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Badass and the Beast: 10 tails

A hunted outlaw and her smart fox. A valkyrie and her dragon shifter. Mermaids, werewolves, and a "zombie" with her pug.
In this collection, you'll find 10 "tails" about kickass heroines and their beastly sidekicks--stories about power, love, and loyalty. Forget diamonds! We know who a girl's real best friend is.

ALL proceeds of this collection will be donated to the Animal Welfare Institute, an A+ charity (Charity Watch), dedicated to reducing animal suffering.
Learn more at: awionline.

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The Bitterest Pill
Howard Robinson

A London teenager's discovery that he had been adopted at birth and never told sends him into a spiral of depression, setting off a chain of tragic and fatal events that have ramifications for everyone he comes into contact with.......

Military Veterans in Creative Careers: Interviews with Our
Justin Sloan

Many of our nation's men and women exit the military without a clue of what to do next. Others pursue their passions, doing everything they can to break into the life they've always dreamed of.
This book provides guidance on how to follow your passions, and includes interviews with MILITARY VETERANS who have gone on to creative careers, to include:
Video Games (writers, producers, and more)
Brought to you from...

Tracking The Hunter (UGS Constellations Book 2)
HA Fortman

Palee "Tracker" Stalvik had one simple mission: Go and save Sandy, then bring her back to California where she would be safe. Little did he know that his mission would be anything but simple as he is thrust into a future he did not expect.
Carl "Rex" Dreven had no goals left in life other than to seek out a meager living in his mountain home. His selfimposed seclusion was lonely, even boring. He would purposely keep out the excitement, until one fateful night when his past came back to...

Love In Design
Mara Oudenes-Cruz Ramos

The Image Factory, a graphic design studio owned between three highstrung designers and best friends, has always been a dynamic, but enjoyable work environment. The arrival of a new web designer with a family secret, will soon turn life in the studio upside down. The personal stories of all the team members will begin to blend, and their deepest secrets will get revealed. All of it while working on a project that could make or break them: can the team handle it… and each other?......

Vicious: A Novel of Suspense
Bryan Alaspa

A Guffawing Dog Horror Release:
A thrilling pageturner of 65,000 words
Includes bonus Alternate Ending
"A book that is both feral and sadistic" Iain Rob Wright, author of Sea Sick and Animal Kingdom
"A most enjoyable and gripping tale. Conflict and tension that will seize your throat and not let go" Ian Woodhead, author of Third Sight and Spores.
When successful author, Jeremy...