Julia Haart Net Worth 2022: Early Life, Career, Education, Biography and More Update!

If you’ve seen My Unorthodox Life, the latest reality show on Netflix, you know who Julia Haart is. The show is about her personal and professional life, and she is the main character. The heart runs Elite World Group as its CEO.

But she and her husband, Silvio Scaglia, own the group together. If you want to learn more about her life and how much money she has, you are in the right place. Here is all the information you need about Julia Haart.

Julia Haart Net Worth 

Net Worth: $10 Million
Age: 51
Born: April 11, 1971
Country of Origin: Russia
Source of Wealth: Fashion Designer, Entrepreneurship
Last Updated: 2022

The Elite World Group, which belongs to Julia Haart, was worth $1 billion last year. Because of this, every year her net worth drops by $500 million. Many rumors and reports say that she makes $2 million a year at the company.

Julia Haart Height, Weight, And Age 

The star of a reality TV show is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 50 kilograms. She’s fifty, even though her good looks might make you think she’s younger. My heart keeps getting better as time goes on.

Julia Haart Early Life  and Biography

Hart was born in Moscow, Russia, and her parents moved to New York when she was three years old. By the time she was 11, her town had become very strict, and her mother had given birth to seven more kidTheirThe heart was interested in fashion design when she was young, and by the time she was sixteen, she knew how to sew clothes. Heart learned how to do this by looking at fashion magazines. A heart changed her name to Talia when she turned 18.

Julia Haart Net Worth

Julia Haart Personal Life 

Heart just got married to the Italian business owner Silvio Scaglia. In 2019, they both got married. Heart, on the other hand, is getting married for the second time. The first time, she was married to a yeshiva student. Her first marriage gave her four children.

Scaglia is an Italian tech and media entrepreneur who started the company Fastweb. He owns the company. It is an Italian phone company. Of course, he and his wife are also co-owners of the Elite World Group.

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Heart left the orthodox community in 2013, so she changed her name back to Julia. She worked on her brand during this time, and in the same year, she started a shoe company. The main goal was to make shoes for women that were stylish and comfortable.

Things went from bad to worse, and she started working with well-known brands. She came up with the La Perla Manor runway show only four years ago. The heart also made Kendall Jenner’s Met Gala Dress in the same year.

Now, she works with her husband as CEO of the Elite World Group and also stars in a reality TV show. Only time will tell what she does next.


Haart’s first job was at Yeshiva Atlanta, where he taught Judaic Studies. She then began to make shoes that were both comfortable and stylish. She worked with La Perla on their Spring and Fall 2016 accessory lines, and the company named her the brand’s creative director.

Heart launched a new approach to ready-to-wear and for the company.  She is also known for her 2017 Met Gala dress designed for Kendall Jenner. The gown consisted of 85,000 crystals affixed to a single string.

Silvio Scaglia was named CEO and CCO of Elite World Group, which is a group of talent media companies, in 2019. (EWG). Three years later, she was fired, and Paolo Barbieri took over as Group CEO.

It is thought that Julia Haart’s net worth will be around $10 million in 2022.

Julia Is The CEO of a Thriving People Management Firm

“As a part-owner of Elite World Group, I… When I took over the company in 2018, it was worth $90 million. Now, just two years later, it’s worth over $1 billion, according to a quote from Julia in Women’s Health.

EWG makes up about half of her total net worth because she is a co-owner. The “talent media” company works with more than 5,000 performers, artists, models, and other types of people. Some of the names mentioned are Kendall Jenner, Iman, and Irina Shayk.)

Julia also says that her organization helps its famous clients use social media to keep a healthy and stable careers after they leave the fashion industry. WH says that if you have a story to tell and people are interested and like you, “I’ll make money off of it.” So that we can help build an army of women who can support themselves financially and stay in their jobs for a long time.

Julia’s husband, Silvio Scaglia, is a member of Elite World Group’s board of directors. He also works there. Trend Net Worth says that as CEO, she makes more than $2 million a year, or $400,000 a month.


Julia Haart is a successful fashion designer, business owner, and author from the United States. It is thought that Julia Haart’s net worth will be around $10 million in 2022.

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