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Reagan's Ashes
Jim Heskett

Reagan Darby crams her dad’s urn into an overflowing backpack. His last wish: deliver the urn to Rocky Mountain National Park and release his ashes into Lake Nanita. To find closure, she'll hike the same route they completed after her latest involuntary stay at the hospital.
But not alone, as she'd hoped. Her cousin Dalton surprises her at the trailhead and insists on tagging along. Soon, his eerie stares and halfvolume mutterings set her on edge. As they trudge further into the...

Have You Read?
Her Sweetest Downfall
Kellie Wallace

At the height of the London Blitz, Viola Craft, a sexually repressed young woman is trapped in a loveless marriage to her God fearing husband Vernon. She spends her days working in her mother's dress shop while Vernon pulls the dead from the rubble with his rescue crew.
Their marriage is turbulent and Viola feels pressured to bear a child. After failed attempts, Vernon believes she's barren and alienates himself from their marriage.
One night during an air raid, she meets alluring...

Candie is not Always Sweet (Jasper, Street-Fighter, and Me Book
Richard Nurse

REVISED EDITION Now Professionally Edited and Proof Read by Story Perfect Editing Service
I called this the REVISED EDITION, because release of this version of the story, marks the beginning of a new era for myself as a writer/author. This is the first book of mine that has gone through a Professional Assessment, Professional Edit, and Professional Proofreading. Since the story grew by over 7,000 words, it is being released as a new book, with a new ASIN/ISBN.
Welcome to the new...

JET: Oblivion (Kindle Worlds Novella)
Kim Cresswell

Featuring JET from Russell Blake's bestselling actionadventure thriller series and characters from Kim Cresswell's actionpacked Whitney Steel suspense series!
After a catastrophic terrorist attack at a nuclear plant in California, JET, Mossad’s former deadliest operative, is leading a quiet life off the grid twohundredandseventy miles away with her young daughter. But peace is shortlived when former FBI agent, Hal Decker, and exintelligence officer, Angela Donahue, track Jet down and...

Starve: It's Love until Somebody says Otherwise
Katie Lewington

Part fiction, and part memoir, Starve is a young adult novel about Jude Paul Leach.
Jude is an androgynous teen, who lives in the East of England with a mental illness.
He makes fledging friendships, battles awkward silences, and falls into the hands of predator, Jason.
Starve is written using a unique poetry, and prose, style of writing.

The Lonely Snowflake
Patrick S. Stemp

Snowflake is trying to find a friend who looks just like her. But all snowflakes are unique, and she is worried that she'll never find someone exactly like her to be her friend.......