Cursed Season 2 Released Date Cancelled or Renewed?

Based on the story of Excalibur, Netflix’s show cursed started airing in July 2020. The show got good reviews from people all over the world. When “Cursed” started on Netflix, it was the most-watched web series of the month.

The main character in the story is a young girl named “Nimue” who can control the plants around her. She was shunned by society because people thought she was a witch. It is her fate to become the sad woman of the lake. Arthur, a 16-year-old Mercenary, fights with her against the red paladin.

The legendary sword Excalibur is at the center of her quest. As “Nimue’s” journey goes on, her character grows as she does brave and heroic things.

Even though it is based on a real story about Arthur, it is just an idea.

Cursed is about a girl named Nimue, who is played by Katherine Langford. Cast members include Sebastian Armesto as King Uther, Daniel Sharman as Weeping Monk Lancelot, Lily Newmark as Pym, Peter Mullan as Father Carden, and Bella Dayne as the red spear (Green knight).

The Cursed Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Cursed will start in early 2022. On July 17, 2020, Netflix will add the second season of Cursed to the first season, which came out on the same day (According to the novascotiatoday)

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Zegna Fuentes, Daniel Nettheim, Jon East, and Sarah O’Gorman were the people in charge of Season 1 of Cursed. This season has 10 episodes: Nimue (cursed), Alone (The Red Lake), Festa and Moreii (Bring Us in Good Ale), The Key Queen (Poisons), and the Sacrifice (Nimue, Cursed).

No matter how many episodes are in Season 2, they can all have different titles, just like in Season 1.

Cursed Season 2

Cursed Season 2 Cast

Nimue, played by Katherine Langford,

Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin

Arthur is played by Devon Terrell.

Lancelot’s Weeping Monk, played by Daniel Sharman

King Uther, portrayed by Sebastian Armesto

Father Carden, played by Peter Mullan, is a memorable character.

Pym is played by Lily Newmark.

Shalom Brune – Franklin as Sister Igraine – Morgana

Gawain and the Green Knight are Matt Stokoe’s characters.

Bella Dayne as Red Spear

When it comes to Season 2 of Cursed

After the success of Season 1, people all over the world are eagerly waiting for Season 2. No one from the production team has said that season 2 has already started or will start soon.

Because of this, it’s not clear if the show will be kept going or not. So, we can expect it to come out in two to three years.

In an interview with the show’s actress, Katherine Langford said, “Season 1 was just the start of a great journey that will be continued in Season 2.”

Cursed Season 2 Trailer

Cursed will not have a second season, which we all know. So, it looks like there is no official trailer for the second movie. Until then, you can watch the trailer and all episodes of Cursed Season 1 on Netflix.

Cursed Season 2 Storyline 

The main plot of Season 2 of Cursed is based on a famous story that everyone knows. The story of the legendary sword Excalibur and its rightful owner, King Arthur, is retold in an epic way that gives it a whole new look. From the point of view of a young but wise girl from a small village, this drama is told.

After her mother leaves her alone in the world, she will always have scars and a lot of emotional pain. This is a story about a simple-looking woman who is full of courage, anger, and power. She meets a smart person named “Arthur,” and the two of them set out on a journey together.

The only thing her mother left behind was a magical sword. Namie was given a task that was her only dream in life. But fate had something else in mind for her. This is a story about bravery, responsibility, brutal wars, and having the strength to face the truth while still being able to do the impossible.

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The Conclusion

Cursed was liked by people of all ages and was the talk of the town for a while because of its beautiful setting and interesting plot. There are rumors that the second season will come out on the same day as the first one.

During one of her interviews, the actress who plays the lead role of “Numie” also drops a few hints. She said that season 1 made room for a lot of new adventures that will be shown in season 2.

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