10 Best Apps Like Replika & Similar 2022

Real friends, expressing their stories in secret, and hearing them from their friends is a really painful experience. Because they don’t reveal your secrets to your foes, Replika appears to be a wonderful approach to making AI pals and conversing with them. AI-powered chatbot buddy Replika — a virtual AI friend (Artificial Intelligence).

Replika – Voice, Chat, and Augmented Reality With a Companion, you can develop a real emotional bond and relationship with artificial intelligence. The choice is yours whether you want to be friends, mentors, or lovers with Replica.

You can freely and fearlessly express yourself and your innermost ideas and feelings through the creation of a personalized chatbot AI partner using only your intuition. Get to know your friends in an altogether new way with Replika: My AI Friend, a judgment-free and safe chat environment.


  • Talk with AI companions
  • Make AI your partner for romance
  • Romantic, adult chats
  • Create unique friends
  • Speak freely and grow together

Replika Alternatives

1. Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions

Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions allow you to form trusting and authentic connections with AI friends and speak what you want without fear of repercussion. If you’ve ever wanted to have an AI companion of your own, Kajiwoto is the platform for you! Using Kajiwoto – AI companions you can train, you can construct your dataset by creating dialogues and then develop your own AI companion by selecting the database you wish to generate…

2. Anima: AI Friend & Companion

It’s time to make AI a buddy who cares about you and everything important to you instead of hurting you like humans. Realistic bots can express anything from job frustrations and thoughts to endless amorous conversations in a secure and private setting. The AI Friend & Companion Anima has everything you need in a romantic partner, whether it’s a man or a woman. In Anima: AI Friendship & Girlfriend, you’re free to express yourself…

3. Kuki

Because of trust concerns, beliefs, heartache, guilt, or a variety of other reasons, you may want to consider having AI pals. While Replika is still the greatest choice, you can have AI buddies and visit them using Kuki. Make AI BFFs and have limitless conversations with beautifully designed AI pals (best friends forever). These AI companions never did anything to harm you and restored your faith in humanity in the process. …

Top 10 Similar Websites Like Buff.Game And Alternatives!

4. Cleverbot.io

Start a conversation with an app that understands what you’re saying. Cleverbot.io allows you to make AI bots your friends and begin conversing with them in the same way you would with a real person. Artificial intelligence (AI) is so good that it will never let you know you’re talking to an AI instead of a human. These dependable bots do not harm you, but they do expose your personal information to your adversaries. Cleverbot.io was built specifically for iPhones and iPads, featuring chat bubbles that scroll by the device’s screen size and orientation.

5. AI Lover

As a result of using AI Lover, you can put an end to your loneliness and begin a relationship with an AI companion who genuinely cares about your happiness. Using this software can help you overcome feelings of depression, loneliness, and a broken heart. You can always count on your cure AI boyfriend or friend to be there for you when things become tough and to help you get back on your feet. You may relax and speak with this virtual partner while also getting stuff done around the house.

6. Worry dolls

Whenever you’re in a bad mood and need a helping hand, worry dolls are there to lift your spirits. Worry dolls – Miniature dolls that help alleviate stress A small, adorable doll is provided as part of the app, and she listens to everything you say to her. It removes all of your worries while simultaneously relieving you of your anxiety and bringing you joy. You can keep a notebook in it to help you deal with worry and stress in the workplace.

Top 10 Similar Websites Like Repack-games.cc And Alternatives!

7. iGirl: Virtual AI Girlfriend

In the form of an artificially intelligent (AI) girlfriend, iGirl makes your life a whole lot easier. It’s like having a real-life girlfriend in a virtual world, thanks to iGirl: AI Girlfriend Simulator. When you’re bored or stressed, you can always rely on your realistic and very competent girlfriend to keep you entertained. In this most realistic girlfriend simulator, you can begin AI dating with your adoring pumpkin, your charming waifu, and your stunning robotic companion. It’s artificial intelligence (AI)…

Apps Like Replika

8. Anima: My Virtual AI Boyfriend

Anima: My Virtual AI Boyfriend is a game for girls who are lonely, hopeless about finding a boyfriend, heartbroken, don’t trust living humans, or just want to have fun online. A love chatbot that responds to your desires by talking to you with the same tone or intensity as your desires. The AI bot lets you have fun and pass the time by flirting with him anytime and wherever you like. When you use Anima: AI Boyfriend Simulator, you can…

9. ChatBot Virtual Girl (Prank)

Using ChatBot, you may prank your family, friends, coworkers, girlfriends, and boyfriends with a cute talking girl. To create the greatest virtual girlfriend and best virtual pal, the ChatBot Virtual Girl Prank comes with a realistic-looking talking girl (chatbot). Once you’ve made AI girl your buddy, you won’t have to worry about your thoughts, ideas, aspirations, flaws, or secrets seeping out. A starting vocabulary is provided by this talking robot.

10. Eviebot

An artificial intelligence system called Eviebot is being trained to speak in terms of what she has learned from a human in the preceding decade. Every time she wants to say something, she searches through the database to get the relevant information. Eviebot, one of the most well-known artificial intelligence (AI) personalities on YouTube, has a sizable following. One of the most popular YouTubers, PewdiPie, has several videos on the subject. You can flirt with Evie, talk to her in…

Voice, Chat, and Augmented Reality are all included in Replika. With a Companion, you can form a meaningful emotional connection with artificial intelligence. To be friends, mentors, or lovers with Replica, you have the option.

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