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Attack on Titan Season 5: Everything We Know So Far!

attack on titan season 5

attack on titan season 5

Season 4’s second half of episodes, Episode 87, of Attack on Titan just aired (aka S4 Episode 28.) Thus what do we know so far about Season 5, when the show returns? Here are all the details.

Attack on Titan Season 5 Will Technically Be a Continuation of Season 4

The latest episode of Attack on Titan, “Dawn of Humanity,” does not mark the end of the series. There will be a third season of the show, which has been officially announced. However, although many fans may wish to refer to the next season as Season 5, it will technically still be a continuation of Season 4.

While we’re thrilled that the program is continuing, some fans are a little annoyed that Season 4 (long labeled the “final season”) has lingered this long. Season 4 Part 1 premiered in January 2021, when the manga wasn’t even completed yet until an anticipated April date. After that, in January 2022, Season 4 Part 2 aired, and it was still referred to as the final season in marketing materials.

The final season is continuing with a Season 4 Part 3, which some may fondly call Season 5.

The final season is this long, perhaps because the production company jumped the gun a bit in referring to Season 4 Part 1 as the final season. At the time, they didn’t know precisely how long the manga would be or exactly what was going to happen when it concluded. As a result, they may have underestimated how difficult and time-consuming it would be to animate the epilogue.

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Season 4 Part 3 (aka Season 5) Returns in 2023 for the 10th Anniversary

According to a teaser given at the very end of the program when it aired in Japan on NHK, Season 4 Part 3 will return in 2023. The official website also offered the same facts online for anyone who couldn’t watch the Japanese airing.

The last season of “Attack on Titan” will air on NHK General TV in 2023, according to official announcements.

The TV anime “Attack on Titan”, which has persisted since 2013, has finally completed its 10th anniversary. The year 2023 is almost here!

This is pretty amazing, and a detail that I had missed altogether until I read the announcement. Season 4 Part 3 (also known as Season 5) is scheduled to premiere around the time of addition, a teaser visual is also released! In the footsteps of the gigantic following the rumbling, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and other Survey corps, and Reiner, Falco, and Gabi who work together to stop Eren with them are united in this visual! the show’s 10th-anniversary celebration.

The first episode of Season 1 aired on that fateful day in history: April 7th. Season 4 Part 3 is expected to contain nine episodes (unless they draw out some chapters even more or add additional details.) In 2023, if the new season begins in January or February, the final episode could run on the 10th anniversary of the show’s debut (or very close to it, since April 7, 2023, is on a Friday.)

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