The 10 Best Multiplayer Video Games Ever Released Detail!

We at the Esquire Gamer Zone want you to know that you are appreciated before you log off for the holidays or the weekend or the night—or even whenever you’re reading this. We can’t know how your loved ones feel about you. That is your prerogative.

However, we hold you in such high regard that when we got down to compiling the final boss of our 2021 Gaming Awards, we realized that we hadn’t gone far enough for you. You’re entitled to more.

With that in mind, we put together a list of our favorite multiplayer games of all time as a follow-up to the awards, which you should read if only to discover who won Best Himbo.

It’s the holiday season, therefore we should be spending more time with those we care about. That’s why we came up with this list in the first place. Although it’s by no means comprehensive, Mario Party is included. It’s merely a token of our gratitude to you.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Oh boy, you melee nerds have your fingers ready to type. That’s right, I love Smash Ultimate. A dirty casual like me is always drawn to new Smash games. But Smash Ultimate is just that: the ultimate smash.

With a roster that is incomparable to any video game crossover we’ve ever seen, chances are even the most casual gamers will find a character they love and can play. Even though the internet would like you to believe otherwise, Smash is and always has been a party game for everyone.


Cowboy, clap your hands. Fortnite is now available. In the beginning, I didn’t like this game because of all the dabbing, but I’ve since come around to love it. Fortnite is one of my favorite video games. Have I got your attention,

sir? It’s fantastic. It’s on repeat at my house. When I first started playing Fortnite, I had no idea how long it would take me to get to this point, but here I am. As a result, this is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games on the market to me. Until we’re down by a significant margin.

Mario Party Superstars

Superstars are the best and brightest and so much more approachable than the legendary Mario Parties, and I know I could have chosen one of those.

The Mario Party we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived with Mario Party Superstars. Classic boards and the best minigames are now available in a new version that includes a slew of usability enhancements. No worries, the Mario Party nonsense is still around, and it’s just as horrible.

Red Dead Online

Have you ever wanted to form a group of buddies and wreak havoc on an innocent fellow gamer’s good time by stealing their horse and riding about on it? You may play Red Dead Redemption 2 online. Sure, you can play any number of co-op adventures helpfully provided by the game. Ultimately, you’re only there to get by.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

If Gauntlet isn’t one of the OGs of a four-player co-op, I don’t know what is. Top-down hack’n’slash title Dark Legacy pushed the boundaries of the genre even further with a growth system and the best soundtrack and announcer lines in gaming history.

There’s nothing like hearing a booming voice assert, “You are greedy” when you know you’ve been playing like a rat hoarding food. Plus, there’s a gigantic, white-bearded sorcerer, so I’m immediately in.

Sea of Thieves

If you thought Mario Party had ruined your friendships, wait till you’ve tried sailing with your fellow crew members. I’m always having a good time on my ship, even though I’m always annoyed by other people’s mistakes.

Sea of Thieves is one of those games to which I can truly say there is no other like it. There are adventures, krakens, ship fights, and a stunning aesthetic that could only be achieved by Rare in this ultimate pirate game. Sea of Thieves isn’t only one of the best online games, it’s one of the best games ever made by any studio, regardless of genre.

WarioWare: Get It Together!

The best online co-op game ever made has to be Monster Hunter. Sure, some may say that Rainbow Six or some other ridiculous tactical shooter is the rightful winner of this award.

What’s the point of shooting people when you can go on an exciting chase for a monster? Monster Hunter Rise is the most accessible Monster Hunter to date, which isn’t saying much because the game is still really difficult. Hunters are encouraged to construct their gear and weapons, while also working together to take down some goliaths in the series.

Grand Theft Auto V Online

The best online co-op game ever made has to be Monster Hunter: World! Yes, some would claim that the title belongs to Rainbow Six or some other ridiculous tactical shooter. Why kill people when you can go on a real-life hunting expedition?

If you’ve ever wanted to play a Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Rise is the most accessible yet. The series has players constructing gear and weaponry to become greater hunters while balancing techniques and teamwork to collectively knock down certain goliaths.

TimeSplitters 2

Even though most of these titles are brand new, my personal favourite is TimeSplitters 2. When I’m in the mood for a first-person shooter, this is the one I go for. It’s a near-perfect multiplayer shooter with quirky characters, wild levels, and mechanics that are the closest thing we have to a completely developed GoldenEye. Additionally, the cooperative campaign is fantastic.


Just for you, here are some hard facts regarding Broforce. Platformer/shooter in 2D side-scrolling format. As much as it celebrates 1980s action films, Broforce is also a biting satire on them. It’s easy to imagine the names of some of the characters in the game: Brobocop Indiana-style robot Rambro, Brobocop Indiana-style robot Brominator-style robot Brobocop

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