. However, when her past comes calling, she finds herself on the run for a murder she did not commit. As her quiet life goes up in sparks, she must face killer robots, menacing villains, and sarcastic computers in a race for survival.
Nyssa has her hands full just trying to stay...

Rise of the Dreadwolves (Dreadwolf Series Book 1)
Marie Pennington

Tozi's growing angrier by the day at the Aztec's murdering sprees, and setting wolves free isn't stopping Priest from his murderous ways.
If Tozi could convince her Father to fight back maybe her people would have a chance for survival. But can she convince him to help her fight back? Or will she find herself in too deep to help anyone, including herself?
The Goddess Xochiquetzal, is just as upset with all the murders at Priest Itzcoatl's hands. Deciding take matters into her own...