GalGumshoe by M. Ruth Myers

Spotlighting mysteries featuring women private eyes, writing, and Ruth's random ruminations.

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A Touch of Magic
M. Ruth Myers

A dazzling sleightofhand artist is recruited by the State Department to pit her skills – and wits – against a master terrorist. He’s about to receive a piece of stolen film used to make US passports, film that could open the door to terrorists around the world.
Although Channing Stuart is the fourth generation in a family of acclaimed magicians, she’s the first of them not to turn pro. Eyetoeye with a killer, will she have the nerve and nimbleness to pull off a switch that...

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Bad Pennies: A Supernatural Horror Novel (The Scaeth Mythos
John F Leonard

John F Leonard’s psychological horror novel BAD PENNIES is a deeply disturbing tale of darkness and need that will stay with you long after reading.
Chris Carlisle is about to experience an everyday horror. A morning that starts out bad is going to get infinitely worse. It’s gonna go to hell.
Wrong place at the wrong time and...

Steps to Heaven: A dark, disturbing, detective mystery (Sgt
Wendy Cartmell

Steps to Heaven the first Sgt Major Crane crime thriller
Love mysteries, crime thrillers and suspense novels? Then this is the British military mystery for you!
A dark twisted crime thriller.
Soldiers murdering their children
Then committing suicide
An SIB detective determined to stop the killings
A British Army soldier on Arborfield Garrison deliberately kills his wife, his 6 year old son and then himself. He cuts their throats and then his own. But this is not an isolated...

Fearlessly Alone: Stop The Lonely Crisis And Find Your Happy!
Trilby Johnson

FEARLESSLY ALONE is a literary feast from Author and Energy Alchemist, Trilby Johnson, on how to stop the lonely crisis and find your happy.
Ms. Johnson, tackles the often felt, but rarely strategically discussed subject of loneliness. With a winning voice and practical, handson guidance and exercises, in this book Trilby Johnson provides the keys to identifying and dealing with loneliness in an empowered way that leads you to an “aha” moment of understanding: you can be alone,...

Dating Daniel (The Cloverleaf Series Book 4)
Gloria Herrmann

Daniel O’Brien wants what all his siblings have found…love.
Everyone in the O’Brien family has found their someone. That is, everyone except funloving Daniel. The last single O’Brien wants nothing more than to find the right girl, settle down, and start a family. After all, his siblings make the happily ever after thing look pretty appealing. Finding the right girl isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. At least, not in Birch Valley.
Hannah Belsky has come to terms that...

Magical Cakes of Love (The Yolanda's Yummery Series Book 2)
Lisa Maliga

With the successful launch of Yolanda’s Yummery in the trendy Los Angeles suburb of Brentwood, Yolanda Carter is on a roll. Her fame is starting to grow as news spreads about all her delicious desserts. An accompanying Beverage Bar will open in three weeks. She’s involved in a budding romance with sophisticated British tea baron, Nigel Garvey. Life is sweet.
Complications arise when Captain Angus, a regular homeless customer, disappears…and Yolanda becomes a suspect.