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Reagan's Ashes
Jim Heskett

Reagan Darby crams her dad’s urn into an overflowing backpack. His last wish: deliver the urn to Rocky Mountain National Park and release his ashes into Lake Nanita. To find closure, she'll hike the same route they completed after her latest involuntary stay at the hospital.
But not alone, as she'd hoped. Her cousin Dalton surprises her at the trailhead and insists on tagging along. Soon, his eerie stares and halfvolume mutterings set her on edge. As they trudge further into the...

Have You Read?
The New Moon Killer
P.S. Winn

A serial killer has struck four times. Tom and Becca are partners handling the investigation, which is at a stand still. Becca has more on her mind than the murders. Afraid her chronic pain may end her job as a cop, Becca finds a psychiatrist using past life regression therapy to relieve pain. Becca is hoping it may be the cure she needs and her an Tom are hoping finding the serial killer will be half as easy.......

The Wielder: Betrayal (The Wielder Series Book 1)
David Gosnell

Arthur just buried his wife of 76 years. To make things worse, he knows he won't be joining her in the afterlife anytime soon because of a "gift" he was given. That gift being six entities that are grafted to his soul. He can summon them at will a succubus, a demon sorcerer, a fairy, a leprechaun, a catbeing warrior and his ever most trusty hellhound. Because of their direct connection to his soul their power leeches into him. So, Arthur doesn’t age or get sick.
He knows he will...

Born To Magic: Tales of Nevaeh: Volume I
David Wind

Welcome to Nevaeh: a world where technology no longer exists, but magic does.
Long ago, a mythical nation known as 'America' died in the violence and radiation of the terrorist wars. Now their descendants dwell in a world of ritual and magic where ten dominions struggle for supremacy while a dark power rises to threaten them all.
In Nevaeh, where men are blessed with great strength and women have both strength and psychic abilities, one woman has been chosen to be Nevaeh's savior,...

One Big Furry Family (The Adventures of Miracle Book 2)
Marie Tayse

In book 1, you got to know Miracle and how he was rescued. You met Penny, Sparky, Bitsy, Shadow, and Blackberry. You followed along as they came facetoface with a horrible monster, read about the day Miracle was too curious, and met the two newest members of the family.
Now, they're back to share more adventures with you. In this volume you'll hear about the creature of the night and the time Miracle escaped. You'll also meet other members of the family along the way.
Join Miracle...

Cloud Cuckoo (The Never Dawn, Book 2)
R.E. Palmer

Following their shock discovery, Noah and Rebekah reluctantly return to the lower levels of The Ark. Isolated and apart once more, Noah struggles to remember what happened at the surface and suspects Mother has altered his memory.
But Noah's attempts to unite the workers to rebel are halted when Mother begins The Purge. Her cruel, relentless trials bring Noah to breaking point as he fights to survive when faced by his worst fears. Forced to...