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Badass and the Beast: 10 tails

A hunted outlaw and her smart fox. A valkyrie and her dragon shifter. Mermaids, werewolves, and a "zombie" with her pug.
In this collection, you'll find 10 "tails" about kickass heroines and their beastly sidekicks--stories about power, love, and loyalty. Forget diamonds! We know who a girl's real best friend is.

ALL proceeds of this collection will be donated to the Animal Welfare Institute, an A+ charity (Charity Watch), dedicated to reducing animal suffering.
Learn more at: awionline.

Have You Read?
Shadow Tag (The Ray Schiller Series Book 2)
Marjorie Doering

Paul Davis, a top ACC executive is found dead in the boardroom of the Minneapolisbased company. The Board of Directors claims it was suicide. And why not? Davis was discovered with a pearlhandled revolver in his hand and a bullet wound to his head.
Detective Ray Schiller and his partner Dick Waverly, however, are far from convinced and soon find they may be investigating a murder. Why would Davis kill himself less than twentyfour hours after finally taking over his late fatherinlaw's...

Polly, Stubby & Al
D.B. Silvis

A funny and heartwarming story about three family pets. Polly is a multicolored talking parrot, Stubby is a lovable, bowlegged English bulldog, and Al is a black crow that once he learns to speak, turns out to be the funniest and most mischievous of them all. Together the pets create chaos, anxiety and many hilarious situations for their owners.

S.J. Hermann

High school seniors, Nathan and Alexandria, are looking forward to graduation for one reason. They dream of a life without torment. Because neither one can call home a sanctuary, they face bullies and humiliation without help from their families.
Nathan’s parents are absent and his empty house stokes the anger he carries within. Alexandria has always hidden her pain, especially so after losing her mother and watching her father struggle. She continues to seek familiar relief with...

Gaspar The Thief
David A. Lindsay

Follow the adventures of Gaspar, a freelance thief who stubbornly refuses to swear fealty to the Thieves' Guild.
Cursed with a special affinity for calamity and mishap, and a talent for snatching defeat from the brink of victory, our hero blunders from one misfortune to the next, yet somehow always manages to survive to tell the tale.
Accompanied by his longsuffering companions Hubris, a spellbroker who refuses to pay his dues to Wizards' Hall; Marna, a feisty thiefess with a quick...

!Oh No! (Life Beam Book 2)

Can bad guys do good deeds? !Oh No! is the very funny story of Rittle the snake who takes refuge in a house and finds himself grabbed by the neck by a grandmother. Will he bite her? Can granny be saved from the flood coming? I giggled when I wrote it and you are bound to do the same thing while reading it, enjoy! Kamon.....