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We provide you with people searching that is secure, quick, and free. On the biggest and most reliable database of US public records, you can tastefully conduct a reverse phone lookup, address lookup, and name search.

It is only recognized for its agility in performing free reverse phone lookups and access to some of the most exclusive directories of US public records. Its robust search skills deliver real records that meet your requirements. It continuously updates its data, saving you the time and effort of looking for Fastpeoplesearch alternatives.

Fastpeoplesearch is a fantastic software that makes searching for people really simple and secure. It enables you to look up people’s names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information using the safest and most reliable database of American public records.


  • Exclusive searching of records
  • Instant updates
  • Secure and fast searching
  • Exclusive database of people in the US

Fastpeoplesearch Alternatives

1. Truepeoplesearch

Users of Truepeoplesearch can do free searches through millions of public records to find the information they’re looking for. Customers can get information on phone numbers, addresses, friends, family, associates, emails, and much more via this platform. Anyone seeking any information simply needs to enter the name, address, or phone number of the other person, and the whole results will appear instantaneously. Powerful capabilities are also included in Truepeoplesearch so users may easily locate their missing pals. Even the data are available.

2. ThatsThem

With the help of the free people search engine That’sThem, you can now find addresses, emails, phone numbers, and a variety of other pieces of information with unprecedented ease. The excellent reverse phone lookup website That’s Them has a clever search box where you can enter your name, address, IP address, VIN, email address, and phone number. You can even choose your city, state, or ZIP code before pressing the search button to get results. You may find people with this free people search engine.

3. Truth Finder

A resource that enables you to learn all the necessary and important information about the people you want. Without even having to pay for anything, you may accurately obtain social media accounts, phone numbers, email addresses, employment information, public appearances, and much more. You may learn a lot about each of your target people thanks to this beautiful platform. This platform is completely lawful and provides clear instructions to its users about how to use the supplied data legally. It does not produce data on its own but instead grabs…

4. Veromi

a powerful platform for finding people that connect to hundreds of databases and billions of public information worldwide. The same data sources that are used by governmental and law enforcement organizations are delivered through Veromi, a straightforward platform. Anyone can use this site to learn more about the history and connections of any person in its database. You may affordably and attractively obtain the most real, straightforward, precise, and thorough information about anyone. Veromi was created specifically for those looking.

5. PeekYou

PeekYou makes it incredibly simple to connect with coworkers and family members online whenever you want. a straightforward and stylish search engine website that aids in placing users at the heart of the internet. It helps the user find the most relevant and significant girls or males in their lives. To present comprehensive online identities, it artfully compiles sporadic content from social media networks, homepages, news sources, and blogging platforms. The straightforward website PeekYou – People Search Made Easy has a…

Top 10 Websites That Are Comparable to and Alternatives!

6. Whoeasy

Whoeasy makes it safe and easy to check up and search phone numbers so you can learn more information whenever you want. We have data on every single active phone number in the United States of America, whether it be a mobile or a landline. You’ll learn about the woman or gentleman you’re seeking rapidly because you’re an American. Whereas is a modern website with a simple and quick search function.

7. FindOutTheTruth

A fantastic website that enables you to verify the criminal history of the individuals you want to contact without exerting any effort or spending any money. It is the most genuine one for you if there is someone who seems a little unlawful and you want to look into that individual privately. You only need to copy and paste the intended person’s most straightforward information here to search for it. The website FindOutTheTruth helps you discover the truth, as its name suggests.

8. Instant Checkmate

You can access bank records, contact details, social media posts, criminal histories, and much more without having to pay anything. Background checks are available, but you can also search persons for nearly anything. It also enables users to learn more about the owner of a phone number. From their mobile phone, users may conduct a reverse phone lookup and learn more about practically any caller. The software includes authentic arrest and criminal records, background checks,…

9. Webmin

With simply, the first and last name, the Webmin app makes it simple to find the people you want. The Webmin – People Search Engine is a fantastic tool for finding out public information about any person. Users can discover each person’s visibility score on the many online platforms in an appealing way. You can use Webmin to find people using the contact list on your mobile device and to see how visible you are in comparison to your friends. You may also…

10. Infotracer

The Infotracer app puts a wealth of information at your fingertips, including arrest records, social media accounts, photos, marriage and divorce records, and much more. You may instantly search public records using this feature to get all the pertinent information anytime you need to. Simply input your first and last names, city, and state, then click the search button to see the results. More than 1 million happy customers use Infotracer.

11. PeopleSmart

. The PeopleSmart app gives you up-to-date contact information so you can crush your numbers and advance your business. No matter what you’re looking for, it lets you find the best prospects for your company. At a far lower cost, contact information can help you expand your company. Utilize our data to accelerate decision-making to the highest level at the lowest possible cost. It enables you to find new contacts and do lead searches in your target market.

Fast People Search Free
Fast People Search Free

12. CheckPeople

Locating all of your desired email addresses, social media information, phone numbers, contact details, and much more on one platform. When searching on CheckPeople, simply enter the first name, last name, city, and state and press the search button to receive immediate results. This is the greatest tool for you to use if you’re seeking information about someone who lives close to you. Get exclusive, real-time information about yourself or another person with the aid of CheckPeople.

13. Pipl

People enable you to correctly manage things by transforming a single point into a trusted identity. One of the top providers of online identification information in the world, it helps fight fraud and expedite investigations. It has a special identity resolution engine that links personal, social, and professional identity data from around the world to provide investigators and analysts with an unrivaled worldwide index of more than 3 billion reliable profiles. A sophisticated and important investigative tool employed by the top universities and…


The only things that distinguish it from other reverse phone search services are its speed and access to some of the most exclusive directories of US public records. Its powerful search capabilities turn out relevant records that fit your needs.

Till then, keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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