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Network your book! ...what would our character's opinion be on the state of affairs of politics, life on other planets, single mothers, men who leave the toilet set up... You get my drift. Let's hear it from fictional characters! Send me your posts, together with your author media (links, book cover and blurb (one book per one post), purchase links etc) to me with April/March guest post in the subject heading and get you up on this blog (which shares to Goodreads and FB automatically) asap! This blog is shared via Triberr by over 300K people. Read more at http://louisewise.blogspot.com/2015/03/if-your-character-was-alive-right-now.html#ttvbQgFyJjFtFDxd.99

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Hunted: Book #2 the conclusion to Eden (Sensual Romance)
Louise Wise

Returning to Eden’s prehistoric scifi saga that stole the hearts of readers everywhere.
‘I’m scared’, Fly had said. He was never scared. He was her hero. Her rugged hero made up from all the romance books she’d read. Big, bold and beautiful—in an alien kind of way.
Jenny's from Earth. Fly's from Itor.
They met in extraordinary circumstances after being abandoned on stoneage Eden. With clans of wolflike people, Neanderthals and a savage tribe of Owains roaming the planet...

Have You Read?
Progdemption: Book 3 of The Progtopia Trilogy
Eula McGrevey

In Progatory, their boundless determination led to the ultimate fight for freedom, as the underground resistance movement clashed with the One World Government in an allout war.

Now in 2039, Camille and Peter find themselves broken and bloodied, struggling to pull their group together and mourn their fallen friends, but unwilling to give up the struggle, no matter what the cost.

Meanwhile, in 2174, the powerful elite have gained control over millions of memories and minds,...

Dragon's Heritage (Dragon Courage Book 0)
Kandi J Wyatt

In a world where dragons fly free and dragon riders are honored by all, sixteenyearold Mere struggles with her place. Everyone in her family is a dragon rider, except for her. When a bully begins to rub it in, Mere’s insecurities come to a head. Upon seeing her so upset, Grandma Duskya gives Mere her old journal; a book inscribed with the family’s special heritage.
Will Grandma’s journal help Mere see that not everyone has to be the same to be special? Will it help Mere acquire the...

Would You, Could You
Felicia Mires

How do you do the right thing for love?
Bryce Watson has carried the guilt for the death of Roger Engles and his son for too long. It's time he checked on the widow and her daughter. He owes Roger that, at least.
Though he's seen pictures of Lisa Engles, Bryce isn't prepared for the assault on his senses when they're finally introduced. He wants nothing more than to take the grieving widow away somewhere and kiss her senseless. Romance can be costly. The more he knows of Lisa and her...

The Lodestone
J. Philip Horne

When twelve year old Jack Paris feels the small jaws of a creature that shouldn't exist clamp down on his leg, life as he knows it in smalltown northeast Texas comes to a sudden end. Miss Edna, his foster mom, is forced to take him and his friend Sally to a world she secretly forsook two hundred years before to save his life. There Jack discovers that an evil wizard needs him for unknown purposes and will stop at nothing to capture him. The wizard pursues Jack and Sally through forests and...

Love Will Find You (Australian Sports Star Series Book 1)
Iris Blobel

After his father’s heart attack, Australian Football League player Tyson Gaspaldi takes his parents on holiday to a small place at the New South Wales coast.
One morning, following a surfing session, he comes across a crying woman on the beach. Everything about her intrigues him, and he can’t walk away. She’s not only sexy and humble,...