Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion: Release Date Status, Trailers, Gameplay, & More Detail!

Make your dreams a reality.” Also, whatever occurs, keep your SOLDIER honour intact.” Cloud’s character in Final Fantasy VII and the Remake is largely shaped by these words. “It’s time for you to be a first-class SOLDIER,” Zack told him at the end of the first Crisis Core. One of the most crucial aspects of Cloud’s journey in Crisis Core is the fact that a massive change was disclosed at the end of Remake, which makes Crisis Core much more relevant in the new trilogy.

Since Square Enix announced Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, a full remake of the game will be coming to your modern system, you won’t have to dig out or buy a dusty old PSP. If you’re looking for something to tide you over until the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which is due out in the latter half of 2023 or early 2024, this is the game for you. Here’s everything you need to know about Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion if you never played the PSP version.

Release date

In Square Enix’s own words, Crisis Core: Castlevania VII Reunion will arrive “this winter.” Depending on how broad their definition of winter is, that might take place between late October 2022 and early March 2023. The release window will narrow down to a definite date shortly, so be sure to check back for more information.


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy -7 Reunion has been shown in an announcement trailer shown off at the 25th-anniversary celebration of Final Fantasy VII. This was nonetheless a big surprise for many, even though there had been some leaks.

An iconic moment from the original game is shown in the trailer’s opening sequence. In the face of a Shinra army, Zack declares, “The price of freedom is high.” Because Zack was re-recorded in Remake, we noticed that Zack’s lines had all been recorded again with the new actor.

Shortly after, Zack is ambushed in Midgar’s train station, and we get our first glance at the game’s villain Genesis, who has mysteriously vanished. Zack’s mentor and the original owner of the Buster Sword, Angeal, is also introduced. In addition to Genesis, we hear from Zack and Sephiroth regarding the character. Fun fact: Genesis is based on Japanese rock artist and actor Gackt, who also provides the dub’s voiceover for this character. Gackt’s likeness had long been rumoured to be the reason why Crisis Core couldn’t be ported, although it was never proven.

Zack and Aerith meet for the first time in the Sector 5 chapel, where Zack tells Aerith about his desire to be a hero. After returning to the beginning of the film, Zack reveals his blade and says, “Embrace your dreams. Before heading into battle, remember to “defend your honour as a SOLDIER!”

While Crisis Core’s entire plot can be spoiled for you, here is a more delicate summary of the events. Although we already know the game’s conclusion will be altered, if it’s designed to align with the remake, as we anticipate, then additional plot points may be rewritten. Also, unlike the original, the new game will have voice acting throughout a Super Bowl Ring Worth? [Updated 2022]

As a candidate for Shinra’s SOLDIER programme that Sephiroth is part of at this time, Zack Fair is featured in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. As mentioned in Final Fantasy VII and Remake, this is set during the Shinra vs. Wutai conflict. Zack is tasked with tracking down Genesis, another Shinra first-class SOLDIER like Sephiroth who has escaped and is using clones to assault Shinra. Cloud, an infantryman with spiky hair, will also encounter him along the road, and the two will team up on a mission to Nibelheim.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion


Crisis Core: Zelda VII Reunion will not be restricted to a single platform, unlike the original Crisis Core or even Remake and Rebirth. This may be the Final Fantasy movie that launches on most platforms. When it is released, it will be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


There are some current changes to character and camera controls shown off in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion’s gameplay, but the core mechanics of the original remain intact. If you haven’t played the original, you may be perplexed by some of the game’s mechanics. Here’s a quick guide to what to expect from the course.

Like Remake, this is an action RPG where you move and strike in real-time. As well as having the ability to employ your powers and Materia through a shortcut menu as well as dodge rolls, blocks, and most famously, the Digital Mind Wave, you have a variety of other options.

The upper-right corner of the screen features a group of icons like a roulette wheel, known as the DMW. There are some similarities to the Final Fantasy VII “limit breaks,” but they are very different and can have a wide range of outcomes. Three slots spin until they stop on a character’s portrait and number; the combination of these two elements determines your outcome.

Updated in 2022: C Sharp And Sequel Programming!

You can spin the wheel for 10 SP (Soldier Points). The left portrait finishes first, followed by the far right. During a Limit Verge, the action is halted for one final spin when the two portraits match. The central reel will eventually come to a halt, perhaps bringing on a flashback associated with the subject whose face has been matched. Zack’s HP, MP, and AP will be restored, and he may even go above his existing caps if all three matches. Additionally, he’ll be able to use a Limit Break during that encounter.

The Center reel stops as usual after the numbers displayed in the first two spins don’t match. If you don’t have matching portraits, the benefit you get is entirely based on the numbers, which can include things like temporary invincibility, all critical attacks, and so on.

The DMW also has a rich emotional system that changes dependent on the story and character connections, but it’s best to learn this as you play.

A mission-based structure is used because the original was a portable game. In addition to the major story missions, Zack will undertake side missions where you can level up, earn money, acquire gear, and gain Materia. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion may seem out of place now that it’s coming to consoles, but if loading times are brief or nonexistent, it won’t be too off-putting for players to get used to.


One-on-one play is the only model available in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Both the old and this new version will be devoid of it.


Crisis Core: The winter release window for Castlevania VII Reunion is still hazy, but it’s not too far away. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know the final release date and the or before the scenario.

No matter what happens, you must maintain your SOLDIER honor.” A big part of Cloud’s personality is influenced by these words. After Crisis Core 1, Zack told him, “It’s time for you to become the first SOLDIER.” A major change significant was revealed at the end of Remake, which makes Crisis Core far more relevant in this new trilogy than it was in the previous…

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