13 Best Games Like Slither.io [Update 2022]

Are you a fan of both the video game Slither.io? If you enjoy this game and want to play more like it, there is a selection of games you will enjoy. Slither.io may be played on both Android and iOS, in addition to the web. Simply entering your pseudonym, you can have access to a universe filled with large and little snakes controlled by players from across the world.

Avoid colliding with other snakes and live as long as possible to perform at your peak. The game delivers a Slither. io-like experience with an intriguing snake twist. Consume orbs to increase your speed and reduce your mass. Do you wish to play this game?


  • MMO
  • Open-ended
  • Challenge Friends
  • Meet New Players
  • Control a Worm
  • Eat Orbs
  • Different Worm Species

Similar Games to Slither.io

1. Snake Hunting Online IO

Fantasy Game Box has developed the free strategy, multiplayer, and single-player video game Snake Hunting Online IO. In this game, participants assume the role of a snake and compete to become the longest. The player’s little snake can be maneuvered over the playing surface using the touch control or joystick. Due to its online function, gamers can play online with their friends and other players from across the world. The players have access to a leaderboard that displays…

2. Worm. is

Oh! There is yet another game with a slight variation. If you are looking for games similar to Agar.io, I recommend this one because the gameplay is similar but the character you control with the mouse is different. In this game, you control a snake and attempt to complete your objective. Grow from a little base to live. First, avoid other snakes, then consume pellets and grow in size. Once you reach a certain size, begin consuming…

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3. Limax.io

Limax.io seems to be a puzzle game designed for fans of Agar.io. The game places you in an open setting filled with numerous large snakes. Your objective is to begin as small snakes and grow taller and larger by consuming pellets. Avoid other players with the same objective as you and avoid colliding with them to save your life and live longer. If you come into contact with any portion of another snake, you will transform into sparkling orbs and become food for another snake. Collect…

4. Dogar

There is another game with gameplay quite similar to Agar.io. If you enjoy playing agar.io, you will adore Dogar. In this game, you control your cheerful Agar-like avatar with a mouse, performing the same task as in agar.io. Take start from tiny and become larger by eating time and orbs. Take your time when you’re experiencing difficulty and avoid large cells to advance in the game. You can access the game on…

5. Supersnake.io

Agar.io’s sibling game is Supersnake.io, which offers a wide variety of games that are strikingly similar to Agar.io. Agar.io and Supersnake.io are two separate games, but they both have the same goal: to consume orbs and expand in size to progress in the background. In addition to the fantastic features, the game is a…

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6. Agarp. CO

On our list of games like Agar.io, this is the second most similar title. Agar.io’s idle game Agarp. co-features comparable aesthetics, gameplay, and mechanisms. Agar.io has a devoted following, of which we know you are one. It’s a basic game, but it’s addictive. Once a person begins playing, he or she becomes completely absorbed in the experience. Here are a few games that are quite comparable to Agar.io in terms of how they make you feel. There are many other people in the game, so you won’t be playing all by yourself…

7. Mitos. is

Multiple platforms are supported, including Android, Steam, Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS for Mitos. Thousands of people from across the country were able to compete in a vast playing area. Eat orbs to develop into a gigantic cell that is unstoppable, then take over the world. Avoid colliding with other cells at the beginning, as doing so will force you to convert into colored orbs and restart the game from the beginning. There are…

8. Dots Eater Battle Online

When it comes to games like Agar.io, Dots Eater Battle Online is an Android video game that combines elements like MMO and Puzzle. Simply start as a small smiley face, devour dots, and grow into an enormous monster to impress your friends. There are thousands of other players with similar objectives in the game, so you’re not alone. Start with smaller cells and work your way up.

9. Snake.io

Snake.io is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a game that’s similar to Slither.io. It offers stunning visuals and immersive audio, all while allowing you to slither through an adorable snake-themed world on your smartphone or tablet. Like Slither.io, your ultimate goal is to live as long as possible. Challenge your pals to a game of big worm and see who can emerge victorious. As one of the best, it’s widely accepted.

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10. Superhero Slither Combat 3D Game

Free to download and play, Silver Sword’s Superhero Slither Combat 3D is an action, adventure, and multiplayer video game. When playing this game, players take on the role of snakes and must consume all of their enemies to be crowned champions. Players can choose from a variety of spider, iron, and superhero captain skins for their snake. To set your snake apart from the rest, consider using skins from animals such as pigs, cats, and dogs. This game’s user interface is straightforward…

Games Like Slither.io

11. New Snake Zone WoAdd New: io

Developed by Aksa Studio, New Snake Zone Worm: io is a free adventure, single-player, and networked game. In this game, players take on the role of snakes tasked with growing in length through the consumption of dots. With practice and a lot of dots, players become snake-like creatures at the beginning of the game. People from all over the world can play this game because of its simple interface. It’s a kind of…

12. Slither Battle

Music Avengers created Slither Battle, a free-to-play adventure, multiplayer, plus single-player game. The goal of this game is to live in a snake-infested arena while picking out the best worms. The players need to be on their guard because they may not know what is going to happen next.

If the head of your snake comes into contact with another snake’s, the game is over. But if other snakes come into contact with the player’s snake, they will perish…

To perform at your top, avoid interacting with other snakes. With a snake-themed spin on Slither.io gameplay, this game gives a unique gaming experience. Increase the speed and lessen your weight by eating orbs. Is this something you’d like to do…

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