Flight Kngihts by C.D. Bryan

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Jicky Jack And The Ominous Promise
C.D. Bryan

One boy... One promise... A world of perilous adventure.
When J.R. Timble wakes to discover something unnatural has happened to him, he has no idea it's the result of a majestic event that happens every 150 years, which has also awakened fierce adversaries who come huntingfor him. But when more jawdropping phenomena follow, J.R. soon realizes something sinister is at hand.
Overnight his simple life is shattered; a lifechanging promise thrusts him into a new world of destiny,...

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Rose Of Skibbereen Book Six: Rose Of Skibbereen Series
John McDonnell

Book Six of the Rose Of Skibbereen series takes the story from the year 2000 to the present. Rosalie Morley, greatgreat granddaughter of the original Rose of Skibbereen, is a socially awkward 19 year old living in New Hope, PA. She meets Perry Lukens, an ambitious young man who's on the move in the local real estate world. Perry has a magnetic attraction for Rosalie, and even though there are warning signs that he's a dangerous, selfabsorbed man, she is attracted to his energy and passion....

Irresolute Amber Eyes: The Occuli, Book Three (The Occuli Book
Christie M. Stenzel

Book Three of the Occuli Series picks up where Book One left off. Remy and the other Occuli have just discovered that they were able to go back in time and are trying to determine exactly what the consequences of those actions are. As the book progresses, it becomes apparent that a GoldenEyed has now "turned Amber" and the Occuli family and friends must come to terms with what this means and what the end result will be..........

The Id from Eden
John Altson

Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.
Satan had been patiently waiting for the time when smartphones utilized artificial intelligence to assist users in their daily lives. That time is now. A hardnosed blonde investor and demonworshipper steps in to take over Eden Coaching Systems to do Satan’s work.
As the story unfolds, Eden’s “Coach” device becomes more and more an instrument of evil, wreaking havoc on all of the unsuspecting...

Pony Dreams
K. C. Sprayberry

The Pony Express brought mail across barren desert, endless prairies, and over steep mountains from April 3, 1860 to October 24, 1861. The telegraph has often taken the most blame for the Pony ceasing operations, although there were other reasons. Onehundredfortyfive years later, the internet made the telegraph obsolete. The romance of that time lives on, in the memories of those who heard the tales of this great venture…
Mina Weston Anders bursts into her home to tell her greatgranny...

A Soldier's Friend, Civil War Nurse Cornelia Hancock
Georgiann Baldino

Cornelia Hancock did not qualify as an Army nurse during the Civil War, and yet she managed to serve at the front lines for nearly two years. The trauma and devastation she witnessed would have made a remarkable legend, but in this case the stories are true. Georgiann Baldino's biography is based on letters Cornelia Hancock wrote during and after the Civil War.......