Bofuri Season 2 – What We Know So Far

A full virtual reality experience has long been a dream for gamers. The reality is that this technology does not exist yet, but fortunately, there is literature that imagines what life might be like if it were to exist. Then there’s a good chance that particular anime is tailor-made for you.

Numerous anime technically follow this precept (such as “Log Horizon” and “Sword Art Online”). One exception is Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Harmed So I Will Max Out My Defense, which has a singular character and tone all its own. “Before” is a virtual reality MMORPG like its illustrious predecessors. While shows like “Sword Art Online” focus on the experiences of die-hard gamers, “Bofuri” centers on a lovably foolish novice who manages to slip and fall into one of the strongest players in the fictional VRMMORPG, NewWorld Online.

A standalone web book by Yuumikan, published in 2016, is said to be the foundation of the series. A light novel, manga, and (most recently) an anime were all adaptations of the series before its fame soared. As early as 2020, news of a second season of the show broke that would be released after the first had through airing. Season 2 of “Bofuri” has been revealed thus far.

Daybreak Season 2: When Can We Expect Release Date?

When will Bofuri Season 2 be released?

Season 2 of “Bofuri” has been announced, and it will be out soon enough for those who enjoy the show. Announcing that Season 2 will premiere sometime in 2022, Silver Link wrapped up Season 1’s conclusion. At the very least, this has been a pleasant surprise. There are hardly any new animes that have a second season renewed so quickly. Now and then, fans can be left in the dark about their favorite show’s future without an official statement. Fortunately, “Bofuri” does not fall under this category.

However, this does not mean that the situation is completely free of anxiety. COVID-19’s epidemic was in full swing when Season 2 was announced. Even popular shows were experiencing delays. Nobody knows for sure yet if the pandemic had any impact on the development of “Bofuri” Season 2. In any case, the fact that Silver Link has made no statement on the subject is a good sign that everything is progressing as planned.

Who will be in Bofuri Season 2’s cast?

Even though “Bofuri” is packed with action, it is its cast of characters that makes the film so compelling. While our protagonist, Kaede Honjou (called Maple in the game), manages to overwhelm herself, the show is mainly about her meeting friends through the game and having a fun time rather than overcoming its difficulties. Initially, she just plays with a close buddy from school, but she soon becomes a guild leader and a major player in the RPG’s wider community.

A show that focuses so heavily on character development requires a good cast. “Before” is no slouch in this aspect. Since the show’s key cast will be returning to their roles when it is released, it is quite likely that this trend will continue. Thus, Kaede Hondo and Megan Shipman will be the driving force behind Maple’s events.

Despite this, the supporting cast’s talents should not be overlooked. Maple Tree’s primary members are expected to reprise their roles in both the Japanese and English dubs, which Funimation has always streamed concurrently with the original (via Anime News Network). As a result, key characters like Sally (Ruriko Noguchi/Jad Saxton), Koroma (Noriyuki Sugiyama/Anthony Bowling), and Kanade (Satomi Arai/Brittney Karbowski) are almost certain to return for Season 2 of “Bofuri.”

What will be the story of Bofuri Season 2?

“Before” Season 1 ends with Maple Tree being one of the last teams standing in NewWorld Online’s most recent community tournament. Maple Tree’s resolve is put to the test in an epic clash against its greatest rivals, Holy Sword. In the end, Maple and Payne are the only ones who matter. The Atrocity variant of the walking fortress, even after Payne whittles Maple down to her final ounce of life, still gives Maple the upper hand. Reducing the remaining powerful guild to zero ensured victory for another team (the Flame Emperors), while Maple Tree secured third place in the tournament. The event has ended, and Maple has invited everyone, even their adversaries, to a party.

Although the anime has not disclosed what’s ahead for Maple and his companions, Silver Link has plenty of material to draw upon. The canon of “Bofuri” is mainly upheld across all three mediums, even though there are occasional minor deviations. There have been numerous versions of the story, but none have come close to completing the story’s 12 volumes as the anime has.

The events of “Bofuri” have yet to be translated into English, but fans can expect to see more of Maple’s silly antics as she strives to succeed in NewWorld Online’s virtual reality fantasy realm. Season 2 of “Bofuri” promises to be full of heartwarming and hilarious events.

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