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There are many different kinds of videos available on the NewasianTv website, including dramas, movies, and far more. Anyone can view movies and shows from all around the world, such as Thai, Philippine, Chinese, Taiwanese, and plenty of other regional languages.

Thousands of movies are available to watch on NewAsianTV. There is no method to choose the best one based on their previous searches, so it can recommend the most popular and relevant ones. It also has an appealing but simple user interface, making it simple for newcomers to navigate the entire site.


  • Subtitle Translation
  • Playback speed control
  • Streaming
  • Database

Similar to NewAsianTV

1. Kisstvshow

Watching Asian television shows in high definition and for free on eliminates the need to be concerned about accessing a shady site. Online viewing of TV shows in high definition is readily available. It offers high-quality shows for free download. Formats range from typically revolve to 720p High Definition (or even 1080p). Mobile devices such as smartphones and iPhones can run HTML5. There are quite a few people using it to view Asian TV series…

2. OnDramaNice

Asian dramas and movie with English subtitles can be watched on OnDramanice, including Korean, Thai, Taiwanese and Japanese films and series. Every day, new titles and films are being added to the site for the benefit of its many users across the world. OnDramaNice also makes it possible for viewers to have pleasure in watching a variety of genres of films and television shows, such as action, comedy, science fiction, erotic thrillers, romance, adventure, fantasy, and more. Juvenile Justice, Cupid’s Last Wish, and Cand herry… are among their most popular series.

3. HanCinema

An updated database of Korean films, directors, dramas, and actors can be found on HanCinema’s marketplace, allowing users to simply browse and find relevant information and connections concerning Korean content. Each time a new piece of content is added to the site, users will be notified by email. HanCinema could become the only English-language site dedicated to Korean movies because the database supplied hundreds of thousands of items.

Top 11 Similar websites like and alternatives and more detail!

4. DramaGo

Most media can be uploaded as pirated content to DramaGo, a torrent-based platform. Importing your favorite movies is as simple as selecting a movie group and clicking the “Import” button. If you want to watch movies online, you’ll have to go to a website with a certain domain name. For those who enjoy watching Korean films, DramaGo is also a piracy site. With so many titles to choose from, it’s simple to find something to watch, whether it’s a new release or an old classic. …

5. Kshow123

Kshow123 is a streaming service that offers high-quality and quick access to Asian dramas and films with English subtitles. They even release the entire series or movie in HD, including millions of episodes in most drama boxsets 720p or 1080p. In addition, Kshow123 offers the most up-to-date content because it is updated every day and is available for the lowest possible price. A real-time alert is sent to the user anytime it uploads…

Top 11 Similar websites like and alternatives and more detail!

6. Viu

To view the freshest and most popular Korean dramas, Viu was launched in 2015 as a streaming video service. Users can access the App Store and Google Play Store directly using this platform. Via not only provides Korean content, but also content from other nations, such as Hong Kong, Thailand, and the United States. As a result of an agreement made, the platform has access to nearly all of the available content…

7. KBS World TV

KBS World TV was launched on July 1, 2003, as a pay television station for worldwide consumers outside of South Korea. The majority of the content on this platform is in Korean, although there are subtitles available in English, Chinese, Malay, and several other languages. As a result, users no longer have to worry about the quality of their images because they can access nearly all high-definition content. The Japanese Postal Service, for example, is run by a subsidiary of KBS.

8. MyAsianTV

Most Korean dramas can be found with English subtitles on MyAsianTV, a website popular among viewers who want to make sure they understand what they’re viewing. Korean dramas can be legally watched on this portal, which is accessible in nearly every country. Downloading free content is faster and more appropriate than others. Additionally, MyAsianTV has become the fastest-growing platform that does not require registration or login. Multiple parts of the page index and user movement are in order.

9. AsianCrush

As the best streaming service for Asian content, AsianCrush offers a wide range of movies, TV episodes, online videos, and more. This channel covers a wide range of genres, including Korean drama, Asian horror, muay Thai, sci-fi, Korean thrillers, anime, and Asian action. For users outside of North America to access AsianCrush content, they must use the un-locator, which is only available to those in North America. There’s a lot of…

Top 11 Similar Websites Like Serienstream And More Information!

10. Kocowa

K-pop and K-drama content with multi-language subtitles may be found at Kocowa, which operates as a one-stop shop for all users. Seoul Broadcasting’s system of Seoul Broadcasting’s entertainment programming can be enjoyed through this platform. With Kocowa, you may watch a variety of shows each week on your smartphone or computer, with no advertising or subscription costs. It…

11. Toggle

Media-corps video service provider Toggle (formerly known as MedWatch) can provide customers with free access to on-demand local on-demand dramas; news; entertainment; LIVE programming; sports; and more. On this platform, users who subscribe to Prime get first access to the newest shows, which are available to free account holders several days before they do. Toggle users can also watch ad-free on-demand videos and download as much content as they want to watch later on their computer or mobile device. It even went further than that…

12. Felix

iFlix is a cutting-edge streaming service that gives consumers rapid access to their favorite films and television shows. Everyone who wants to view the newest content without having to wait can take advantage of the various digital tools available on this platform. Even if a user’s internet service is disrupted, they can still download whatever media on their devices. Additionally, iFlix delivers high-quality content, and even if some of them aren’t quite as high-definition, they may still be streamed smoothly. …


13. KissAsian

KissAsian is a website where anyone can effortlessly watch Asian dramas without having to do any surveys to receive access to the best Asian drama streaming services. The portal contains the most recent and high-quality online Asian dramas. KissAsian also has a responsive and user-friendly design that allows you to watch Korean dramas even when you’re on the go. Users can choose from a variety of genres to watch English dubbed/subtitled Asian films.

14. OnDemandKorea

Users can access the most recent but also most prominent Korean-based content, such as dramas, shows, movies, and more, through OnDemandKorea’s completely legal service. Programmers can stay up to date on the latest programming developments thanks to the fast-updating of all available apps on this platform. Users of OnDemandKorea can also view all content for free, except those in the Plus, Pay-Per-View, or Premium categories. …Logging in is a simple process.

15. Viki

Viki is web software that makes it simple for people in the United States and around the world to watch television shows, movies, and anime from all over the world. Even clients wishing to provide basic TV and cable internet might put their trust in it. Additionally, Viki can allow consumers to find and enjoy Asian entertainment around the world. You can choose from a wide variety of dramas, movies, amusement videos, and TV series on a variety of topics, such as sports and lifestyle…

16. Dramabang2

In terms of information, is the gets transmitted provider platform because it has everything a user may want, from the basics to the unexpected. It’s possible to watch Korean dramas and a wide range of other stuff on this site at any time, from everywhere in the world. The platform does not require users to register, so they can browse the site immediately. Dramabang2 can also be used for other things…

You may view tens of thousands of movies on NewAsianTV. The most popular as well as relevant ones can be recommended, but there is no way to select the best one based on previous searches. This app’s user interface is straightforward and engaging.

If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to do so and share your thoughts on it with me. is the place to go to stay up to speed on the latest news.

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