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Exclusive: Watch The First Trailer For The G Word With Adam Conover And More!

The G Word With Adam Conover

As Politico revealed a copy of the Supreme Court’s terrible (if predictable) decision to finally knock down Roe v. Wade, Adam Conover’s new Netflix docu-comedy The G Word with Adam Conover (produced in conjunction with the Obamas’ Higher Ground Productions) was released. It’s hard not to see this as a cut scene from The G Word, given how closely it aligns with the show’s purposefully conflicted premise that an entire branch of the American government is failing American citizens in such an arcanely predictable manner.

In light of Michael Lewis’s The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy and in collaboration with a literal former President of the United States, here is the trailer for The G Word with Adam Conover, a limited “hybrid comedy-documentary” series from the comedian behind Adam Ruins Everything, which will “explore the government’s triumphs, failures, and what we might be able to do to change it.”

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You’re not the only one concerned that The G Word’s proximity to political power would contaminate Conover’s source of signature skepticism. In the end, former President Obama’s willingness to accept doubt was what convinced Conover to join.

As Conover revealed to Paste in a recent interview, “So the show came about because [after] Higher Ground optioned Michael Lewis’s book, [they] had the concept of utilizing humor to tell the tale of what the federal government does, but that was as far as [they’d] thought it through,”

Conover said. A comic was requested to assist in telling the story, so I showed in and offered the idea, explaining that this would be my angle and approach and that these would be the kinds of questions I would like to research.’ Instead of focusing on how wonderful the government is,

I want to focus on how terrible it is when it fails.’ ‘That’s a great idea, go ahead and implement it!’ As you see fit, answer the questions you want to answer. If you need anything, all we want to do is help.”

The only way to know for sure whether or not that guarantee holds up is to tune in and find out for yourself. At least Conover thinks it turned out to be quite strong!]
Then some of you believe Adam Ruins Everything.

Keep in mind that The G Word retains the same hilarious tone and storyline that fans have come to expect, but with a new twist: Conover finally gets to express how he feels.

In this project, it’s simply Adam Conover, the actual person, discussing these things with you, the audience, directly,” he explains. “I appreciated that about The G Word.” In other words, whenever I mention on the podcast that I’m struggling with something or that I’m scared about something,

or that I’m unsure of the answer to something, I’m being honest. Adam Conover, the protagonist of Adam Ruins Everything, would have to deal with this issue. On The G Word, though, it’s just me, the author. To put it another way, when I describe myself as feeling conflicted,

The G Word With Adam Conover

it’s only because I am experiencing the same feelings myself. So, “It was a genuine thrill for me to be able to expose myself more directly to my own processing and my own thoughts.”

Isn’t it wonderful? Processing how the American government interacts with its citizenry? In today’s climate? This is something we’ll believe in when we witness it for ourselves!

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