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New Sun Rising: Ten Stories
Lindsay Edmunds

These are linked stories, in the spirit of Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine. They are about a sixteen-year old girl, Kedzie Greer, who was raised in a utopian community and leaves home to make her way in a dystopian society. The year is 2199; the place, the Reunited States. In the stories, technology coexists with a haunted world. There are witches and robots, ghosts and e-beasts.
New Sun Rising is magical realism for the internet age.

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When Victor Locke is detained at her majesty’s pleasure, his only hope of release sits squarely on the shoulders of his faithful companion. As Dr Doyle does his utmost to free his friend, he becomes wracked with uncertainty. Does he really know Victor Locke at...

The Sugar Ticket (Cindy's Crusades Book 2)
Susan Jean Ricci

Cindy Layton and Jay DeMatteo are back again! The Sugar Ticket chronicles their marital journey as the two twicedivorced adults learn to embrace the sweetness of their present. When the inevitable complications arise, will the DeMatteo's gently overcome their obstacles by alleviating the sour taste of the past through the lighthearted humor you enjoyed in Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, or will they sweep their issues under the proverbial tabootopic carpet?
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Beyond Salvation (Michael Sykora Novels Book 2)
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Raising Amazing Children (...While Having a Life of Your Own)
Deborah Drezon Carroll

This practical and easytoread book shows parents how they can raise happy, responsible, respectful, and yes, AMAZING kids by simply living their lives and inviting their children to join them in the everyday situations of life.
You probably think that parenting is challenging. Good news – you’re not crazy, you’re right. It is challenging. But, it can be wonderful and rewarding too. The key is in not giving up everything you loved and enjoyed just because you decided to have...

Bridge Back
Stephanie Parker McKean

Finally, a wedding instead of a mystery! Detective writer Michal Allison Rice, better known as Miz Mike in her hometown of Three Prongs, Texas, arrives in Scotland to marry Reverend Alan Evan Kirkland. But on their first walk along the beach, Mike discovers a sinking boat…and a murder victim.
Mike left Egan Firewalker Quartz and his bossy teen daughter Flame behind in the Nevada desert when she flew to Scotland to marry her “traditional minister” in a “traditional Scottish...