Lupin Part 3:Updates Released On Netflix Cast And Latest News!

With the evil Pellegrini exposed, Assane is no longer a murder suspect after having previously been framed by his nemesis.

However, Assane still very much remains a wanted man, considering all of those heights and criminal capers, and the last run saw him forced to flee and bid a sad farewell to Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) and his son Raoul (Etan Simon).

Now on November 18, Netflix has shared a tweet of Omar Sy on set as production begins on the new episodes, and let’s just say that our star looks excited to be back.

Lupin fans can rest easy.

Why? Because production has begun on the third installment!

In light of where we left off with Assane Diop in Part 2, we’re just a little giddy.

Then, what can we expect from Part 3? As far as George Kay is concerned, he’s promised a new direction for Lupin when the show returns.

Continue reading for the most up-to-date information, including an estimated return date for the show on Netflix.

Lupin Season 3
Lupin Season 3

Lupin Part 3 Release Date

George Kay, the co-creator of Lupin, recently told that he expected fresh episodes to be available on Netflix in 2022.

During an interview in January 2021, Kay stated: “We’re story-lining that, and I’m certain that will emerge. Unless anything goes wrong, we’ve got every possibility that [Part 3] will be coming out next year… unless there’s a major snafu in the process!”

Expect more Lupin next year if everything goes according to plan!

Lupin Part 3 Trailer

It will be a long before we see the first teaser for Part 3, as filming hasn’t even begun yet. We’ll keep this page updated as soon as we get our first glance at new footage.

This behind-the-scenes film offers unique insights into the production of the first 10 episodes for fans to enjoy.

Lupin Cast

The one cast member who without a doubt will be returning to Lupin is Omar Sy (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jurassic World) as gentleman thief Assane Diop.

We’d also hope and expect to see other of the regular Lupin cast members return, including:

  • Ludivine Sagnier as Claire, Assane’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child
  • Etan Simon as Raoul, the son of Assane and Claire.
  • Antoine Gouy as Benjamin Feral, Assane’s close friend from his school days
  • Soufiane Guerrab as Youssef Guedira, a detective who uses his knowledge of the Arsene Lupin books to hunt Assange
  • Vincent Londez as Captain Romain Laugier, a police captain
  • Shirine Boutella as Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem, a lieutenant detective

There is no word on whether Hervé Pierre and Nicole Garcia will return as Hubert Pellegrini and Anne Pellegrini – while presumably there is still unfinished business between Assane, Hubert and Anne, and Anne’s daughter, Juliette?

Another possibility is that we have come to an end with Babakar and Gabriel Dumont, who were both imprisoned at the end of Part 2 for their involvement in corruption.

Mamadou Haidara as young Assane, Ludmilla Makowski as young Claire, Adrian Valli De Villebonne as young Benjamin, and potentially Léa Bonneau as young Juliette are all possibilities if flashbacks resume in Part 3.

Although J’Accuse was given back to Assane after Benjamin Part 2, he wasn’t there when Benjamin escaped in the last episode, which raises the issue of whether we’ll see him again.

Fortunately, Omar Sy tells EW that Assane’s pampered canine companion was also on board “J’accuse isn’t a concern for you. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got more with her.”

Lupin Part 3 Spoilers

After Hubert Pellegrini was taken into custody, the case against Babakar was closed and Assane was exonerated of murder, as previously described in Part 2. (with Pellegrini having framed him for the killing of his henchman Leonard, played by Adama Niane, earlier in the season).

Even still, the narrative is far from done. In the final scene of Part 2, Assane said his final goodbyes to Claire and his son Raoul while the police were closing in on his location. Although he has been absolved of murder, Assane is still a wanted criminal because of his numerous clever heists.

Assane is likely to be on the run in the third installment, and he may come into a new adversary. Even though the police have the audio of Pellegrini’s confession and his inside man in the department, Dumont, has also been exposed, it’s likely he has additional connections we don’t know about that might help him out of this situation. After all, this isn’t the first time he has evaded justice while in police custody…

Part 3 will have “additional difficulties and complications,” according to George Kay’s January teaser, with Omar Sy “very involved” in helping Assane find his way. An interview with the writer revealed that he is “very active and acute” when it comes to writing about Assane’s journeys through the stories.

Kay recently revealed to Metro that Part 3 would serve as a sort of relaunch for the series. ‘It’ll be a fresh start with new characters, preserving some of the old cast, but with a new branch of characters,’ he said.'”‘

Even though Baker will always be crucial emotional support for Assane, the film won’t center on him as much as it could. This time around, there will be a lot more variety and less attention on Pellegrini.”

Future adventures will no doubt draw inspiration from the Arsène Lupin novels, which serve as the series’ starting point, and could include an appearance from “Herlock Sholmes,” a spoof of Sherlock Holmes who first appeared in the literature as Lupin’s rival.

Because they are fictional characters, “Sherlock Holmes and Herlock Sholmes would not appear in the film,” Kay said, according to Metro. For someone to appear in the role of Sherlock Holmes, it would be like having an Arsène Lupin fan show up as Assane.

Keep track of the newest season’s events by checking out our review of Lupin Part 2 and an explanation of the ending of Lupin Part 2.

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