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Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date Status, Plot & Alternative Information!

kingdom Hearts 4

Kingdom Hearts 4: The lengthy intervals between mainstream releases are nothing new to fans of the Kingdom Hearts video games. Following Kingdom Hearts II on the PlayStation 2, the series drifted off into spinoffs, and the PS3 generation never received a genuine sequel. The long-awaited climax to what we would later learn was the Dark Seeker Saga finally arrived in 2019 for us. However, in classic Kingdom Hearts fashion, Sora, Riku, Kairi, and all of their Disney and Final Fantasy companions’ stories did not finish with the conclusion of the narrative. A boss, a hidden ending, and DLC all spoke to the coming of a new era. The only remaining uncertainty was how long it would be before we learned what it would be.

The majority of fans didn’t anticipate seeing the entire revelation of Kingdom Hearts IV at the 20th-anniversary celebration of Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts IV is a real, direct continuation of where Kingdom Hearts III seemed to end, not a side narrative, prequel, interlude, or dream. Square Enix did not just acknowledge the game’s existence; a complete trailer was also displayed. Despite being brief, this video is jam-packed with facts and ideas for conjecture. Although the entire picture is still unclear, we have so far revealed all the mysteries to share what we know about Kingdom Hearts IV and the new Lost Master Arc.

kingdom hearts Release date

The fact that no release date was announced for Kingdom Hearts IV is a major letdown. There isn’t even a timeframe for when Square Enix anticipates this game to be available. But we can make some educated guesses. We firmly believe that this game won’t be released before 2024. On the one hand, the gameplay in the trailer appears to be real (though obviously early). On the other hand, there are rumors that the game will eventually switch from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. Even while it’s reportedly not too tough, the transfer will certainly take some time and encounter some difficulties. In any case, it wouldn’t be the first time we received a trailer for a Kingdom Hearts game a very long time before it was officially released.

Kingdom Hearts IV Plot 

In the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, Sora is seen awakening in Quadratum and encountering Strelitzia, a significant figure from Kingdom Hearts Union X. Strelitzia is a member of the Dandelions, the group that would succeed the Foretellers, and one of the Union’s leaders after the First Keyblade War. She is ready to reveal the world’s truth to the player in the mobile game when she is murdered by an enigmatic stranger. Strelitzia tells Sora that since his appearance in the city seven days ago, he has been sleeping. It is unclear why she is in Quadratum.

Our initial glance at KH4 might also point to a connection to the world of The World Ends With You. So far, Sora has reached Shibuya several times, and each time he enters, the viewer is shown Shibuya’s 104 building, a building that is only there in the universe of The World Ends With You.

The Master of Masters and the remaining Organization XIII members will both have considerably bigger roles to play, to start. The Master of Masters, an enigmatic and presumably old figure who may have been orchestrating events all along, was shown to be somehow connected to Luxord in the secret ending of ReMind, making him an even worse villain than Xehanort. The Master of Master and his disciple Luxu, who is now known to be Xigbar, can be seen as two shrouded characters in the trailer.

In the trailer’s concluding image, Donald and Goofy are shown stumbling through the night in quest of what appears to be Hades. Due to his knowledge of the underworld and the afterlife, the two might be looking for Hades in order to learn how to bring Sora back. Given that Strelitzia informs Sora in the trailer to use Quadratum, this seems very feasible. But I suppose it’s like a ‘afterworld’ for you and me.

Kingdom Hearts IV Platforms

kingdom Hearts 4
Kingdom Hearts 4

Platforms have not yet been disclosed for Kingdom Hearts IV. The Kingdom Hearts series has often only been available on the PlayStation, however, Kingdom Hearts III debuted on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, followed by the Switch and PC. It appears like the purpose of releasing the entire series to these new platforms was to build up those audiences for a new Kingdom Hearts IV. Previous games in the series have also recently been ported to Xbox and PC.

Although we won’t know for sure until later, we believe that this may easily release on all platforms at the same time or very soon after, even streaming to Switch. Other than that, this ought to be a current-gen only title. We should have fully devoted current-gen titles by the time this game launches, which should be at least two years from now for the PS4 and Xbox One.


Kingdom Hearts 4

Even while it can be a little difficult to believe given how fantastic it looked, a significant portion of the clip was at least created to appear to be gameplay. We anticipate many adjustments between this and the finished product, but it is safe to predict that there will be significant developments. As anticipated, Nomura has confirmed that, at least initially, the hub of this game would be the apartment in Quadratum where we find Sora resting. This neighborhood is located in Minami-Aoyama, a different portion of the city than Shibuya.

First off, the slow-motion movement from Kingdom Hearts III and Dream Drop Distance is returning, but it’s smoother than ever. To maneuver around the urban environment, Sora leaps, flips, slides, and even utilizes his Keyblade as a grappling hook. It appears that Quicktime events—or rather response commands—are making a comeback. Sora turns his Keyblade into a drill to deflect the gigantic heartless’ attack, giving us a hint that shape transformations will also be returning. He then launches the drill like a missile.

Despite the fact that we are unable to witness the fight’s conclusion, its scope and spectacle appear to be unparalleled. The UI is also visible on the screen, although it appears to be a placeholder at this time because it is exactly like the one in Kingdom Hearts III. We apologize if there is anything exciting on the UI since we are unable to read any of the material there.

The only other world we see except Quadratum is that particular wooded region. One peculiar aspect of a river image that closely resembles the foot of an AT-AT, the mechanical marching tanks from the Star Wars saga, was picked up on by curious spectators. Even though it is a Disney product, it would be the first time the Kingdom Hearts series has collaborated with that franchise. Although no worlds outside of Quadratum have been revealed, it is still conceivable that Sora might obtain his first lightsaber Keyblade. Look to the upper right of the screenshot shown above to make your own determination.

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There shouldn’t be any multiplayer options in Kingdom Hearts IV. Only the offshoot games in the series actually have them, and even then, they were limited to minigames and arena challenges. We hope that the series stays loyal to its roots, which have always been the plot, the people, and the adventure. We’d prefer a pure, concentrated single-player experience unless it does include some bizarre side games that have no relevance to or impact on the main tale. However, unless Square Enix acknowledges it in one direction or the other, we can’t be certain.


So yet, the only video we have is the announcement teaser from the 20th-anniversary celebration in Japan. Even so, this brief teaser at the end of a series of trailers packs a lot of interesting information. The direct notification that this is The Lost Master Arc is presented at the beginning of the Kingdom Hearts IV portion. We get some stunning views of the same contemporary city, which was significantly influenced by Tokyo and revealed to be called Quadratum in Kingdom Hearts III’s hidden ending.

A voiceover speaks in the trademark cryptic Kingdom Hearts style, but it’s difficult to identify because it’s in Japanese. The voice, who appears to be speaking to Sora, tells him to leave that world if he becomes too depressed. We then cut to more writing that reads, “The heart rests within the soul, which in turn is guided by fate to its appropriate destination,” as a massive dark mass appears in the sky.

There is a new video of yet another beautifully realistic forest setting with a waterfall and river. For the first time, Sora appears, dozing off on a couch and donning a brand-new attire. He lets a mystery red-haired girl named Strelitzia into his home, and she informs him that he has been sleeping for an entire week since entering that world. Strelitzia is reportedly a significant character in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. She implies that she is not from Quadratum by saying that the earth is like an “after world” for individuals who are similar to them. Tetsuya Nomura made a comment about what this new universe was saying in a Famitsu interview.

According to Sora, the Quadratum is an imaginary universe that is distinct from the real world. The world where Sora and the other characters were, however, is the other side, the fictional world, in the eyes of those who live on the Quadratum side. The difference between persons who are in such distinct circumstances will likely be the project’s central focus, in my opinion. This appears to be referencing to the fact that this realm was depicted in Kingdom Hearts 3 as the imagined setting of a hoax game named Verum Rex inside the Toy Story universe.

The black mass from before reappears, now taking the form of a more horrifying variant of the Darkside opponent from earlier games, scaring the public and lifting cars with eerie powers. As the brave hero he is, Sora charges into battle and summons his fabled Keyblade. The voiceover continues as the battle is ending, and we then see two cloaked figures who are sporting the same dark coats that Organization XIII originally wore. He concludes by warning Sora not to expect to return to his home planet if he decides to leave that one.

We see a little bit more of Donald and Goofy exploring a completely dark world in search of “he,” who they hope can assist them after the title fades. Before a voice asks where they believe they are headed, a blue light sparks behind them, grabbing their attention. The two appear to be scared already, but they get afraid when they turn around and the blue fire turns into a red flame.

Things are tricky in terms of the tale, to be honest. To begin with, The Lost Master Arc, the name of this new story arc, is most likely a reference to The Master of Masters, a Keyblade Master from Kingdom Hearts X. He only made an appearance in the mainstream games at the conclusion of Kingdom Hearts III while wearing a cloak. He wrote something referred to as the Book of Prophecies. We don’t know how this relates to, well, anything.

It is evident that Sora is at Quadratum, at least initially, in order to reconcile with Kairi after their separation at the end of Kingdom Hearts III and the Re: Mind DLC, respectively. But it’s obvious that things won’t proceed as expected. For the time being, all we can hope for is that this new arc will at least somewhat tone down the first one’s excessive complexity.

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