Last Tango in Halifax season 6:Everything Updates!

It’s simple to see why Last Tango in Halifax is one of the most beloved television shows. The story follows senior couple Celia and Alan, who find each other again and marry the knot after knowing each other since school, and their respective daughters, Caroline and Gillian. Season five of the hit show aired back in early 2020, but will there be a season six? Here’s what we know so far…

Will there be a Last Tango in Halifax season six?

While it’s impossible to predict what will happen to the characters in the future because of the lack of official word on the show’s future, Celia and Alan started fighting over helping Gillian with her farm in season five, and Caroline went through a rough patch after considering dating again following the death of Kate, before her ex-girlfriend husband’s Judith tells her she has feelings for her. So, will Caroline’s love life improve in season six, while Alan and Celia’s struggles continue? No telling what the future holds!

Last Tango in Halifax Season 6
Last Tango in Halifax Season 6

Who will be in the cast of Last Tango in Halifax season six?

Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid will likely be reprising their roles as Alan and Celia, alongside Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashire portraying Caroline, and Unforgotten’s Nicola Walker plays Gillian. Meanwhile, Tony Gardner, who plays Caroline’s hapless ex-husband, Josh Bolt, who plays Gillian’s level-headed son Raff, and Ronni Ancona, who plays Judith, will also likely be returning to the season.

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