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One of the funniest yet realistic methods of tricking your pals who frequently use computers is provided by You may play fun online pranks and use Windows XP using this website. All you have to do is access this page while they are gone from their computer and then wait till they come back to get their response.

This will replace their modern computers and devices with a Windows 7 interface that will halt when a click is made. Dos, FBI Lock, Matrix Rain, TV Noise, Jurassic Park, Virus, iOS, News, and more, in addition to these. You may prank programmers, gamers, freelancers, and other computer nerds in your social circle using this website.


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Sites Like

1. The Useless Web

The Useless Web is a platform of websites that aids users in discovering a useless website that will enable them to get rid of tedious tasks and pass time without looking for anything. Fun-lovers do best on pointless websites, where they can spend as much time as they like without having to keep track of the passing of the hours. You can explore these websites on your device to get to a sufficient location.

2. GeekTyper

A program called GeekTyper, which is available for all kinds of devices, enables users to demonstrate their programming prowess to others and stand out from the crowd. On the Google Play store, you can quickly get this fantastic software that offers hundreds of functions, such as photos and visual effects. But because using this program to hack is not 100% secure, you must use it carefully to prevent getting into problems.

3. Hacks

A website called Hacks allows you to build a fake computer screen and play practical jokes on other people. This website merely deceives users with its amazing appearance rather than stealing any information from them. The most significant characteristic of this platform is its concealed message that can only be decoded by authentic hackers. Anyone can use this application because it is free to download. It also increases users’ self-assurance to have…

4. fediafedia

A fun way to advance as a professional hacker is through fediafedia (that you only pretend for fun). enables you to enjoy everything flawlessly through a variety of scenarios, including 3D viewers, updated screens, screenwriters, geek type, and more. ScreenStyler, FakeUpdate, Omnimo, SteamCustomizer, GeekTyper, and other tools are some of what it offers. To prank your friends, all you have to do is visit the website and select an item from the selection. If you want to hack using realistic hacking…


5. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty is a fun arcade game that you can play whenever you want and for as many hours as you like. This is a tidy website with a flying (stick to the bottom), and a crazy worm that follows the cursor’s movements. When you move it quickly, a flashing image and loud music start playing until the cursor stops moving. Thousands of people all across the world enjoy playing it in their leisure time, and…

6. Human Benchmark

With its very entertaining brain games and cognitive tests, Human Benchmark offers a fun way to gauge your talents. Human Benchmark not only assesses your mental state but also provides you with the most effective means of enhancing your capacity for learning and thought. Engaging in mental exercises that also sharpen your reflexes and encourage expansive thinking can help you gauge your abilities efficiently. Along with many other play modes, a response time tool is available to assess your reaction time. a few of them…

7. EssayTyper

When customers don’t have the time to complete their work or class projects, they can use the writing site EssayTyper to create essays. Users input the name of the subject they want the narrative to be written about, and the platform generates default user articles. The system functions. When a user types the title of their piece, a button that brings them to a new page is activated. On this page, starting is accomplished by pressing one keyboard button.

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8. Weave Silk

Weave Silk is a platform for interactive, generative art that lets you draw anything you like and gives you the option to save your creations for later use. You can take away as many items as you like, but the most important thing is that students can use this software to actualize their ideas and develop their creativity all across the world. Its user interface is so simple to use that it includes a straightforward menu bar with a straightforward setup and offers the ability to…

9. Online Hacker Simulator

Do you have ever dream of being the world’s top hacker? If yes, consider your fantasy realized because Online Hacker Simulator allows you to pretend to be a hacker and mimic various programs while collecting private data. Director, Terminal, Transfer, Scripts, and Encryptor options will be shown on your screen as soon as it launches. In addition, you may customize your website using the following options: Colors, Fonts, Windows, Text, Animation Speed, and more. …

10. HackerTyper

You may make all of your hacker fantasies into a fictitious reality by using the entertaining, free HackerTyper website. You can use your keyboard to type hacking codes using this browser-based program. The website is also ideal for individuals looking to impress their peers with their knowledge of hacking. One of the site’s most intriguing features is that it provides hundreds of phony hacking code templates that you can save and distribute to pals using only one click.

Conclusion is one of the most entertaining yet practical tricks for deceiving your friends that frequently use computers. This website allows you to use Windows XP and play amusing online pranks.

Now it’s time to end… stay tuned to for more future updates.

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