Downton Abbey Season 7: Is It Cancelled?

The drama series “Downton Abbey” premiered on the BBC in 2010. It depicted the lifestyle of the affluent Crawley family.

Politicians on all ends of the political spectrum reacted violently. It was praised by conservatives and criticized by progressives.

The positive reaction was due to the skill with which the scenarios were produced by the filmmakers. Both the characters’ appearance and their voice were preserved.

There were, of course, a few echoes of class-bound behavior. This was the point at which it was panned.

Everything We Know About Downton Abbey So Far

At the end of the Edwardian era and immediately following it, it covered British history As far as I can tell, it was between 1910 and the late 1920s at this point.

The series’ creators put a lot of thought into realism.

The First World War, the sinking of the Titanic, and many other historical events were woven into the story.

The conflict between the Crawley families and the subsequent ascent of the Crawley clan was the catalyst for the story’s development.

Even the mansion’s domestic staff were depicted in the documentary. Because of this, the terrible reality they had to deal with could be depicted in the story’s subplots.

September 2019 saw the release of a film titled Downton Abbey.

Fans and critics were both pleased by the film’s performance at the box office.

It’s safe to say that the movie’s sequel will be just as popular as the original.

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Official Announcements And Release Date Of Downton Abbey Season 7

Season 7’s release date has yet to be made publically known. A movie based on the sixth season was released in 2019.

In the meantime, the sequel to Downton Abbey, Downton Abbey 2, is in the works and new information is constantly being released about the film’s scheduled release date.

The release date for this sequel was originally set for December 2021, but it has already been pushed back. Downton Abbey has been on the air for six seasons already. The first season aired in 2010 and the final season aired in 2015, respectively.

Season/Movie Airing
Season 1 September 26, 2010
Season 2 September 11, 2011
Season 3 September 16, 2012
Season 4 September 22, 2013
Season 5 September 21, 2014
Season 6 September 20, 2015
Downton Abbey September 13, 2019
Downton Abbey: A New Era May 20, 2022

Julian Fellowes wrote both the series and the film’s scripts. Vanity Fair and Separate Lies are just a few of his earlier works to name a.

Jessica Fellowes, his niece, published a book summarising all six series in 2014.

Downton Abbey’s Seasonal Celebrations, Traditions, and Recipes was the title of the book.

On September 15, 2011, Jessica’s The World of Downton Abbey was launched. It showed the Crawleys at work in the background.

The Chronicles of Downton Abbey was the title of her second book. Date of release: Sept. 13, 2012.

This was used to demonstrate how the characters will act as auxiliary material. Season 3 was preceded by this episode.

No doubt that Downton Abbey is a tremendously successful brand name.

There was a legal draught called the “Equity Titles Bill” in the UK Parliament in 2013, and you should know about it if you don’t trust me. This law has been dubbed the “Downton Abbey law.”

Rather than discussing it, let’s concentrate our attention on other sources like Twitter and Google Trends.

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Twitter Activity

Compared to 2016, the number of tweets retweeted has decreased significantly. There’s a good explanation behind this, and it’s coming out in 2019.

Many of the show’s longtime viewers have given up hope that it would be renewed. The movie’s plot continues ahead of where the series left off, too.

To get an indication of how popular Downton abbey season 7 is, check out Google Trends.

You can see that it’s close to zero, which indicates that no one is looking for season 7 and that it’s unlikely to materialize.

There has been a lot of excitement lately about the second film in the series instead. Because of the show’s popularity, many have high hopes for the film adaptation.

Google Monthly Searches

The number of people looking for information on Downton Abbey Season 7 on the internet is small. Between $10,000 to $20,000 is typical.
Based on the information shown above, it is safe to say that season 7 is not a popular request, and the likelihood of it happening is quite low.

Then again, what should we expect if it does occur?

Expected Plot Of Downton Abbey Season 7

Season 7 was expected to focus on the Crawley family’s experiences during World War II.

The plot’s expected era was an occurrence that occurs after 1925.
Downton Abbey, on the other hand, focused on events that occurred after 1925. A royal visit was depicted as the Crawley family’s circumstances were depicted.
To make this happen, the family had to make a lot of preparations.
Season 7 of the TV show must have a different focus from the movie because it covered the 1927 visit.
It could be a post-World War II incident. A lot will hinge on the 2019 film’s prequel.
The sequel’s plot and other details are still up in the air at this point. There have been no official announcements.
A more significant historical event will be the centerpiece of any Season 7 of Downton Abbey.
Because of this, the World War II events in the plot are the most speculative.
It may give a glimpse into the lives of the aristocracy of the early 1900s.
Aristocrats held a prestigious position in society at the time. They had the same status as the aristocracy.
Even if they didn’t actually rule, they had a significant impact on the outcome of events. One such family was the Crawleys.

In the Grantham household, the Earl and Countess of Grantham exerted the heaviest influence.
As a result, there would be a power struggle and disarray in the family.
The conflict between the members and the staff is an interesting component of the show.
They have their quarrels and little concerns with the household staff. All of this might be used in subplots to improve the major storylines.

Why Downton Abbey Season 7?

Audience members were ecstatic when they learned what happened to the Crawleys following their second demise.
Would they rise like the Phoenix? Will they succumb to the same fate as the majority of today’s aristocrats?

Although the film depicts events that occurred after the series ended in 1925, there was little to see.
King George and Queen Mary’s trips to Crawley were the main emphases. The royal visit was shown in the film.

With the King praising one of the Crawleys, the movie finished on a high note. However, there is still room for a seventh season of the television series.

There was a lot of focus on the internal affairs of the family throughout the series.
To top it all off, there were historical re-enactments. Even though the movie depicted a historical event, the significance of the occurrence was rather insignificant.
The movie’s second-best feature was its use of beautiful settings.
Highclere Castle, Churchgate House, and Bampton Library captivated the audience.
Among the more significant events covered in the series was the Irish War of Independence, the Spanish Flu pandemic, the British General Elections of 1923, and many more
These were pivotal moments in British history.

From this perspective, World War 2 would be the next best topic to use as a story setting.

The Great Depression of the 1930s could potentially be used as a story point. Most likely, we’re nearing the conclusion of Season 7.

Online Reactions For Downton Abbey Season 7

Reddit, the front page of the internet has another take on this. This is a conversation that was sparked after talks of the movie sequel.

This fan is happy that he gets to see at least something instead of nothing. So the expectations from viewers are also less.

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Downton Abbey Ratings And Reviews

Next season’s ratings will tell us a lot about what to expect. Is it popular enough?
A more accurate representation of public opinion can be found on IMDb. The average rating is 8.7 (mean) to 8.9 (maximum) (median).
An impressive showing for a show that lasted six seasons. The first or second sequels of the majority of seasons fail to do well.
Incorporating historical and turning points was the most important aspect of its success. In the minds of the British public, these were imprinted.

Let’s take a look at some of the records Downton Abbey has broken. It had a short conversation with me.

Record name Rank
Columbus Day 277
Biggest Domestic September Weekend 19
Top Based on TV Weekend Domestic 46
Top Drama Weekend Domestic 42
Top Focus Features Weekend Domestic 1
Top Historical Fiction Weekend Domestic 39
Front-Loaded Opening Weekend 97
Biggest Domestic September Day 22

Here are some of the ratings and reviews they received from some entertainment websites.

Website Ratings
CommonSense Media 4/5
Rotten Tomatoes 94%
IMDB 8.7/10
Metacritic Metascore 80/100
Metacritic User Score 8.0

Sales And Profit Information For Downton Abbey Season 7

Here’s a quick look at the show’s revenue and profit margins. As a whole, it was a big hit at the box office as well.


Here’s a quick look at the show’s revenue and profit margins. As a whole, it was a big hit at the box office as well.
The entire Downton Abbey series is now streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video for a limited time. Amazon Prime customers typically downloaded or viewed each series at least 50,000 times.
The show received an impressive 4.8/5 in the critics’ polls.
120 million people throughout the world are estimated to have watched the film. The rights to this series have been purchased by more than 220 nations.

In the past, the series was also available on Netflix. After then, it was removed from Netflix in 2013 and hasn’t been available since. Since this June, the series has been re-broadcast online. Enjoy your favorite series once again, Netflix subscribers.

DVD And Bluray Disc

A quick look at the DVD and Blu-ray sales of Downton Abbey’s DVDs and Blu-rays.

articular Amount
Estimated  DVD Sales $14,683,396
Estimated Blu-ray Sales $11,849,673
Total Sales $26,533,069

The series’ cumulative box office totals are impressive. Here’s a comparison of the two options.

Record Rank Amount
All-Time Domestic Box Office 783 $96,853,865
All-Time International Box Office 999 $97,840,859
All-Time Worldwide Box Office 856 $194,694,724

Downton Abbey’s Budget and Commercial Success

Downton Abbey, as a high-end television series, required a lot of money to produce.
Whoever wasn’t affluent was the focus of the story’s entire narrative
The filming settings were all high-end and sought-after, and the actors were also some of the most sought-after in the business.
The cost of re-creating a castle from the 1900s and British culture was high. However, the hype was overblown.
According to Jessica Fellowes’ book, a single episode of Game of Thrones cost roughly one million Euros.
Back in the day, it cost about $1.25 million. They range from $ 3 to $ 5 million for modern exhibits.
This was a significant increase.
Downton Abbey’s business success can be attributed to its cost-effectiveness and efficient use of resources.
If predictions are to be believed, they made nearly nine or ten times as much money as they put into it.

Popular Downton Abbey Characters

The first season of Downton Abbey aired on PBS in 2007. Throughout six seasons, the show has produced between seven and nine episodes.
Some characters appeared in every episode, while others only appeared in one or two.
Downton Abbey returns for its seventh season this fall, and these are the show’s core characters.

Robert Crawley

The Earl of Grantham is his name. He does a lot of things because he is the family’s head and a father.
To ensure the future of his family, he must overcome difficult obstacles. As a noble and strong character, he demands a high degree of respect.
This part was played by Hugh Bonneville.

Lady Cora Crawley

Grantham’s Countess. Robert Crowley is her husband. American by birth, she enjoys the English aristocracy’s lifestyle.
When compared to other aristocrats, she appears to be liberal.
Mary, Edith, and Sybil Crawley are her children. On top of all of that, she’s a grandmother to three adorable little ones: Sybbie, George, and Marigold. This was a role that Elizabeth McGovern took on.

Edith Pelham

Lady Edith Crawley is the Marchioness of Hexham and the Marchioness of Hexham. Laura Carmichael portrayed this character in the film.
Mary’s younger half-sister, she’s named after her. She has difficulty juggling her new responsibilities as a publisher and a mother after inheriting a publishing company.

Lady Mary Crawley

Michelle Dockery portrays this character. Despite being the eldest daughter, she does not receive any inheritance.
Her spouse died the day she gave birth to her son George. Although she had a great love life, it pulled her down because of the resulting scandals.

Isobel Crawley

Mathew’s mother, Mary, has a mother-in-law named Mary-in-law. To keep the household in order and to provide assistance to the other members of the family, she does everything she can.
Although she is depicted as a severe mother-in-law, she is a very compassionate person. Penelope Wilton portrayed this character.
Other actors who appeared in Seasons 1 through 5 are listed here. Even in the movie, several of them made an appearance.
Actor Character
Phyllis Logan Elsie Carson Hughes
Thomas Howes William Mason
Rob James – Collier Thomas Barrow
Rose Leslie Gwen Harding née Dawson
Sophie McShera Daisy Mason Robinson
Lesley Nicol Beryl Patmore
Maggie Smith Violet Crawley The Dowager Countess of Grantham
Dan Stevens Matthew Crawley
Amy Nuttall Ethel Parks
Kevin Doyle Joseph Molesley
Allen Leech Tom Branson
Matt Milne Alfred Nugent
Ed Speleers “Jimmy” Kent
Lily James Lady Rose Aldridge née MacClare
David Robb Dr. Richard Clarkson
Cara Theobold Ivy Stuart
Raquel Cassidy Phyllis Baxter
Tom Cullen Anthony Foyle and Viscount Gillingham
Julian Ovenden Charles Blake
Michael Fox Andrew Andy Parker
Matthew Goode Henry Talbot
Harry Hadden-Paton Herbert Bertie Pelham, the 7th Marquess of Hexham
Imelda Staunton Lady Maud Bagshaw

Other Decisive Factors For Downton Abbey Season 7

Season 7 of Downton Abbey is a no-brainer, as we’ll explain in this section. There is a slew of reasons why a sequel won’t be made.
It could also be that the first one isn’t making enough money. There could also be a shortage of information. It can also be the final straw.
Because the Downton Abbey series lacks the above-mentioned features, here are some additional points.

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Downton Abbey Ending

The sixth season ended on a cliffhanger. Fans were eager to learn the fate of the Crawleys.
For them, the crisis was nothing new. It was, however, a rather hard one in the end.
It had the potential to split the family apart. A story’s demand is bolstered by serious existential dilemmas.
The Crawleys were depicted as wealthy in the 2019 film. Long-term viewers and lovers of the TV series, on the other hand, find themselves in an awkward position.
What are the chances that Lord Merton will be able to beat his terminal illness? After Carson retires, what will he do? Despite Lord Grantham’s orders, will Barrow return to his position as Butler?
Several unsolved questions are preventing progress.


There is no trailer for season 7 of Downton Abbey because there have been no official announcements.
Hugh Bonville, on the other hand, alluded to a film sequel. Consequently, a trailer for the film could be released in the coming months.
The Pandemic, which disrupted many timetables, is to blame for this delay.
After the release of the movie sequel, the producers may look into the possibility of a seventh season.


Many controversies were sparked by Downton Abbey, or at least the opportunity to be sparked by it. Here are a few examples:
Many viewers expressed their dissatisfaction following the broadcast of the third episode of the fourth season.
A rape scene was the reason why this film was deemed unsuitable for children. ITV, the broadcaster, got 60 complaints from the UK’s TV regulator. However, Ofcom (the TV Regulator) did nothing. This is the case due to the inclusion of a disclaimer in the broadcast.

Downton Abbey’s decor drew a lot of attention. He got into a scandal because he became so enamored with it.
As seen in Downton Abbey, Aaron Schock made over his congressional office. Ultimately, it resulted in his resignation from public corruption.
Second, American PBS changed the beginning and finish of the series, causing a lot of criticism.
These changes were made to accommodate American runtimes. Adding a host to each program was also a source of controversy.


Season 7 may never come, but the show’s creators haven’t let us down.
Because they’re now focused on film adaptations of the same subject, we should be grateful for their efforts
We need to keep our spirits up and look forward to this year’s premiere of the film.

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