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Colleen Collins has written 30 books in the mystery, romance and nonfiction genres. She has worked as a telecommunications manager, technical editor/writer, improv comic and private investigator...all these experiences play into her writing.

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The Ungrateful Dead: Prequel to The Zen Man (A Humorous
Colleen Collins

When a dead body shows up at a coroner's conference, Rick Levine a former, fallenfromgrace defense attorney and current private eye investigates the murder with help from his new girlfriend Laura, making this a date she'll never forget!
"I loved The Zen Men and really had fun catching Rick and Laura's first case in the prequel, The Ungrateful Dead. These novels have everything I love in a mystery: smart dialogue, a flawed hero, a little romance and a great plot. Murder at a coroner's...

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LB Stimson

An Angry Soul Seeks Her Revenge
What is the secret behind Redwood Manor Vineyard’s decay? Is the ghost of her murdered maiden the cause? What secrets are hidden within the mysterious turret room?
James MacKenna thought the death of his young wife Autumn would be the answer to all his problems, but what he didn’t expect was the wrath her soul would unleash upon him, the vineyard, and the next generation of MacKennas.
Is it possible for the dead to move heaven and earth? Do...

The Lady is Blue: What Color are Your Scales? (Atrapako on Eden
Aurora Springer

Dr. Lucy Stannis, chief biologist in the peaceful human colony, is thrilled when a shipload of aliens arrives on Eden. The alien Atrapako have spiky crests, sharp claws, and scales of four colors covering massive humanoid bodies. Lucy befriends the captain of the alien spaceship, the impressive Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak. But, appearances are deceptive and conflict is inevitable. Lucy races to discover the secret of the aliens before the colony is destroyed. .

The Wrong Shade of Yellow
Margaret Eleanor Leigh

I was middle aged and homeless, soon to be penniless, and really and truly no different from that bag lady sitting on the bench over there. I couldn’t jack it in and go home, because I didn’t have a home to go to anymore. The bicycle and the tent were now home. Wherever I found myself on any given night was now home. And that meant, for tonight, Genoa Piazza Principe Railway Station was home.
I was cycling across Europe in search of Utopia, a place I believed was located somewhere in...

Theo and Morpheus' Medallion (Theo and the Six Seals Book 1)
Dimitrios Spyridon Chytiris

The Twelve Gods are exiled
but someone is scheming to rule in their place...

Theo is a very special boy, in fact he is more than just a boy; he is a demigod with amazing powers. After returning home one evening, he finds two strangers talking to his parents: “The boy is our only hope” the man in black said “he is the only one who can summon the Twelve and save the world of the mortals from enslavement and destruction”.
Theo sets off in a quest to restore order and...