Chicago Pd Season 10 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Other Important Updates!

Chicago PD, a popular police show on NBC, is coming back for the tenth season, so all that’s left to do is count down the days. But what will happen in the next part?

Chicago PD Season 10 Release Date: When Will It Air?

As usual, NBC has confirmed that season 10 of Chicago PD will start in the fall, but they haven’t said when exactly.

Except for season nine, which was held back because of the pandemic, all of the seasons have come out on September 21, 2022. So, if all goes well, we could hope that season 10 will be the same.

Chicago PD Season 10 Cast: Who’ll be in it?

Even though there have been no official announcements about who will be in the next season of Chicago PD, we expect that all of the current characters will be back.

These things would be:

Hank Voight was played by Jason Beghe, Jay Halstead was played by Jesse Lee Soffer, Adam Ruzek was played by Patrick John Flueger, and Kim Burgess was played by Marina Squerciati, Kevin Atwater was played by LaRoyce Hawkins, and Trudy Platt was played by Amy Morton.

Anna’s death means that Carmela Zumbado will not be playing the part again next season. It may be terrible, but this is Chicago PD, so what do you expect?

There’s always a chance that some new people will join.

Chicago PD Season 10 Plot: What Will it be About?

In the tense season nine finale, Voight was determined to take down Escano and the Los Temidos cartel gang while trying to protect Anna in any way possible.

But Escano went rogue when he found out that the police were following him. Even though Voight told Anna and her son that he would protect them, Anna ran away from the police and stabbed Escano at his bakery.

Later, Voight and Halstead found Escano, who told them with his last breath that Anna was the one who stabbed him. Voight went “off the books” to find Anna after doing some illegal things to cover up her crime.

When Voight finally found Anna, she was very scared and worried about what would happen because of what she had done. She pointed a gun at him and accidentally shot him when a police siren scared her. Because of this, Halstead and Upton started shooting at her.

Voight was, of course, very upset, and he went to the hospital with Anna in the ambulance. But it was too late for her, and she said “I’m sorry” as her last words.

NBC is keeping season 10 a secret for now, which is a shame. But after the season nine finale, it seems like Voight and the rest of the team deal with Anna’s death and what it means for Voight personally and professionally.

Hawkins (Atwater) talked to Entertainment Weekly about Voight’s story arc this season and what it might mean for him in season 10.

“I know that sometimes lines have to be crossed,” Hawkins said. “I also know that people can’t keep crossing certain lines forever.

“I’ve seen Voight grow, especially in how he handles certain situations and how he acts physically. Now I’m seeing a mental and spiritual breakdown that I have to help him through.

“Voight is still a person I admire and respect, win or lose. And I can’t wait to talk about more reasons why Atwater still likes and respects Voight “he added.

Chicago Pd Season 10 Release Date

Chicago PD Season 10 Trailer: When Will it Land?

If season 10 starts in September, you can expect to see the first new footage around August. You’ll be able to watch it here as soon as it comes out, so be sure to keep this page bookmarked for all the latest news and scoops.

Chicago P.D. Season 9 Recap

A lot has happened on Chicago PD this season. Kim’s attacker, Roy Walton, was killed by Hailey, and Hank got rid of the body. Hailey and Jay got married, but Hailey’s secret is too much for them to handle. Anna, a C.I. agent, has been pretending to be someone else for months so she can help Hank catch Javier and Los Temidos. Anna’s plan falls apart, so she kills Javier. Anna shoots Hank while they are on the run, and Hailey shoots Anna. Anna dies because of her injuries!

Kim gets custody of Makayla, but when she and Adam go home to celebrate, they find that Makayla’s babysitter has been killed and Makayla has been taken. Makayla’s father paid to have her taken away. After Adam and Kim got Makayla back, they started fighting, and Adam left.

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