Futiquity by Matthew R. Kennedy

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Gamers and Gods: AES
Matthew Kennedy

A demigod fights for Earth's freedom in the mind of a computer as two pantheons fight for the right to guide the future of humans. But can Asklepios Homer's "Blameless Physician" defeat the The Devourer of Millions?
AES is the story of a man who wakes up after 3,000 years to find himself thrust into a fight for the independence of Earth from the control of alien superbeings.
His battle is real and the stakes are real, but he will fight in a simulated battlefield in the memory of...

Have You Read?
Arm Farm
Sarah Butland

“The last memory I had of them was filled with spilled blood and vacant eyes, the smell of baking, then burning. Cookies and blood.”
What would you do if you came home to the aroma of chocolate chip cookies and the sight of your mother's blood pooled on the kitchen floor?
Would you make a promise to your seven year old self to find the killer?
In the novel Arm Farm, university student Natalie Hartman finds herself trying to convince others that her parents' case is more of a...

EJ McCay

Seeing is believing, but what if you can see things no one else can?
Sixteen year old MacKenzie Bryan has your typical problems. You know, parents, boys, angels with special deliveries, homework, demons delivering cryptic messages, and…hold on, wait. Doesn’t every teenager have to balance doing their homework while fighting the rising dark forces in a new town while still making it home before curfew? If the demons don’t kill her, her father will.
You probably think this is...

Little Sparrow: A Romantic Comedy with a Native American twist.
RA Winter

Karen left home, leaving her family and dreams behind. She returns only to sleep with a man who could end her career, the most important thing to her.
Her family and friends want to tear down her old hopes and dreams. Dreams that her father sowed years ago; dreams that she ran away from that awful day he died.
Karen never guessed who was behind the nefarious scheme, the Grand Instigator behind everything, pulling strings, in the background.
Enter Grandfather, he raised his...

Ascension - Part 1 (Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies
Chris Seabranch

Buckeye travels west of Gallows Sound to search for a lost family member. However, during her travels, she finds out that she has most worrying heritage that links her to a person she despises. At the same time, one of her crewmembers is captured by a feared organization of slave traders and Buckeye is forced to not only save her friend but also an old enemy. If she fails, not only the TwentyOne Butterflies will suffer for it, but everyone else as well.
Ascension part 1 is the fourth book...

Daring the Wild Sparks
Ren Alexander

In the follow up to “Chasing the Wild Sparks,” Hadley Beckett’s quest for wedded bliss perseveres…
What would you do if the love of your life were closer to making your dreams come true?
Riding high in her relationship with her sportscaster/local daredevil boyfriend, Finn Wilder, Hadley Beckett makes plans concerning her future with Finn. Big plans.
Spending time with Finn at his parents’ house for Easter, Hadley can’t wait to share some of her ideas with him, hoping he...