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Nicola Johnson

Kayla seemed to have it all a beautiful home, a successful business, and a gorgeous husband. She lived a life of power and prestige, and in one day her whole life fell apart. While engaged in an argument with Jonathon, her husband, about her declining looks, his pregnant mistress shows up on her doorstep. In a fit of rage Kayla kicks them both out of the house. The mistress, Jenna, is determined to replace her, and take everything she owns.
After a messy divorce Kayla walks away with her...

Have You Read?
Uncommon Valor: Insignia of the NYPD Emergency Service Unit
Andrew G. Nelson

The New York City Police Department’s Emergency Service Unit is one of the world’s preeminent tactical and rescue units. Their ten squads, positioned throughout the five boroughs of New York City, provide heavy weapons support to other units of the NYPD, as well as lifesaving equipment to the residents of the ‘Big Apple’. The nearly 500 members of this elite unit are some of the most highly decorated members of the Department.
As a result, their insignia has been long sought after...

Lies We Tell
Kelly Hashway

Madison Kramer thought her past was behind her. With a new name and a career as a bestselling author, what could go wrong?

She never expected Trevor Lockhardt to walk into her book signing, offering his services as her publicist, or that she’d end up falling for him. But what she really didn’t expect was a stalker sending her messages, both written and in the form of dead bodies.

Madison can’t escape her parents’ murder any longer. But is it their killer coming to...

Blood Sister (21st Century Sirens Book 2)
T Stedman

All LACY RAIN has ever known is East London’s tough streets and the love of one man:
KEENAN SANTALINI – a six feet five, sexy, tattooed, hothead with a penchant for blood.
Bound in blood from birth, they are destined to be together. But before they can truly learn who they are, Lacy is snatched away.
Rescued by a warrior, Lacy must struggle to come to terms with no recollection of her past. Confused and utterly alone, she battles their impossibly strong attraction and stay...

Polly Grey

When Emma found love with Sam, she thought she would love him forever. But Sam’s dominating behaviour slowly destroys any love she has for him.
She comes to a decision to leave him and start a new life; but can she break away from Sam?
Her life has many ups and downs, and Sam is determined to torment her with anonymous phone calls.
She moves house hoping to escape him but he finds her and she suspects he may be stalking her. There seems to be no escape from him.
After a second...

Purgus (Alison Hayes Book 2)
Angie Gallion

When Alison Hayes finds herself suddenly set free in the world to build her life out of the crumbled ruins of her childhood, she must come to terms with her own demons before she can make her way out of the chaos left by her mother's life. 
Were people right to think she would follow the same road her mother travelled, or would Alison be able to forge a new path?  Is she destined to repeat the mistakes of her mother, or is she free to make choices for a better way? 
When there are...