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Fish Soup
Michelle Heatley

Mystical, yet at the same time worldly, and written in a quirky lilt (in three very different voices), this feast for the senses will lavish your own life with tears and delight, and perhaps a little more than a touch of whimsy.
In the magical and esoteric atmosphere of the Greek Islands, sisters Isa and Chloe fetch up on the shores of a very special haven, each searching for more than just the pungently fragrant recipe of a heady Mediterranean fish soup. They come for the weekend,...

Have You Read?
Watson Manor Unfolding: Second Novel in the Watson Mystery
Ronald Craig

Charlie and Jenny Watson are a month away from the grand opening of Watson Manor, their bed and breakfast. Everything is on track until evidence of a heinous crime rips their focus away from that dream. The heat is turned up to eliminate Charlie and Jenny as a threat as they continue, against warnings, to dig deeper into solving the crime. When their diligence finally exposes the criminal kingpin, Charlie and Jenny are forced to decide: Either to give up their Watson Manor dream in witness...

The Wrath-Wraith: Anger Fuels Her Inner Flame (Wicked
Alan Smith

When a two year old can swat flies, she has potential. But as she grows, Angela is betrayed at school and at home. She changes. Other kids are scared, some go missing.
Her brother Algernon lacks a conscience. He can play fast and loose with the law, but in his defence, he does remain loyal to his sister. Fire entrances him, real physical flame, quite different to Angela who is possessed by an inner burning anger, a Wrathwraith.
Together the two children plan and take a measure of...

Remember the Shadows (Followers of Torments Book 2)
K. Caffee

Nameless made a mistake with his freedom - he started a war he could not win. Exiled, this time by the Matriarchs of the Realm, he seeks to regain the prestige he squandered. To honor his goddess and fulfill the promise he made to his Silk, he must leverage the wins from his single fighter into a political force that cannot be ignored. The only question: Will this be enough to succeed, or will he be forced to leave the Realm entirely?

Bridie's Joy (To Love and To Cherish Book 2)
Kate Rivers

Bridie continues to be the caring, thoughtful person whose first concern is always for others. New people come into her life, but are they all as well intentioned as they seem?
‘Bridie’s Joy’ is the second book in the series ‘To Love and to Cherish’ and follows on from ‘Bridie’s Dream’.

Time Will Tell (The Time Series Book 1)
J Roth

14 year old Sydnie Hayes appears to have it all brains, beauty, supportive family, and close friends. What's missing from her life? What every 14 year old girl dreams about...love. Her life changes the day she sets eyes on Ryder Morgan, it’s more than his intoxicatingly good looks and mesmerizing brown eyes, it’s the way he carries himself with an air of sophistication way beyond his years. But there is more to him than meets the eye, as she delves into his puzzling past to reveal a...