What Belle Delphine: Looks Like Without Makeup!

Known cosplayer Belle Delphine is recognized for her extensive use of makeup. Delphine, like many others in the cosplay industry, regularly alters her appearance to take on the persona of others, and she’s gotten quite proficient at it. Since 2015, the English-born South African cosplayer has been uploading pictures of herself in various costumes on her Instagram page.
Since she began her cosplay business, she has developed a reputation for herself. Over the years, she’s managed to garner more than 64 million hits on YouTube and 4.5+ million followers on Instagram. Delphine used to dress up as a variety of characters, including D.Va and Harley Quinn, when she first started cosplaying. The majority of her work now consists of combining anime-style characters with pornographic photos.

She, of course, had to take a few steps before she was able to leap. On the satirical PornHub site, she started selling $30 samples of her spent bathwater back in the year 2019.

Really. The Cut and The Guardian, among other publications, covered her escapade, which only served to increase her already-expanding fame. Despite this, she hasn’t lost sight of her cosplay beginnings, and she still enjoys sharing images of herself in costume on sites like OnlyFans, where most of her work is geared at adults.

She’s wearing a wig and a lot of makeup in most of these photos. There aren’t many shots of Delphine without makeup, which is unusual for someone who often uploads pictures of herself.

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Her Use Of Wigs And Costumes Helps To Set Her Apart From The Competition

Belle Delphine is a professional cosplayer known for using a wide variety of colourful wigs and customising her make-up and outfits to match. Delphine’s style of cosplay isn’t the only one, but that doesn’t stop people from noticing her.
Delphine has made a name for herself as a well-known e-girl with a strong nod to the gamer girl stereotype.

In an interview with Cold One’s Clips on YouTube, she credited her early success in part to her mastery of the Ahegao style of Japanese Hentai. It’s not uncommon to see these images of Belle dressed in brilliantly coloured wigs and elf or cat ears, with crossed eyes and a protruding tongue. Delphine is one of the few cosplayers known for her flawless portrayal of Ahegao in the e-girl/gamer girl genre.

When it comes to this trendy trend, she doesn’t like it and has stated that it’s not as simple as it appears. Regardless, she’s been able to gain notoriety by the usage of wigs alone, but also through a variety of different methods of cosplay. Her wig collection is rather extensive and includes a wide range of colours, including pink, red, brown, black, blonde, purple, blue, white, and green.

How Belle Delphine Got Interested In Makeup And Cosplay

After dropping out of school at the age of 14, Belle Delphine began cosplaying, according to Insider. She did odd tasks to supplement her income while simultaneously sharing grainy photographs to her now-defunct Facebook page. It took Delphine several years of doing this before she decided to make cosplaying her full-time job.

At first, she appeared to be a very normal YouTuber. Makeup tutorials were among her earliest videos, many of which have been designated “private” or have been removed altogether. It wasn’t long before she started posting photographs of her cosplay, which she termed “strange elf kitty girl” because of her fondness for bright pink wigs with heavy eye makeup as well as cat ears (via The Cut).

Adult-themed content began to appear on YouTube two years after her initial video. Delphine shows off her bedroom in a video from 2018. Fake braces and thigh-high stockings are featured prominently in this image. “Alien Disney princess porn diva” was how Rolling Stone defined the video’s aesthetic.

The well-known clich√© “sex sells” came into play as her fame grew. Indeed, she never ceased wearing wigs and applying cosmetics because it was part of what made her recognisable in the neighbourhood. By following the advice from Rolling Stone, Delphine has made it nearly impossible to uncover any photos of herself from before she adopted their style.

Belle Delphine’s everyday makeup routine revolves around her eyes

You can see this by looking at any image of Belle Delphine, where her eyes are the centre of attention. Her eyes take centre stage even when she’s wearing full-face makeup, which includes lipstick, blush, and a variety of other products for contouring and highlighting.
In contrast to most of her cosmetic instructions, which have been either private or deleted, she preserved one of them on YouTube. If you want to appear like her, you’ll want to watch the video she titled “My everyday makeup.” Delphine walks you through the steps she takes to get her signature look in the video.

Delphine made the video in response to numerous inquiries about her eye makeup technique. The video was released so that she wouldn’t have to keep explaining it to her admirers on and on across all of her social media platforms.

Belle Delphine’s Go-To Beauty Products

Many of Belle Delphine’s admirers have inquired about the products she prefers because of her well-established reputation as a makeup artist. Whenever Delphine does a makeup tutorial, she usually mentions the products she uses, even though she hasn’t made a list.

It is Rimmel products that she prefers to use for most of her eye make-up. She utilises a variety of Rimmel eyebrow and eyeliner pencils to achieve her unique look. We don’t know which concealer she prefers to apply under her brows because she hasn’t said it. While blending out her eyeshadow, she’s revealed a penchant for Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse foundation.

The Revolution brand of eyeshadow is Delphine’s favourite for her. Except for those brief references, she hasn’t provided any additional information about the makeup companies or products she uses. When she uploads a new makeup lesson video, impatient fans will have to wait till she reveals her favourite products.

Belle Delphine Isn’t Shy About Showing Off Her Natural Looks

Belle Delphine presents herself as a woman who is always decked up in a vividly coloured wig, provocative attire, and a thick layer of makeup, whether in an interview or on her various social media sites. That could lead you to believe she wears that outfit regularly, and in a sense, you’d be right.

Belle Delphine No Makeup

Dressing, accessorising, and applying cosmetics are all a big part of her professional cosplay career. Even yet, she has no qualms about displaying her true self. She’s shared countless photos of herself with her natural hair, typical street clothes, and minimal or no eye makeup if you look hard enough. While it’s true that there are a lot more brightly coloured images than natural ones, they’re still there.

Delphine has been under fire since she started publishing images and videos online. You may blame whatever you want; she’s been banned from YouTube and other sites because of her bathwater or because she posted something that some people deemed inappropriate. Her earlier images have vanished, and she’s set up additional accounts to try and fix the problem. Her Instagram account is the best location to get new content that isn’t NSFW these days.

Belle Delphine Prefers Makeup Because Going Without ‘Really Isn’t Fun Or Interesting To Her

In April of this year, Delphine decided to go bare-faced on social media. Many people have inquired as to why she doesn’t show images of herself without makeup in her most recent Twitter tweet (see above).

A “very simple” explanation, Delphine claims: “As a result, I appear to be a complete bore.” Then she said, “I enjoy putting together looks, playing with colour combinations, and trying new things. When I look at myself in the mirror every day, it’s not exciting or fun to me, therefore I enjoy changing my hair colour and applying crazy anime makeup!”

With her post, Delphine gave her followers what they wanted while also saying, “It’s good to recognise all the parts of you.” The photo was taken when Belle Delphine was 19 and at the height of her fame. There is no make-up on this young woman with brown hair and hazel eyes.

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