There Are 6 Sites Like Geotastic That You Can Play on in 2022

Geotactic is one of the best PVP battles geography quiz games in the world, and it is free. This free crowdfunded multi-user geo quiz app. This gratis geo quiz app is easy to use and keeps adding additional features and stuff so you can enjoy things the same way everyone else does.

A lot of people also want to know if Geotastic is underwater or not. Geotactic is up and running well, so there’s no need to stress or look for other options. To get things going, you can either sign up on Geotastic or register on Geotactic. There are also many Geotastic community events that you can enjoy while taking part in them.


  • Multiplayer focused
  • Free to use
  • Play with friend
  • Geotactic community events

Geotactic Alternatives

1. PlayGeography

PlayGeography is a fun way to learn about the world’s geography while playing entertaining games on a very good screen. PlayGeography has a lot of fun Earth science Map Games that will help you learn geography efficiently and simply. These fun games give you questions about the World, Europe, the 50 The Us, Africa, Japan, Canada, North America, Central And south, and many other places. You can learn about the geography of many countries, but you can also…

2. Zoomtastic

Zoomtastic is a fun game that you can play on your cell phone or tablet to learn about the world’s geography. Zoomtastic is a fun collection of games that helps you wonderfully learn about geography. You can have fun with cities, learn geography, sign up for said closed beta, and think about things from a country you don’t know much about. During the game, a clean map with a 30-second countdown will appear on the screen. The map slowly zooms out…

3. City Guesser

Downtown area Guesser helps you to identify where hidden places are and guess cities through fun games. Use the most interesting platform to explore and learn about the world and enjoy things easily. You can just wander around the world and get interested in signboards, people, cars, and other things. Constrict down the criteria by only looking in the area you want to look in, and you’ll get the perfect score. City Question asker makes it so much easier to look around…

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4. study

the study helps you understand where countries are, what their flags look like, what their capitals are, and much more. This will help you learn more about geography. The study – Language Arts Quiz app is a fun approach to strengthening your memory and learning about different countries. With this app, you can easily learn more about geography and teach your brain while having fun studying world maps. StudyGe’s Economies, Capitals, and Flags Pattern App have a world map with 229 countries and capitals.

5. Seterra

Seterra makes it easy to study geography, whether you’re getting ready for a test or writing a thesis about your topography projects. Seterra Geography is a fun way to learn about the world’s geography and a good way to learn more about it. Geography fans have been having fun with and learning from this popular desktop and online guide quiz for years. There are a lot of great categories to help you learn hidden and unfamiliar facts about geography without getting bored. …


6. GeoGuessr

Have you ever wished you could see a random street view of the whole world? Here, individuals have to figure out where they are on the map based on what they can see. When it came out in 2013, its developer added a game feature that puts you in one of five pre-set places around the world. You can use the Google Street Camera to look at the roads, streets, and some other paths in these places. GeoGuessr doesn’t tell you anything besides the streets…

A lot of people are also curious about whether or not Geotastic is underwater. And no need to worry or look for other possible choices because Geotactic is fully operational well. Either simply register on Geotastic or create an account on Geotactic to get things going…

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