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A former Love Island inhabitant returns to the location of the programme after a long hiatus, this time with the hope of discovering love fulfilment. We are curious to find out more about Adam Collard because we don’t know very much about him. Adam Collard, commonly known as the “bad guy” from Love Island’s fourth season, will be making his return to the programme after a four-year absence.

The episode that aired on Sunday closed with the narrator of the show, Iain Stirling, saying “guess who’s back” before the episode ended on a cliffhanger, giving a hint about the newcomer to the villa. The statement utterly caught Laura Whitmore off guard, and she remarked, “This has never occurred before,” as she served as the evening’s host for Aftersun.

The current issue concerning Casa Amor(opens in new tab), which has forced the other inhabitants of the villa to deal with the aftermath from the scandal, has put one couple in danger of being expelled from the villa. The island now has a new occupant, and Adam’s return will no likely stoke the fire. Find out who else on Love Island is hoping for a second chance when the competition is over.

Adam Collard Season 4 Cast

The Newcastle-born fitness teacher made his reality television debut on Love Island in 2018. The then-21-year-old had his pick of potential partners to go out with because he was the Day 1 bombshell (and, thereby, break up one of the already-existing couples).

Soon after Rosie arrived at the villa a few days later, he began to bond with her more intensely than he did with Kendall. Before starting a discussion with Megan Barton-Hanson, Rosie’s villa roommate, Adam had been stalking her for a few days.

Zara moved into the villa on day 15, and he also called it quits on his romance with Rosie on that day. He broke up with Rosie because he thought she was too materialistic. In the polls, the popularity of Adam and Zara among islanders was ranked last. Zara and Eyal Booker will be the ones to go back to the mainland, the islanders determined in a vote among themselves.

Who is this Adam Collard?

Adam Collard
Adam Collard

We are coming closer to learning who of the show’s finalists we can expect to see in the finale as Love Island 2022 is expected to come to an end in one week. Former villa resident Adam Collard made quite a stir when it was revealed that he was returning this year as a surprise addition to the lineup. He’s been matched with Paige already while he’s been in the 2022 villa.

Why did Adam Collard come back to Love Island?

I’m going to stir up a few peacocks when I go in, Adam remarked about his surprise homecoming. We’ll discover more about the factors that led to his choice to return during the coming days.

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What Sort of Friend Is Adam Collard Looking For?

Regarding the preparations made for Adam’s return to the villa, nothing has been said in public. He did, however, state the following before being on Love Island: “The only thing on my mind is to have fun and see what happens. I don’t see anything wrong with the fact that I haven’t yet met “Mr. Right” because I enjoy making new friends and chatting up complete strangers.

Additionally, he stated that he was seeking a “powerful woman who keeps me on my toes but who is also honest and down-to-earth and who I could take home to family if I choose.” He continued by claiming that he “can’t stomach” vain girls or girls who neglect their teeth and gums.

Love Island 2018: Who Was Adam’s Partner of Choice?

Adam caused controversy in the fourth season of Love Island by dating four different ladies in the space of two weeks. He dumped Kendall Rae-Knight in favour of Rosie Williams a week after moving into the villa. Adam and Rosie were still living in the villa during the days before to Zara McDermott’s arrival.

The crowd responded strongly to Adam’s denial of Rosie’s allegations that he had been cold to her. WomenAid released a warning about “gaslighting and emotional abuse” in response to what happened between Adam and Rosie. When Zara was unceremoniously expelled from the island, Adam spent Casa Amor week concentrating on Darylle Sargeant.

Adam and Zara didn’t end their relationship until eight months after the program’s conclusion. At the time, Zara posted on Instagram, “I’m sorry to report that Adam and I have split up.” I hold him in high esteem because I cherish the time we spent together.

I’ve worked long hours to be the greatest person I can be and to make it all work. No matter how much you try to provide for them or how much you strive to be everything they need, you might not be enough.

Adam Collard of Love Island: Will He Return for Season 4?

As he appeared on the programme on July 10, 2022, Adam was formally presented as the newest villa resident. His return to The Island was well received by ITV2 a few weeks before the producers were set to eject another two Islanders. Adam has been a contestant on Love Island for the longest, lasting four years, making him the first to return.


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Fans were astonished when he unexpectedly reappeared at the conclusion of the show that aired on July 10, 2022. Adam said, “I’m going to ruffle feathers,” when questioned about his return. The instant Adam and Zara departed the villa, their affections for one another were reignited. They spent almost eight months together during this time. Adam is a personal trainer and fitness instructor that offers clients one-on-one fitness training sessions. Additionally, he has a fan base on OnlyFans. Adam is still single in spite of Zara’s relationship with Sam Thompson from Made in Chelsea.

Cas Adam Collard, the Fourth Season

In 2018, when she was a personal trainer from Newcastle, England, she made her Love Island debut. As the Day 1 bombshell, the then-21-year-old had his pick of potential dates (and, thereby, breaking up one of the already-existing couples). He rapidly grew closer to Rosie than he had with Kendall after she arrived at the property a few days later. Adam followed Rosie for a few days and eventually got to know her villa roommate, Megan Barton-Hanson.

On Day 15, he ended his relationship with Rosie because he thought she was a materialistic jerk. Zara then arrived to the resort. The island’s least well-liked occupants were Adam and Zara. The two people the islanders wanted to go back to the mainland were Zara and Eyal Booker.

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