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Attempts to fix all of the other tools’ problems are made by This website’s upload limit is 16 MB, which should be ample for high-resolution images. For example, compress or die lets you upload images in PNG, JPEG, WebP, and many more types of formats. As a result, the image’s quality is improved because the image’s original data can be uploaded.

If you’re going to compress the image, you can choose the image’s color and design, but do not save it at low quality. Professional photographers and vloggers can use this software to resize, rotate, and apply watermarks to their photographs with just a few mouse clicks.

It also has an image editor that lets you modify images with professional tools so that you may apply effects, filters, and other features. The Federal Funded Research Project in the field of internet advertising media compression has established “Compress or Die.”


  • Resize image
  • Batch compression
  • WEBP files compressor
  • Analyze image
  • Free of cost

Compress-or-die Alternatives

1. Tool

With Tool, you may minimize the size of your images without sacrificing quality. In the realm of baseline JPG, it is a panted photo recompression method that works well with all browsers. File sizes of common JPG and PNG photographs can be reduced by up to 80% (5X) without sacrificing visual quality. You may save money by using Toolur to improve your photos…

2. Picdiet

You can utilize Picdiet, an online batch image, and file size compressor, without requiring a server or an API, to reduce the size of your images. That’s why you don’t need to upload an image to the cloud to achieve the fastest compression speed. From 1% to 99%, you can adjust the image quality with this tool. It’s one of the best tools that can be used in a variety of ways…

3. Optimal

It is an all-in-one service for WordPress and beyond that enables you to process your photos in a way that has never been possible before. Optimal (cloud-based). Store, scale, and manage your photographs more beautifully, all while retaining their quality to the maximum extent possible. With Optimal, you may resize your image while also adjusting its width and height. This is one of the best compression tools available. You can use this tool to blur, sharpen, and pixelate your images.

4. ImageRecycle

ImageRecycle is a web browsing platform that provides the ability to compress images using smart JPEG, PNG, and WebP encoding. In addition to the standard PNG and JPG formats, you can save your compressed or modified photos in PDF format on this platform. There is a history of prior month’s edits on this platform that may be accessed at any time and from any location. You’ll be able to access the past if you’d want…

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5. TinyPng

Typing is an easy-to-use tool for resizing, cropping and compressing images. To compress more than 20 photos at a time, you must first choose them one by one. The image’s color, design, and size can all be customized to meet your specific requirements. In addition to professional tools like image scaling, this platform can handle a wide range of image formats. Otherwise, the upload limit will be lowered to 5MB. One and only… Typing


Webresizer is a fantastic, quick, and simple-to-use tool for resizing your preferred photographs. It has a wide range of image scaling options, as well as support for a wide range of image formats. You can use this picture resizer to quickly and easily resize an image to the desired dimensions. All you have to do is select an image in any format and crop it to your liking. You may also adjust the height and…

Top 10 Similar Websites Like And Alternatives 2022

7. JPEGmini

With the help of JPEGmini, you’ll be able to expand or decrease the image’s size without sacrificing its genuine quality. You can apply a variety of filters and effects to the image and customise it to your liking with this software. All professional vloggers, editors, and those who wish to change the size and impact of photographs can use the JPEGmini program. If this is your first time using this platform, you’ll need a licence key to get in…

Compress or Die

8. ImageOptim

ImageOptim is a fantastic program that’s quick and simple to use. There are lots of people that use this software to reduce the size of their photos. ImageOptim can work with just about any image format, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and many others. Image Optim is open-source software licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later, and is a breeze to use compared to other compression tools. You can obtain the same or greater compression by just dragging and dropping images into the app…


More than a hundred photographs can be edited with’s simple image resizing programme. There is a one-MB upload limit for this software, which means you can’t upload photos. To meet the needs of all of these people—professional picture editors as well as students and teachers—this application was developed specifically for you, the user. compresses photographs without losing any of their quality, resulting in compressed images that are nearly as good as the originals. To speed things up, you can use this software to optimise your photos.

10. Optimizilla – Online Image Сompressor

Online image optimizer Optimizilla uses a clever combination of one of the most efficient compression and optimization algorithms. It enables users around the world to reduce the size of their intended PNG and JPEG images. It’s easy to determine the smallest file size possible while yet retaining the quality level required. The image was taken from another website and compressed to meet the needs of the website that created it. Uploading 20 photos at a time is possible using this platform.

To reduce the file size, you can choose what color scheme and design elements to use, but you should avoid saving it at poor quality. With only a few mouse clicks, photographers and vloggers may resize, rotate, and add watermarks to their images…

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