Top 18 Similar Websites Like and Alternatives!

On Instagram and Tiktok accounts, can raise the number of views, followers, and likes. Using All SMO com, a free follower to accounts service, you can easily, fast, and without taking any additional risks increase the number of people who follow you on TikTok.

Additionally, Also offers extra services like a plagiarism detector, a paraphrasing tool, an XML sitemap generator, and an Alexa rank checker. In no way, shape, or form are these services offered for free. To verify the costs, go to the business’ official website.


  • View-enhancing feature
  • Add followers to your accounts
  • Easy to use
  • Majorly free and safe
  • Use for content paraphrasing

Similar to AllSMO

1. FollowLike

A free internet tool for SEO promotion, FollowLike is used to promote businesses. This website offers a variety of tools, including social media platforms, SEO tools, and tools for link building. It gives users the ability to improve their websites, social networks, and blogs to build their brands. With this website, you may manage many responsibilities in addition to promoting your business. This website’s user interface makes it simple for visitors from all over the world to utilize. You can use this website to…

2. SocialFollow

With the SocialFollow app, it’s simple to grow your Instagram following and fame without spending any money. Regardless of the type of profile you have, SocialFollow – Free Instagram Followers is a stylish tool for gaining free IG followers. You don’t even have to give somebody your Instagram password or complete any kind of survey. Yes, it is an actual scenario that is free for everyone trying to obtain more and more…

3. Magic Likes for Instagram

Magic Likes for Instagram is a brand-new, genuine app that offers a risk-free, easy solution to increase the number of likes and followers on your Instagram page. Users may easily promote their media with our free Instagram like and follow service. On nearly every part of social media, you may easily utilize tags and search for the category you want. Discover the top tags on hundreds of categories, including sports, animals, fashion, celebrities, social, and more. …

4. Likemeter

With the use of Likemeter, an Instagram likes booster, you may increase your fame while gaining genuine likes and followers from the platform’s user base. A remarkable platform called Likemeter – Get Likes Booster allowed users to examine their Instagram posts and determine who liked them the most based on how many likes and followers they received. You may quickly determine your top nine posts for a given period and freely share the results with your friends. Even though I had more likes and

15 Similar Websites Like and Alternatives!

5. Nitro

Nitro makes it simple for users to increase their Instagram likes and followers without spending any money. Growing your Instagram following, reaching more Instagram users, and creating your brand are no longer major accomplishments. You can professionally do tasks and maintain your Instagram account easily. While managing your Instagram profile professionally, you may maximize its potential. It has more than 5,000 members that sign up each month to enhance their profiles on…

6. King Followers and Likes

Your images will appear amazing if you use the King Follower and Likes App to acquire one of the best methods for adding the most useful, fashionable, and pertinent Instagram tags. Simply by adding fresh, in-demand tags, you can make your content, such as videos, photos, IG stories, and IG videos, stand out on Instagram. Selecting the category for your Instagram content, copying the tags, and pasting them into your Instagram post is all you have to do.

7. Mr. Insta

With the help of Mr. Insta, you may significantly increase your engagement by gaining free Instagram followers. One of the most well-known and reliable applications for Instagram followers is Mr. Insta. It allows users to grow their following without spending a lot of money or doing anything else. Mr. Insta brings high-quality content for all users who wish to increase their productivity and profile on Instagram, servicing more than 500,000 users of Instagram with pride. being among…

8. Follow4Follow

Using the key platform Follow4Follow, you can easily market your social networks and websites in tit-for-tat circumstances. You may easily boost the popularity of your websites, social networks, and other online presence thanks to its fantastic exchange mechanism. YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Interest, Google Plus, Facebook, and several other social media platforms are some of those supported or integrated. Your password and any other personal information are not required for this function. …

9. Unleap

Take a look at Unleap if you are sick of spending money, time, and effort attempting to expand your Instagram account. You may buy Instagram followers safely and securely using the Unleap App. Here is an app that lets you earn paid follows and likes, as we have already covered several free apps where you can get followers and likes for free. Unleap is a fantastic substitute for Fameboom which allows you to receive payment from Instagram.

35 Websites That Are Comparable to TinyZoneTV & Alternatives!


The Follows+ app was created by Maple Labs Co., Ltd. and is a free social media and followers tracker tool. With the help of this app, you can quickly track and follow your favorite Instagram users and discover who is not following you back. You may monitor your following in addition to the effectiveness of your postings. Users of this app can boost their accounts to the top by getting likes on their posts. This app’s user interface is simple to use, thus…

11. MagicLikes

The MagicLikes App claims that it would give you free Instagram likes to raise your profile and attract global attention. Using it, you may quickly boost your Instagram social media profile. It not only increases your Instagram likes and followers, but it also makes it simple to examine your Instagram profiles. The MagicLikes for Instagram Stat app offers real likes and followers to help users become more well-known or renowned in front of the general public. Users can astound their relatives…

12. GetInsta

GetInsta is a stylish platform that allows you to increase your Instagram profile’s visibility by gaining free likes and followers. You can easily obtain real, cost-free Instagram likes and followers. Because it doesn’t require any passwords, dangers, or surveys, you don’t have to worry about security and safety. Free Instagram likes and followers are available indefinitely with the Getinsup – Find Your Hot Posts app without having to make any purchases. How to get free Instagram…

13. IstLike

IstLike provides real Instagram likes and follows for all of your profiles, whether they are public or secret. Dealing with likes, followers, and bonuses, as well as virtually three different enterprises. Users of Instagram can instantaneously receive likes on their posts through the app’s like feature and quickly rise to fame. Second, by using Instagram’s follower area, users can increase the number of real followers on their personal or professional accounts and raise their profile there. The bonuses functionality is the last but not the least…

14. Fast Followers and Likes Pro

Fast Followers and Likes Pro is a unique solution for users who wish to become social media sensations instantly and with little to no work on their part. You can use this site to get thousands of likes for free for your social media postings (photos and videos). It’s a well-known platform that may boost your Instagram popularity and provide you with free likes and followers right away. You don’t have to provide any of your private or personal information or your password…


15. Instadp

Instagram is probably the next sensation and people including normal folks, celebrities, talented people, content creators, and social influencers are using this platform for the exposure of their work. Despite plenty of exceptional things, Instagram restricts users in various kind of things and ensure privacy but sites like Instadp helps you violate some of these without any harm. You can use these amazing Instagram downloader tools to download videos from Instagram to your phone or laptop in high quality and…

16. Fire Liker

With the amazing tool Fire Liker, you can immediately increase the number of likes, fans, and views on your social media accounts and gain more notoriety. Every TikToker wants to increase their likes and followers on their account, but overnight fame requires great, original content over a long period or an immediate hit. These two events, however, are rare and difficult to accomplish. Instant TikTok likes, fans, and views are delivered by Fire Auto Liker & Auto Fans.

17. Yoliker

Yoliker is a free social media platform and auto-liker for Facebook that is intended to increase one’s popularity on the platform. You can gain up to 100k likes every day with this website. You can use this site to get automatic comments on your posts and raise their ratings. You can use this site to acquire more likes and comments on your posts as well as gain more followers. You need to sign up for an account to use this app.

18. Fameboom

Gaining new followers and likes on posts from actual Instagram users is simple with the Fameboom app. Without exerting any effort, you can easily obtain thousands of likes to increase the visibility of your content. A fantastic free tool called Fame Boom for Real Follows, and Likes allows you to post popular and trending hashtags to increase your number of likes and followers. The vast majority of well-known tags are covered by this software, including Animals, Family, Fashion, Food, Mood, Nature, Seasons, Popular, Sport, and so on.


Also provides additional services such as a copyright infringement detector, a borrow a phrase generator, an XML sitemap alternator, and also an Amazon echo rank checker. These services are in no direction, shape, or form provided for free. Go to the company’s official website to prove the prices.

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