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Network your book! ...what would our character's opinion be on the state of affairs of politics, life on other planets, single mothers, men who leave the toilet set up... You get my drift. Let's hear it from fictional characters! Send me your posts, together with your author media (links, book cover and blurb (one book per one post), purchase links etc) to me with April/March guest post in the subject heading and get you up on this blog (which shares to Goodreads and FB automatically) asap! This blog is shared via Triberr by over 300K people. Read more at http://louisewise.blogspot.com/2015/03/if-your-character-was-alive-right-now.html#ttvbQgFyJjFtFDxd.99

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Hunted: Book #2 the conclusion to Eden (Sensual Romance)
Louise Wise

Returning to Eden’s prehistoric scifi saga that stole the hearts of readers everywhere.
‘I’m scared’, Fly had said. He was never scared. He was her hero. Her rugged hero made up from all the romance books she’d read. Big, bold and beautiful—in an alien kind of way.
Jenny's from Earth. Fly's from Itor.
They met in extraordinary circumstances after being abandoned on stoneage Eden. With clans of wolflike people, Neanderthals and a savage tribe of Owains roaming the planet...

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What the Heart Desires: A Paranormal Romance (Soulmate 4)
Kelli McCracken

Torn by desire, will loving her mean the death of him?
Dylan McBride's Seeker abilities have always kept him a step ahead of his father. But one step isn't enough when it comes to his wife and child. His confrontation with his father leaves him questioning everything he knows, including his part in the Supreme Trinity.
Layne continues growing stronger, as does his Seeker. The more time he and Heaven share, the more he's able to control his Keeper abilities. But when new secrets begin...

Alligator and The Briefcase: The Red Alligator Stories Book 1
Suzanne Pollen

The first in The Red Alligator Series.
The Little Red Alligator is Sammy's special
friend. He is special because the only person
who can see him is Sammy.To everyone else he
is invisible. Because he is invisible he can
get up to all sorts of mischief without
anybody noticing...........

Heather Wielding

As the earth moves, high seer J'dra knows the Balance of the Universe to be in danger. An ancient artefact is taken from its grave in the World of the Dead, and with it, rises a dark force. J'dra sends two young brothers to find the source of all evil, and as he does, his peaceful life as high seer is shattered. Portals open to take the brothers to unknown realms, and the Balance hangs by a thread. Might struggles to break free, and J'dra travels to Wizard's Peak to seek aid from Ingold the...

Unexpected Gifts
S. R. Mallery

A TRUE AMERICAN FAMILY SAGA: Can we learn from our ancestors? Do our relatives’ behaviors help shape our own?
In "Unexpected Gifts" that is precisely what happens to Sonia, a confused college student, heading for addictions and forever choosing the wrong man. Searching for answers, she begins to read her family’s diaries and journals from America’s past: the Vietnam War, Woodstock, and Timothy Leary era; Tupperware parties, McCarthyism, and Black Power; the Great Depression, dance...

Revenge of Cronus (The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III Book 3)
Lissa Dobbs

Ethan has finally settled into his life as a Shadow Walker, but as Yuletide approaches he's looking forward to going home for the holiday. And the best part? His friends are going with him.
But life as a Shadow Walker is full of unexpected surprises, and when a new student brings an enemy into their midst, Yuletide plans must be put on hold. Ethan and his friends must deal with the threat and protect Land's End from the wrath of an angry god.......