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Let's talk about Toni (1) Someone thought that they were angry in middle school, but they can't explain why, maybe they met a lot of pressure, they could feel depression, parents must face the changing of their children, including mind and physiology, but it needs time, this phase is dangerous for young and parents, what happened in school? Parents and teachers can't know every details, young must face everyday by themselves. Toni is such a young, although he is unlucky, as a common young, he must handle the pressure, science is a good protection, does he like girls? Of course yes, was he serious? Maybe. Girls are changing, boys are changing, who knows? Anyway, bad guys are growing, so be careful......

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Heart Of Red River (Evil Game Book 1)

The story happened in the life of Toni who is a young man, no one knows when the devil Duff appears, it is still there and influences Toni, Toni is tortured by this bad guy, but he can’t find where it is, it hurts Toni’s physical flesh and tears his spiritual world into pieces. The devil Duff likes to play game with Toni and enjoys the control of Toni’s everything step by step, and even more, The devil Duff ...

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