Dark Side of The Ring Season 4 Everything We Need So Far!

Docuseries Since 2019, Dark Side of the Ring has been examining wrestling’s past in a controversial way. During the first three seasons, the deaths of Nick Gage and Owen Hart, as well as the double murder-suicide committed by Chris Benoit, were all discussed. Season four of the program may or may not take place.

Will There Be A Season Four?

In a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer announced that Vice has not yet picked up Dark Side for a second season. “I haven’t heard of them returning for a second season. Meltzer reported that this season’s ratings were down. In the end, it’s up to Vice whether or not to approve a second season. But I haven’t heard anything regarding the possibility of a second season.

Meltzer did also point out that if Vice does decide to leave Dark Side be and not renew it for the fourth season, it won’t be the fault of Jim Ross. JR, who has featured in episodes throughout Dark Side’s run, previously spoke out about his dislike of the way the show is edited. The veteran announcer said he will watch the show if there are more episodes, but he won’t be a part of it moving forward.

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A New Season Might Take A While

Even while JR’s presence in the wrestling profession lends legitimacy to anything, it isn’t necessary for the continuation of Dark Side of the Ring. In the past, many people have declined to be a part of the show because they did not want to address the topic they were asked to discuss in such a prominent setting as a TV show that is shown internationally.

The third season of Dark Side of the Ring was the longest yet. It was so long that it was presented in two parts throughout 2021. Even though Dark Side has had one season every year since 2019, the fourth season in 2022 would not spell the end of the show. Because each season has been lengthier than the previous, the production crew behind the show will need more time to complete a season four.

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