Is Jane Pauley Sick: Early Life, Awards, And Most Details!

Is Jane Pauley Sick: Most of the 7 million Americans who suffer from bipolar disorder are identified before 24. On the other hand, Jane Pauley did very fine until she was 50. I didn’t have the bipolar disorder until I was 49. The now-68-year-old host of CBS Sunday Morning said as much on CBS This Morning when asked about his youthful self.

Pauley claimed her doctor diagnosed her with bipolar disorder after prescribing steroids to alleviate rashes.

She said on air during “Stop the Stigma” mental health week with Gayle King, Anthony Mason, and Tony Dokoupil, “It unmasked what doctors called a hereditary sensitivity to a mood disorder, and by that time I was in fairly severe difficulty.”

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Pauley claims that she underwent a “change” that caused her formerly consistent cheerful and joyful disposition to become more erratic.

To paraphrase, “I got better and felt a lot better, and then I felt terrific and started having plans and other behaviors that my spouse didn’t know who I was,” she added. The doctor called my husband and said, “Your wife is unwell.” after realizing, “Oh, I know what’s going on here; this is serious.” And Gary [Trudeau] almost felt better, thinking, “Oh, maybe someone can help get my wife back now.”

In 2001, Pauley withdrew from public view and stayed in a mental health facility for three weeks. Her doctor had advised her to devise a guise so she wouldn’t have to disclose her bipolar disorder, but she ignored his advice.

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“That first day, day one, when I discovered that my doctor was providing me a cover story to tell employers that I was being treated for a thyroid condition, was the only time in my life that I faced stigma, and we are closing in on 20 years. That was partly true, but not the whole truth,” she clarified.

Pauley says she disagrees with CBS This Morning’s “Stop the Stigma” theme, although agreeing that there is a stigma attached to mental illness.

Words can change the world, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a communicator, it’s that. Even the word “stigma” carries a negative connotation, as she pointed out. “… When you use the word “stigma,” you remind me that I am engaged in a dual conflict. I already have significant disease, and now I have to fight this front. I hope that we can combat the genuine problem of stigma by using sophisticated strategies.

What is Jane Pauley’s Net Worth and Salary?

Television broadcaster and published author Jane Pauley has an estimated $40 million in wealth. Since 1972, Jane Pauley has worked as a journalist. She first came to prominence as Barbara Walters’ replacement on “Today” on NBC and later served as co-anchor of “Dateline NBC” from 1992 until 2003. Pauley’s resume includes “CBS Sunday Morning” and “The Jane Pauley Show,” which she once hosted.

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Jane Pauley Early Life

Jane Pauley
Jane Pauley

Margaret Jane Pauley gave birth to Jane Pauley on Halloween in 1950 in Indianapolis, Indiana, to parents Mary and Richard. Her older sister Ann was always the one she looked up to. Pauley attended Warren Central High School and became a speech and debate champion. She pursued a degree in political science at Indiana University, Bloomington. Pauley earned his bachelor’s degree in 1972.

Jane Pauley Personal Life

Pauley married “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau in 1980, and the couple now has three grown children and two grandchildren. Pauley is active in the business community as a member of the board of directors for the Children’s Health Fund in New York City and the Mind Trust, an Indianapolis-based educational advocacy group. In 2009, Pauley had a community health center in Indianapolis named after her: the Jane Pauley Community Health Center.

Jane Pauley Awards and Honors

Pauley’s career has been punctuated by several awards and recognitions. Among the many awards she has received are the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism and the Paul White Award for Lifetime Contribution to Electronic Journalism from the Radio and Television News Directors Association.

The Edward R. Murrow Award for Outstanding Achievement and the first-ever international Matrix Award from the Association for Women in Communications. Pauley also has Daytime Emmys from 2015 and 2019 to her name.

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Jane Pauley Career Beginnings

After three years at WISH-TV in Indianapolis, Pauley joined NBC Chicago affiliate WMAQ-TV as co-anchor alongside Floyd Kalber. Pauley made history in Chicago by becoming the first woman to co-anchor a significant evening newscast on a major network when this happened.

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