The Men Who Loved Neon by J.D. Erickson by J.D. Erickson

"The Men Who Loved Neon" is a novel of Americans struggling to survive in a world rendered dark by an electromagnetic pulse attack. Unshielded electronics no longer work. The action begins some time after the attack, and the sky is clearing. The government has relocated to an underground facility in northern Virginia, outside Washington, D.C. , and this necessarily closed and isolated system has given rise to unprecedented tyrannies. Another underground complex exists in Brooklyn, New York. The men and women in Brooklyn have been preparing for decades for such a time as this, with no less a goal than the restoration of the American Republic. The population of the United States has been severely decimated, but as a man named Harlan Addison says, "We are not the remnants of a great nation. We are our nation's guardians. We are America."

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The Men Who Loved Neon
J.D. Erickson

The world was at war. The United States had suffered an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack and the government had gone underground. An organization known only as The Group had been planning for decades to restore the Republic. This was their time.......

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