‘Field of Dreams’ Baseball Game Was A Ratings Win For Fox With 5.9 Million Viewers And More About!

Fox Sports’ Field of Dreams game with the Major League Baseball was a dream come true.

The New York Yankees vs. Chicago White Sox movie-themed game was the most-watched MLB regular-season game on the network since 2005, according to the network’s announcement.

The game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox on October 1 of that year garnered approximately 5.9 million viewers as well at the time.

The game was held in Dyersville, Iowa, in a field adjacent to a cornfield, just like the scene from the 1989 film starring Kevin Costner, which was released by Universal Pictures. Costner and Yankees and White Sox players in throwback clothes entered the cornfield in a cinematic fashion.

In a dramatic finale, the White Sox defeated the Yankees 9-8. Tim Anderson hit a ninth-inning home run for the White Sox in Thursday’s game. Following the two-run homers by Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in the ninth inning, New York Yankees scored two more runs.

As soon as Stanton struck out to give the Yankees an 8-7 lead, Anderson came to the rescue and saved the White Sox from a nightmare.

Between 8:45 and 9:15 p.m. Eastern time, Fox Sports said that the game had a peak audience of almost 6 million people, and the top markets outside of Chicago and New York were St. Louis, Kansas City, and Hartford, Conn.
According to Sports Business Journal, a Fox Sports exec predicted that the network would set a new record for sales from any regular-season MLB game shown on the network. However, the executive chose not to provide a dollar amount.

Ad analytics data firm EDO founder and CEO Kevin Krim noted that brands garnered NFL-like impressions around search. During athletic events, EDO uses analytics to track consumer interest in certain brands and products, as well as sales.

NBCUniversal’s parent business, NBC Sports Group, is one of the firm’s major clients.

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Hyundai’s 30-second ad, which aired during the Field of Dreams game, garnered 35,000 more searches in the minutes following its showing, according to Krim. This would be a great amount for a Thursday night football matchup, according to Krim, who also said the NFL games bring an average of 43,000 searches for car advertising on those nights.

According to Krim, athletic events like the MLB’s Field of Dreams game and the NHL’s Winter Classic appeal to marketers looking to be “creative.” According to him, “It certainly helps the networks to come up with something new.” In the off-season, it’s a good way to make money.

The fact that there were two highly ranked teams in the game contributed as well. Even though the Yankees are only seven games out of first place, the White Sox lead the AL Central by 11.5 games. For one thing, the NBA’s Summer League and NFL preseason games were the sole competition for MLB this year.

The 2020 Field of Dreams game was initially scheduled to feature a White Sox-Cardinals matchup but was postponed because of the pandemic.

Andy Dolich, a former executive vice president of the Oakland Athletics, remarked, “This is the type of presentation that MLB should do all the time.” “It demonstrates baseball’s narrative ability. “You should look to annualize it but not overdo it whenever you can present an event and capture people’s attention from all levels, which that did.”

Field of Dreams Game

In all, there were 7,832 people in attendance, with some premium tickets going for as much as $10,000. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced that another Field of Dreams game will take place in 2022 if there is no work stoppage in the league.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred remarked, “I think the reception this event has received has been so tremendous that we will be back.”

Until then, we’ll have to speak about whether or not we’ll be returning next year.” But it’s been such a huge success, that it’s difficult to pass up the chance to do it again.

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