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Expedition Bigfoot Returning for Season 3, Including Conversation With Jane Goodall

Expedition Bigfoot Season 3

With the forthcoming third season of Expedition Bigfoot on the Travel Channel, cryptids don’t get much bigger than Bigfoot both physically and symbolically. Despite decades of reports and sightings, many scientists remain skeptical that such a monster could live in the wild. However, the upcoming season of the show will include not just an investigation into the beast’s existence but also a talk with renowned primatologist Jane Goodall. Expedition Bigfoot’s upcoming season will premiere on the Travel Channel and Discovery+ on March 20, 2018.

Expedition Bigfoot Season 3
Expedition Bigfoot Season 3

According to a statement, “Season 3 of Expedition Bigfoot premieres Sunday, March 20th on Travel Channel and discovery+, a year after wildfires forced the team to flee the Olympic Peninsula just as they unearthed fascinating new evidence.

“At 9 p.m. ET, a special pre-show called ‘New Evidence’ features an interview with famous primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Mayor, as well as a look back at their voyage, before the season debut at 10 p.m. ET. Included in the 16 one-hour episodes are pre-and postseason specials that review all of the evidence gathered.

“Dr. Mireya Mayor, Expedition Bigfoot’s resident scientist, reached out to Dr. Jane Goodall, a longtime friend, and colleague, to learn more about her research into cryptids and hominids. According to Goodall, she has heard many accounts from South American natives about human-like primates in the woods, and she doesn’t reject them. This was in an unprecedented on-camera interview.”

“Bigfoot sightings have been reported in almost every country,” stated Goodall. People have told me they have seen Bigfoot or Sasquatch, and I believe them.

Indeed, Dr. Goodall believes these sentient animals, which would explain why no remains have been found to date, and embrace the team’s continued search. “

“I approach this journey with a healthy sense of skepticism and an open mind assessing all our evidence through the lens of science,” stated Mayor. “It’s not about proving or disproving anything; it’s about keeping the curiosity and joy of discovery that is essential to making discoveries. In the wake of Jane’s statement, our investigation has been re-energized by the fact that she has expressed her belief in their existence and her support for our efforts.”

New plans are devised in the wake of a noteworthy discovery from the previous mission, which spurs the crew on to find and capture a Bigfoot to dispel the idea that these animals exist. A customized drone is used to release monkey pheromones to lure Bigfoot back to the Olympic Peninsula in the season premiere, ‘Strange Returns’. It becomes evident, however, that the hunter is now the hunted after LeBlanc and Mayor spot something above them and Accord is blindsided by a nighttime intruder.”
On March 20th, Travel Channel and Discovery+ will debut the new season of Expedition Bigfoot.
Yes, I’m eagerly anticipating the next season. Contact Patrick Cavanaugh on Twitter if you’d like to discuss anything related to Star Wars or horror in the comments below!

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