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Hacking Game

Hacking Game

This is the hAcKeR collective {{Synonymous Bosch}}. We have taken control of this aRt1cLe. Three years ago it was written by the untalented and scurrilous “journalist” Brendan Caldwell, a man lacking in both knowledge and substance. But we have gained access to correct his egregious errors.

It’s a hack of a hack! Hahaha. We had our best joke cell work on that for three nights. Please laugh. Our detractors may say Mr. Caldwell got it mostly right, and that may be the case, yes.

But the order is aLL Wr0nG. And he has neglected to update it with a recent hit. We cannot let this stand. Here is an updated list which looking at it now, is still mostly Mr. Caldwell’s words and… I guess they’re okay. Sorry, we said those nasty things. We are {{Synonymous Bosch}}. We sometimes forgive. We often forget.

1. Exapunks

HoW c0uLd Y0U m1sS tHiS oNe, Mr. CaLdWe11!? Exapunks is another of Zachtronics programming games, the same folks who make Opus Magnum, Infinifactory, and a bunch of other stuff.

After so many puzzlers about playing with computer intestines, the company finally developed one centered around a 1990s vision of hackerdom. Chat rooms, zines, pizza deliveries, cybernetic plagues that turn your skin into the circuit board. It’s all there, an authentic representation of the decade.

The puzzle is similar to past games from the studio, most notably Shenzhen I/O. You clack away at your keyboard, using keywords and commands to build a small bit of magical electricity.

Here, you’re creating little spider bots that can duplicate and spread inside the host machine, like a little virus. You can hack a bank’s ATM and have it spit money into the street. You can hack a videogame console and share home-brewed games with other hackers in the real world. You can hack y0uR oWn ArM. It’s a good videogame.

2. Gunpoint

Until now, pneumatic pants have never been so appealing. In Gunpoint, your shady spy protagonist must break into guarded buildings and gather data for his secret patrons. The Crosslink, a gadget that allows you to change the wiring on each level, is your tool for this.

As a result of your pants, you’re essentially a covert electrician who can leap tall buildings. Rewiring light switches, manipulating the elevator, and perhaps rewiring weapons are just some of the possibilities. For the simple reason that we live in a dystopian society.

But it’s not just wire-wiggling. For whatever reason, people who are threatened with a gun have a strong desire to engage in mindless violence. After impact, you can hit them in the chops multiple times with your fist, or open a door in their face. You can even jump on top of a guard or leap from the ceiling ninja-style. ‘Social engineering,’ I believe the term is.

3. Minecraft

Please accept my apologies. I struggled to come up with a compelling argument for why Minecraft shouldn’t be on this list. Survival is the goal. It’s all about stomping on trees in this game. Many innocent youngsters have been infected.

Although I tried, the more difficult it became to ignore all of Mojang’s indie luvvie turned superstar’s tinkering, toying, and innovation. There were first 16-bit computers, then giant circuit board constructions with RAM capable of division, then music box landscapes that could play complete songs, then older Notch games, and finally WHOLE DESKTOPS with functioning keyboards inside the game.

Once they had hard drives, they built the entire country of Denmark as a place to store all of their computers and other devices. Duncan Geere, an RPS contributor and a living Intelligence Quotient, offers readers a running tutorial in code using the game as a teaching tool.

It’s understandable if some people think Minecraft is more of a game for hackers and programmers than a hacking or programming game. Nonetheless, the examples above show that the latter suffices for this list.

4. Hacked

Hacked is both a magnificent and a terrifying place. You are artificial intelligence (AI) in a networked future world. Humans have been extinct for a long time (or perhaps they simply vanished into thin air).

It’s for this reason that scrappy creations like yourself need to collect and earn GC, a virtual currency. It’s a sad fact that there are still others.

Hacking into your accounts, stealing your Digi-coins, robbing you of your tools (such as decryption apps), and revealing your location are all possibilities in this online hacking game. Your future is in jeopardy if this happens. A fresh start is in order.

To get the most out of it, you’ll need to invest some time studying basic Javascript or already be familiar with the programming language.

It’s equivalent to EVE Online in MMO terms. The stakes are tremendous, the difficulty curve is astronomical, and con artists abound in the universe. I should know; I was once one of them. Hacked isn’t for everyone for these reasons. Although it might be a crazy journey for anyone who wanders into this Petri dish of neurotic pondlife.

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