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Nicola Johnson

Kayla seemed to have it all a beautiful home, a successful business, and a gorgeous husband. She lived a life of power and prestige, and in one day her whole life fell apart. While engaged in an argument with Jonathon, her husband, about her declining looks, his pregnant mistress shows up on her doorstep. In a fit of rage Kayla kicks them both out of the house. The mistress, Jenna, is determined to replace her, and take everything she owns.
After a messy divorce Kayla walks away with her...

Have You Read?
Spirit of the Northwoods
Auria Jourdain

Since moving to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, junior Shannon Colfax and her autistic twin brother Shane have had a difficult time settling into their new school. When a feud erupts between Shannon and popular football jock Brent Duray after he bullies Shane, she finds an unlikely savior—and new love—in Brent’s friend, Cody Williams.
Stung by Cody's betrayal, Brent and his entourage devise a retaliation plan: if Shannon and Cody can survive the infamous Paulding Light...

Beyond Watson: A Sherlock Holmes Anthology of Stories NOT Told

Imagine a Holmes Without his Boswell...
Or, as is the case with the volume you now hold in your hands, imagine a Holmes without the voice of Watson. Is there a difference? After all, we have learned about the great detective not through his own voice and eyes, but through that of his loyal companion, his dear friend, his Boswell. What might we be missing? Who else could tell of the great detective’s feats?
Find out as today's best Sherlock Holmes authors including Derrick...

Game Over

In the cavernlike darkness of the arcade, the neon phosphorglow of the screen beckons you close. Drawn to the dancing pixels like a moth to a flame, digging deep in your pocket you pull out a shiny coin and thumb it into the slot as the electronic siren sings the fanfare that marks your arrival. One hand on the joystick, the other splayed across the control buttons, your pulse begins to quicken.
Ready Player One
Press Start
You’ve barely begun but suddenly the discordant bleeps...

The White Arrow (The Bow of Hart Saga Book 3)
P. H. Solomon

From the author of The Bow of Destiny, Fantasia Reviews 2016 Book of the Year, and An Arrow Against the Wind comes the thrilling conclusion of The Bow of Hart Saga Fall of 2017! Preorder your copy today!
Haunted by his failure. Hunted for his inheritance. Seeking the fulfillment of prophecy.
Athson has found the Bow of Hart and is pursued by his enemies as well as haunted by both his past and his failures. But according to Hastra the Withling, the prophecy of the bow indicates Eloch...

Kaleidoscope of my mind: Poetry
Jessica Werner

This collection of poetry has been written over years. It is my past, my present and my future. There is not one theme I write about, but anything, that finds its way into my mind. That is also the way I write, not through rhyme, but with heart. I hope you will enjoy, the facets, the kaleidoscope of my mind.......