20 Apps Like Elfyourself Latest Update 2022!

One of the better apps of the Holy Holiday, ElfYourself by Mystic Mirror LLC, is packed with a tonne of fun dance moves. You may utilize the app to learn new dance movements and include them in your Christmas films, making them even more memorable.

Annual festive tradition allows you to be elfed and appear in a video series that introduces your image to dancing elves. Your camera or Facebook can only be used to post up to five images of friends and family members. If you’re seeking apps that are similar to ElfYourself, we’ve got a wonderful list for you to peruse.

Birthday movies, Christmas films, dancing videos for birthdays, greeting cards, and more can all be created using ElfYourself, a feature-rich entertainment software. Both Android phone versions of the software are available to download and use.


  • Free for Everyone
  • Coloring Page
  • Cats Songs
  • Massive Library
  • Easy to Understand

ElfYourself Alternatives

1. World Dance Yourself

The best dancing moves from around the world are here for you to experiment with. Even if you don’t know how to dance, you can upload your dance video to the World Dance Yourself app and have it appear in videos from ten different nations as an ElfYourself alternative. World Dance Yourself is a 3D program that lets you dance with your face…

2. Facejjang

Searching for Elf Yourself Alternative Apps on Android? I recommend this app for anyone who wants to show off their dancing skills while dressing up as Santa and having some fun with their friends. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make this Christmas one to remember. The app was designed to make anyone a superstar. To use the app’s video clip template, all you need is a picture of yourself. Facejjang is a fantastic alternative for…

3. JibJab

It’s a fun program that lets you use your own or your friends’ faces in animated GIFs, well-known music videos, and dance ecards for all kinds of occasions, such as Christmas and birthdays. You may use this software to share your photos and videos on social media networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook, and more. With this software, you can celebrate everything from weddings to birthdays to anniversaries and everything in between. As an alternative to ElfYourself and other similar apps, JibJab…

4. Animate Yourself 3D – Dance Video Maker

There is a tonne of Elf Yourself dancing videos available in Animate Yourself 3D – Dance Video Maker, but there is also a tonne of new features. It’s a great tool for making amusing dance movies, illustrating yourself, and much more! In addition, they help to design your stickers and then share them with others. With more than 1,000 free 3D elements and animations, it’s a modern-style elf film producer…

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5. Elf Dance: Fun for Yourself

We’re here to help you locate the best alternatives to ElfYourself because we know how eager everyone is for the Christmas season to begin. Similar to the free online elf dance party game ElfYourself, this Elf Dance: Pleasure for Self app lets you get the whole family or group into the holiday spirit by getting them all to participate in one of the most hilarious elf dance routines. Making video cards for friends and family may be made much easier with Elf Choreography: Fun for Yourself.

6. Christmas Movie Card

New material and features have been added to the Christmas Movie Card entertainment application, which was debuted in 2017. In a nutshell, it’s a novel approach to congratulating the holiday season. People you know and love can become Saint or Mother Christmas. Elf, snowman, and reindeer are likely to do amazing dance routines to a wonderful beat in this story. Animated elf dance videos can also be created with sophisticated features…

7. The Christmas Movie Card

Create Elf Yourself Printables with the Christmas Movie Card, fun software that lets you do just that. More than 200 free cards are available in the app, from which you can pick and select as you choose. As a bonus, it lets you create elf dancing films with a wide variety of effects at your disposal. With the Christmas Movie Card app, you may choose from a variety of characters, as well as add your own, making it a better option than other similar apps. You have the option…

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8. Crazy Flamenco Dance

With Crazy Flamenco Dance, you can simply make any photo into a fun and crazy flamenco dancer. In comparison to Elf Yourself, this is one of the better solutions for those who want to have a more delightful experience. For each character, the program has a unique dance style, conventions, and other features. Each one can be used to create a stunning video. Also known as… the Crazy Flamenco Dance

9. Dance Bootha

Swing and Dance fans will enjoy the app Dance Bootha. You may quickly make your singing and dance videos with this fantastic app. Multiple music tracks and video effects are among the app’s many features. It’s as simple as downloading the app, selecting a photograph, selecting a dance video, and pressing the create button. Your video is available to be saved and shared in less than a minute. An alternative to Elf Yourself, Dance Boota lets you…

10. Dance With Santa

Dance That Santa is a fun and addicting game that allows you to make entertaining videos of yourself dancing with St. Nick. Unlike Elf Yourself, it has all of the same dance videos and other amusing content. The software allows you to select any photo from your phone’s gallery and rapidly create a stunning video. It is simple to use this program to enhance the beauty of your movies by adding a variety of effects and objects to your clips. You have the option of…

11. Dance Yourself

As a dancer, who would have believed it would be as easy as putting your face in the hole and creating the video? There is a tonne of amusing animations in the Dance Yourself app that you can use to make your funny material on a small-screen smartphone. A comical dance move for all is available in the Dance Yourself—Create three-dimensional Fun Face Videos app, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

12. Super Dance Elf Christmas Classic

Avoid squandering your time, as Christmas is just around the corner. Prepare great holiday meals and invite your friends to join you at fun get-togethers in the coming days. You must be dying to film yourself busting a move with Santa in a video. Yes? Then this software is for you. It allows you to create fascinating films to post on social media sites and fulfills your ambition. Not interested in ElfYourself? Here are some Elf Yourself options for you to consider…

13. Dance With Santa 3D Free

This is a list of the finest replacements to Elf Yourself for iPhone, so you don’t need to seek further if you’re a mobile user looking for the best replacements. Has the thought of twirling around the room with the big guy in red ever crossed your mind? If the answer is yes, congratulations! With this program, it’s possible to dance with 3D Santa by just uploading images of you and your family and friends.

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14. iFunFace – Create Funny Videos

DryGin Studios’ IFunFace app provides a plethora of entertaining and amusing animated faces for you to utilize in your films. Using a photo and an audio clip, you can make a video of yourself and your friends and family. The animation will be generated for you automatically thanks to the introduction use of analysis techniques. On the list of Elf Yourself alternatives, this software comes in at number 2. Video-making software for the modern elf…

15. ElfYourself by Office Depot

One of the best apps for individuals who wish to make a dancing video for Christmas is Office Depot’s ElfYourself. Video effects, dances, hilarious expressions, and more are all included in the program. Using the Elf Yourself 2019, the app is completely free, and it is available for both Android and iOS. It offers a simple-to-use interface that allows you to edit your films using a variety of modern tools and features. Is there a way to make your dwarves?

16. Funny Dance

Check out a plethora of eye-catching dance clips. The Elf Myself app is similar to Funny Dance, but it has a slew of new features. Using this software, you can simply make funny facial movies and photos, make Santa dance films, edit videos, and add various effects to your videos. You can get Funny Dance for free on both Android and iOS smartphones. In addition, you can use the app to make and share amusing films with your friends and the rest of the community.

17. Jiggy

As an alternative to ElfYourself, Jiggy: Full Body Exchange Videos & Reface GIFs software allows you to track your loved ones by using photos and placing them on dancing characters to create humorous videos. Even if you’ve never edited a picture before, you’ll be fine because the program does all the work for you. To share your edited gifs, try Jiggy’s Magic Dance GIF Maker.

18. Faces

You can use Faces: Funny Face Changer: GIF Media Photo Frames App to send a funny GIF to your loved ones on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas or New Year’s Eve, for example. A selfie is all that is needed to make an animated gif to use your face. Animated gifs featuring more than one face are available in the Faces Amusing Face Changer app.

Elf Yourself Alternative

19. Christmas Dance

If you want to spread joy to those around you on Christmas Eve by dressing up as Saint Nicholas and dancing with your friends and family? With this software, you may cut out your face from such a photo and then dance with Santa Claus in a movie. If you see your face on your favorite wallpaper theme, tap the Save button to keep the current backdrop theme and switch to another by tapping the screen. Put Your Face in a Snowman

20. Harlem Shake Booth

Using Harlem Shake Booth, you can quickly and easily create and share Elf movies with friends on Android and iOS devices. You can use the software to enhance your dancing videos with a wide variety of amusing elements. You can also use this technique to turn a still image into a stunning animation. Create a new image by taking a picture or uploading one from your gallery. Your video will be available to share in under a minute.


With ElfYourself, you can make birthday flicks, Christmas films, birthday dance videos, greeting cards, and much more. Both the iPhone and Android versions of the app can be downloaded and used.

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