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Updated weekly, I share other authors, upcoming releases, news and info regarding Distinguished Press, a series only publisher, and whatever is around my head.

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KG Stutts

Madison Mackenzie Rhodes has a comfortable life with a daily routine. When her life is disrupted by an unexpected stranger, she learns there is nothing typical. Her entire world is turned upside down when she finds out that she is a clone, created to hide the secret that we are not alone in this galaxy. Her counterpart, going by the nickname Mack, works for the Intergalactic Security Commission, which works with a coalition of other planets that protect each other and create technology. As...

Have You Read?
Empowering Women to Succeed: From Burnout To Victory
Randi Goodman

Immerse yourself in the most emotionally raw, powerfully compelling stories of those on the journey of women’s empowerment. These tenacious individuals have faced lifealtering challenges and changes, and it’s all captured lyrically and beautifully in the pages within Empowering Women to Succeed.
This book is a compilation of stories from 15 real women, and one real man, who have experienced life’s triumphs and hardships, and had the resolute perseverance to achieve profound...

Page of Buckets (Circus Tarot Book 2)
Charles W. Jones

“Oh delicious,” Page of Buckets whispered as she approached. Five of Poles moved around the yard in chaos. She crawled under a trailer and waited as she knew that eventually one would fall; they always did. She grinned as a thought came to mind.
A rusty grappling hook pierced the fallen youth through the leg; his blood seeped onto the ground. He let out a cry of alarm, but the others were too caught up in their mission of stacking the tent poles. She pulled him under the tr...

Why're You Put Together All Wrong Like That...?: An insight
Sylvia FitzSimons

When the societyconscious but wellmeaning McToffes decide to adopt a younger canine companion for their elderly, easygoing Ernest and return home with ‘the most unadoptable dog in the rescue centre’, all of them – not least Ernest – are in for a few surprises…
From the depths of the social embarrassments, some disastrous and very expensive mistakes, misunderstandings and at times, sheer desperation, arise the virtues of patience, tolerance and unconditional love and loyalty.......

Annie Acorn's 2013 Christmas Treasury (Annie Acorn's Christmas

Where can you find all of the scents and sounds and joys of Christmas? Where do little girls come of age, old women bring joy, and angels watch over us? Where do the things that matter take precedence over worldly concerns? Within the carefully crafted stories gathered for your enjoyment in Annie Acorn’s 2013 Christmas Treasury, a Christmas anthology!
With their words, the founding members of From Women’s Pens, a cooperative of awardwinning contemporary women writers, have brought...

Creating A Wonderful Life.: How to Take Control and Live the
Michael O'Hagan

Build a Life That Delivers Success and is Deeply Fulfilling.
What you choose on this day will be a pivotal point that will change your life forever. Will you take the challenge to improve your life? Can you take the first step to create your very own Wonderful Life?
Do you want to;
• have truly effective communication skills?
• a positive mind and resilient outlook.?
• make the right choices even in demanding and stressful situations?
• know how to create robust...