Top 10 Apps Like Hago – Chat, Live, Game in [Updated 2022]

Do you adore socializing with friends? If so, why not adopt Hago, the greatest POKO substitute. Hago has amassed over 100 million views, making it the most popular app worldwide.

The program is available for download if you want to participate in entertaining games, voice chats with pals, and video conversations. The live streaming options could elevate your gaming experience.

In addition, the game offers over 100 other games to play in a variety of modes, such as the following 1v1 matches, group chat games, and more. If you don’t have pals, don’t waste time making your bespoke rooms when you can join millions of rooms right away.


  • Group Chat
  • Thousands of Chat Rooms
  • 100+ Games
  • Exciting Stream Rooms
  • Different Topics

Alternatives to Hago-Talk

1. TopTop-Online Mak-ha

Everyone is aware of the popularity of social media apps, but what if you could experience these apps with online gaming features? We are aware that Messenger now has a gaming part where you can play with friends while having fun; similarly, on TopTop-Online Mak-ha, you can play hundreds of various games while chatting and other gamers. Nowadays, setting up rooms isn’t a big concern because you can enjoy yourself with a select group of pals. Whether or whether you…

2. HAGO Lite

If your computer’s specifications don’t match those of Hago-Talk, don’t worry—the same developer has already created a lightweight version of the program. It has more than 100 well-known games and offers the chance to meet new people while playing online games. The game offers a variety of easy and challenging activities, as well as the option of live combat. You can find people from the places of your choice while you play games.

3. Bunch: Group Video Chat and Party Games

Do you enjoy playing video games with friends and random players? If so, Bunch was created with you in mind. Unquestionably, it offers the first group video chat feature for multiplayer games and enables you to collaborate with pals over videos before entering a game. The fact that the game brings your friends and family near to you makes it appropriate to refer to it as a house party. The Bunch consists of the following video games, among them Bunch…

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4. Plato: Games, Chat, and Friends

If you’re one of the players looking for apps similar to POKO, we have Plato for you. One of the top social gaming and chat apps for connecting gamers, it does its job well. Over 45 group games are being played on Plato by millions of users worldwide. Checkers, basketball, skeeball, match dragons, ludo, and more are some of the popular games. There is an in Plato games chat & pals.

5. Yubo

Yubo is a social entertainment mobile application that combines chat, games, and entertaining components to keep gamers interested for countless hours of entertainment. The integration of fresh features elevates your gaming experience here to the point where you can access hundreds of features on your palm. You can meet people who share your interests and get in touch with old friends by using the swipe feature. It provides nonstop entertainment and an opportunity to share your priceless experiences…

6. TIYA-Voice Chat Platform for Global Gamers

TIYA is an Android and iOS social gaming app created by TIYA PTE, LTD. It functions as a social voice network where you may meet thousands of individuals from across the world, make friends, and have fun. Decide on your interest and gender before opening the app, and then start looking for players for online multiplayer games. It is the best POKO app substitute. The app allows you to search for organizations and…

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7. CuteMeet

The time when you would write letters to your pals to share your opinions has long since passed. Old traditions are being replaced by new technologies every day. Although speaking with friends and playing games are separate tasks that may be accomplished with separate apps, everything is now available within one app thanks to the release of CuteMeet for Android and iOS. You’re invited to join a group of people to make new friends with a group of millions of people.

8. Sociable

It doesn’t matter when POKO is operational or has been discontinued because Sociable can be used in its place. Skylb, Inc. developed the. For gamers who enjoy chatting with others while playing multiplayer games, there is an app called Sociable. You can meet people nearby to communicate with, play games with, and do other things thanks to its wide range of services. You may stay in touch with friends and important people using Sociable. Share…

Games Like Hago

9. Kito

The approach we meet has to alter as a result of technology. Everything can now be done on your phone. Kito is accessible for you to fulfil your thirst for experiencing fun with friends and strangers, whether you’re searching for the greatest place to eat food or people to hang out with. PITA Network connects you with new acquaintances from all around the world while introducing Kito to gamers that enjoy playing Ludo games. You get rewarded with…

10. POKO – Play with New Friends

If you’re feeling lonely and don’t currently have any pals, we offer something that can help you meet new people while playing a range of games.

The top mobile social gaming app, Poko, pits you against other users in mini-games to score the most points. Not only are you permitted to talk with other users, but you can also add them to your buddy list and engage in conversation with them to pass the time. You may also invite your friends.

If you wish to take part in amusing games, telephone chat with friends, and video talks, you can download the programme. Your game experience can be improved by the live streaming alternatives.

It is now time to conclude… Keep an eye on for additional future developments.

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