Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date Status, Story – Everything We Know So Far

In Japan, a manga series titled Nisekoi: False Love may be found on the web. Naoshi Komi wrote and drew it. Nisekoi is an anime series that combines romance and comedy.

Critics have given Nisekoi an enthusiastic reception. It’s one of the most well-known anime series around.
There has been no announcement regarding the third season of Nisekoi yet. We do, however, expect it to be renewed very shortly. There is a good chance that Nisekoi will be well received in the third season of the series.

Crunchyroll is another place to watch the anime Nisekoi. Netflix is another option for watching the popular anime series Nisekoi. To learn everything there is to know about Nisekoi’s upcoming third season, be sure to read the entire thing.

Nisekoi Season 3:

The Manga series Naoshi Komi wrote and illustrated called Nisekoi is the source material for an anime television series titled Nisekoi.

There is a lot of love and laughter in the series Nisekoi. The plot of Nisekoi, an anime series, is quite intriguing.

IMDb has given the series Nisekoi a rating of 7.2 out of 10. It was a two-season animated television series; perhaps a third is on the way?

It’s called Nisekoi: False Love, and it’s the full name of the anime. It’s a story about a Yakuza heir and the daughter of a criminal family leader who is forced to be in a relationship with each other.
To avert the gang war, he must be in a relationship with her. The series Nisekoi was directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, Naoyuki Tatsuwa, Kosuke Hirota, Taro Kubo, Kazuki Ohashi, Yukihiro Miyamoto, Hitomi Ezoe, Sumito Sasaki, Yuki Yase, Kenjiro Okada, Midori Yoshizawa, Takashi Kawabata, Eiichi Kuboyama, Shuji Miyahara, and Hajime Otani.

Naoshi Komi, Miku Oshima, Fuyashi Tou, and Akiyuki Shinbo were all involved in the writing of the series Nisekoi.

There were several people involved in making the series Nisekoi: Ryu Hashimoto; Yohei Hayashi; Tatsuya Iwakami; Kozue Kaneniwa; Mitsutoshi Kubota; Hiroyuki Okino; Fumihiro Tanaka; Akiko Yodo; and Miku Oshima were some of the people that worked on the project.

The music for Nisekoi was composed by Tomoki Kikuya, Kakeru Ishihama, and Naoki Chiba. Nisekoi’s cinematography was handled by Rei Egami.

Nisekoi’s art direction was handled by Ken Naito and Yukihiro Watanabe. Artwork for the series Nisekoi was handled by Izumi Takizawa, Takuma Mochizuki, Ryo Aizawa, Morihito Ohara, Makoto Ota, Toshiyuki Fujisawa, Takaomi Kanasaki, Hiroko Kazui, Akitoshi Yokoyama, Naoshi Komi, Noriyuki Abe, Naoyuki Tatsuwa and Yuki Yase.

The cast of Nisekoi’s upcoming third season has yet to be officially announced. As of this writing, no date has been set for the upcoming third season of the anime Nisekoi.
Please check back for any new information about the cast of the third season of Nisekoi. As a result, you should check back here frequently.

Shaft studio produced the anime series, Nisekoi. Madman Entertainment, Kaze UK, and Aniplex of the United States obtained the rights to distribute it. Nisekoi was shown on MBS, BS 11, and Tokyo MX.

Until now, there has been no news concerning the third season of Nisekoi. We’ll keep you informed if there are any changes to the status of Nisekoi’s production.

Crunchyroll and Daisuki streamed the anime series Nisekoi with English subtitles and other languages outside of Japan.

The Promise, Encounter, Two of a Kind, The Visit, Swimming, Borrowing and Lending, Rival, Happiness, Hot Springs, Lottery, Celebration, Confirmation, After School, Ordeal, Three Keys, Typhoon, Temple Festival, At the Beach, The Play, and Showtime make up the first season of Nisekoi’s first run of twenty episodes.

Muneo Nakamoto, Yukito Kizawa, Miku Oshima, and Miku Oshima collaborated on the story’s creation. Tatsuki Kawabata, Naoyuki Tatsuwa, Sumito Sasaki, and others directed the film, which also featured Taro Kubo, Kosuke Hirota, and Kazuteru Ohashi as well Yukihiro Miyamoto and Taro Kubo.

There has been no word on how many episodes the third season of Nisekoi would have. Season three of the anime series Nisekoi, which is now airing, is expected to have 12 episodes.

Please check back here if we have any new information about how many episodes there will be in the third season of Nisekoi.

A total of 20 episodes were aired during the first season, while 12 episodes were aired during the second season of Nisekoi.

Loss / Shrine Maiden, Work / Change, and Bath House/Service are the three OVAs in the first season of the anime series Nisekoi. Miku Oshima penned the story. Naoyuki Tatsuwa and Kosuke Hirota shared the directing duties.

This is the second time Nisekoi has aired a season, and there are 12 episodes in total: From Now On – Please Notice; Fate/Showdown; Need; Mother; Teach Me/Master Raku; Delicious; Little Sister; Magical Patissiere Kosaki; Work; Cleanup Day; Visiting the Sick; Support; I Want to Lose Weight; Good Morning; and The Search / Just Testing.

He wrote it with Yukito Kizawa and his brother Miku Oshima, Muneo Nakamoto, and Yukito Kizawa. Director Yukihiro Miyamoto, Kenjirou Okaya, Kosuke Hirota, Taro Kubo, Midori Yoshizawa, Hitomi Ezra, Kazuteru Ohashi, Yuki Yase, and Hajime Ootani were all involved in its production…

Honeymoon / Magical Patissiere Kosaki is the name of the second season’s OVA. Miku Oshima was the author. Yukihiro Miyamoto and Yuki Yase were responsible for the film’s direction and editing.

The third season of Nisekoi has not received any new information. The story of Nisekoi’s second season is expected to be carried in the show’s third season.

We will post any new information on the third season of Nisekoi here if it becomes available. As a result, be sure to return often to this page.

Chitoge’s feelings for Raku were revealed towards the end of the second season of Nisekoi. Chitoge, realizing this, ponders how they’ll act as a false couple.

Despite Raku’s locket’s return, they are unable to open it because it hasn’t been fixed completely. Raku promises to reveal his name to Chitoge at a later date.

Is it possible that I won’t be the promised one? Chitoge wants Raku’s attention, so she contacts him while she’s all dolled up, but he doesn’t seem to notice.

While Raku does acknowledge knowing about Chitoge’s attempts to escape, he declines to say anything further about it.

Paula McCoy, meantime, is reunited with Seishiro. Her old coworker, Seishiro, is now a rival. A fight brings them together. And Raku is hit in the crossfire as a result.

Paula is enraged by her friend’s sluggish lifestyle and works hard to outdo her. Paula later challenges Seishiro to snatch a kiss from Raku in the middle of the match.

After Raku and Seishiro engage in combat, Paula takes Raku hostage. Later, Seishiro comes upon Paula and, after defeating Raku in a kissing match, finds Paula.

As soon as it sees Paula, it begins to praise her abilities. Before departing for the United States, Paula meets with Seishiro. That’s what Paula says if she’s excellent with Raku.

Chitoge, on the other hand, invites Raku. Next, Hana meets with her daughter and her husband, after which she names Raku her new secretary as a way to put to the test whether or not he is indeed the man her daughter loves.
Chitoge and Raku will receive a reward, including a night in a luxury hotel room on Christmas Eve, if Raku can live up to her end of the bargain.

Later, Raku is stressed out due to Hana’s hectic schedule and, finally, overwhelmed by the amount of work he has to do.

Nisekoi Season 3
Nisekoi Season 3

Chitoge contacts her mother on Christmas Eve and talks about their relationship as a mother and daughter.
Because of her work schedule, she declines her daughter’s request. Raku chastises her for prioritizing her job over her kid.

Afterward, Raku asks Hana if she’d like to go bond with her daughter, and she agrees. She becomes agitated. Hana claims to be proud of her daughter’s accomplishments and to have always cared for her, but she believes that Chitoge despises her.

Raku picks up Chitoge so that she and her mother may go out on a date. It’s not too late, though, for Hana is on her way to the United States.

Hana returns to Chitoge because she hears her daughter’s crying and wants to make amends. Raku and Chitoge are at the airport when Hana arrives. As a result, the two clear up whatever confusion they had about why they decided to stay at the hotel for the Christmas party.

When Hana discovers Raku’s locket in the picture album of Chitoge, she recalls the moment.

Marika must study for her math test the following day, so she approaches Raku about setting up a tutoring session for her and Chitoge.

Marika’s math test fails again, and she deliberately fails so that she may tutor her again. Master Raku, Marika’s beloved parrot, is left in charge of Raku for the day while she goes on a trip.

It’s not until much later, though, that Marika finds out the false information about her pet parrot after it escapes from its cage and is found by a little girl.

Raku tries to get the parrot back by yelling at it. He uses his voice to yell out his feelings for Marika. Kosaki, Marika, and Chitoge later present Raku the handcrafted chocolates on Valentine’s Day as a gift.

Marika is attempting to create a chocolate sculpture the size of a statue. Then, when Kosaki tries to deliver hers to Raku, she slips and falls on it, breaking it to powder.

Following the compulsory chocolate from Seishiro, Raku sets out to find Marika and her chocolate in pieces. Raku afterward consumes Marika’s chocolate.

Their crushes,e Chitog and Kosaki are eager to receive the chocolates. As a result, they collaborate to create their own.

Ultimately, Kosaki and Chitoge present Raku with their sweet treats. Haru, on the other hand, is excited about her approaching high school years.

When Haru falls into a gang of thugs, she collapses and dies as a result. Raku, on the other hand, steps in to save the day. As it turns out, the prince has saved Haru’s life.

The first thing Haru notices about Raku is that he has a reputation for womanizing and being dangerous, so she refuses to meet with him. Raku afterward gets a glimpse of Haru’s underpants up close and personal.

Haru is constantly on the lookout for ways to keep her younger sister Kosaki safe from Raku’s advances. Later, during a conversation with Haru, Kosaki shares his positive impressions of Raku. Haru is on a quest to track down a piece of information that could lead her to her long-lost prince.

Marika, Chitoge, and Kosaki were given the magical powers of a young girl. To destroy a gigantic evil minion, the squad must first take on the creator of the minions, Dr. Maiko.

After a little farce, Dr. Maiko has blasted away. Haru protests when Raku gets a call to help out at the Onodera family’s sweets shop later.
Haru shares some of Raku’s emotions, as well as his culinary prowess. Haru and Raku later discover that they have been disciplined for damaging kitchen items.

Homeroom adviser Kyoko assigns Raku to organize his classmates to clean the school’s swimming pool, which Raku accepts. Raku talks to Paula and persuades her to join the group after they finish their assignment.

Afterward, Ruri tells Raku to take care of a Kosaki, much to Haru’s displeasure. Kosaki is in the hospital.

Afterward, Raku is summoned to take care of Haru. It occurs after she contracts Kosaki’s cold. Haru returns his locket to him afterward.

Shu’s erratic behavior is making Ruri squirm. While talking to Ruri, Raku discovers that he has no idea what Shu is interested in, and plans to inquire further.

No one can give Raku an answer he can understand. As a result, Raku and Seishiro had a conversation about it. On the other hand, Kyoko, the homeroom advisor, informs her students about her impending retirement and impending marriage.

She tells Raku about his crush on Kyoko, but he refuses to tell her. He gets some counsel from Seishiro and then Raku chats to Shu and urges Shu to tell Kyoto about his feelings.

Chitoge, on the other hand, is rehearsing how to tell Raku that she loves him. As a result, Chitoge visits her father and Raku to speak with them one-on-one.

Chitoge intends to postpone her confession for a while to spend more time with her phony boyfriend.

Nisekoi’s second season’s OVA revealed that Raku dreams of a life with Kosaki, Seishiro, Chitoge, and Marika as a married couple.

They, too, share Raku’s desire. Princess Yui Kanakura reigns supreme over the Land of Magic as its magical princess and monarch.

During a conversation with Kosaki and her fellows, she orders them to rid the world of Doctor Maiko once and for all. While they’re preparing for their final stand, Yui shows the girl how much more protective and knowledgeable she is.

They wear sexier clothing to protect themselves from Dr. Maiko’s savagery. Doctor Maiko reveals to be impenetrable later on. Rubin then shows up and defeats Doctor Maiko in a showdown.

A few days later, Rubin shows up in the middle of Kosaki’s new duty. In addition, the lesson transforms her.

Publisher Shueisha published the Nisekoi manga series by Naoshi Komi. He wrote a series of books with the same name. Shueisha published the book with illustrations by Naoshi Komi.

The anime series Nisekoi has a plethora of theme songs. This anime’s first season-opening theme features the songs “Click” and “Step.”

“Click,” “Heart Pattern,” “Recover Decoration,” “Step,” “Trick Box,” and “Order Order” all appear in the series’ opening theme for the first season of Nisekoi.

Rally Go Round and Magical Styling are used in the theme music for Nisekoi’s second season.

Aimai Hertz, TrlGhER, Sleep Zzz, Matador Love, Marchen ticktack, Toriame drop, and Crayon Cover make up the second season’s ending theme for the anime series Nisekoi.

There is mystery and romance in the Nisekoi TV series. There are five primary characters in Nisekoi: three girls and a boy.

With the same boy, four girls fall in love, but only one falls in love with him. This is a lighthearted and heartwarming show. Critics gave Nisekoi an enthusiastic reception.

Nisekoi has a fascinating storyline that’s worth seeing. You should watch it if you like romcoms. Popular among fans of romantic anime, Nisekoi is one to watch. Nisekoi is a romantic comedy series. The fourth season of the anime series Nisekoi has yet to be announced.

We’ll update this post with any new information we receive on Nisekoi’s upcoming third season. As a result, be sure to return often to this page. Nisekoi’s third season cast has been announced.

Nisekoi Season 3 Cast:

Find the expected cast of the third season of the series Nisekoi below.

  1. Koki Uchiyama as Raku Ichijou
  2. Nao Toyama as Chitoge Kirisaki
  3. Kana Hanazawa as Kosaki Onodera
  4. Yumi Uchiyama as Ruri Miyamoto
  5. Yuki Kaji as Shuu Maiko
  6. Mikako Komatsu as Seishirou Tsugumi
  7. Kana Asumi as Marika Tachibana
  8. Kengo Mizoguchi as Schoolboy
  9. Toshinari Fukamachi as Henchman
  10. Ryouta Igarashi as Schoolboy
  11. Masaaki Yano as Gangster
  12. Reina Ueda as School Girl
  13. Takehito Koyasu as Claude
  14. Nobuyuki Hiyama as Ryuu
  15. Hitomi Nabatame as Kyouto
  16. Akira Sekine as School Girl
  17. You Taichi as Honda
  18. Ayane Sakura as Haru Onodera
  19. Ken’ichi Ogata as Raku’s Father
  20. Masashi Ebara as Chitoge’s Father
  21. Eri Suzuki as School Girl
  22. Sayaka Ohara as Kosaki’s Mother
  23. Manami Numakura as Paula McCoy
  24. Kentaro Tone as Company President
  25. Kotori Koiwai as Fuu
  26. Megumi Toyoguchi as Hana Kirisaki
  27. Haruo Yamagishi as Yoshino
  28. Fumihiko Tachiki as Marika’s Father
  29. Sayuri Sadaoka as Priestess
  30. Eiji Miyashita as Henchman
  31. Takahiro Sakurai as Migisuke
  32. Yu Kobayashi as Parrot
  33. Takashi Matsuyama as Restaurant Manager
  34. Kiyoko Miyazawa as Old Lady Receptionist
  35. Kimiko Saito as Female Guest
  36. Yusuke Kabuta as Yakuza
  37. Yuu Maeda as Yakuza

We’ll have to wait and see when Nisekoi’s third season comes out.

Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date:

Season 3 of the anime series Nisekoi has yet to be announced. We believe that it will be announced soon.

The third season of the anime Nisekoi is expected to be published in early to mid-2022, based on current indications. On the same platform as before.

Nisekoi will also be available on Netflix’s subscription streaming service shortly. It’s possible to catch up on the first and second seasons of the Nisekoi anime series on Netflix.

We’ll let you know as soon as we learn anything new regarding the upcoming third season of the anime Nisekoi. On January 11th, 2014, the first season of Nisekoi was released.

Here is a look at the second season of Nisekoi’s reviews.

Nisekoi Season 2 Review:

Season 2 of Nisekoi has been well welcomed by the audience. It looks like Nisekoi’s third season will have a strong reception from fans.

Raku, Marika, Kosaki, Chitoge, and Seishiro all share the same desire of marrying Raku towards the end of the second season of the anime series Nisekoi.

Later, Yui Kanakura, the magical princess and ruler of the Land of Magic, assigns Kosaki and her allies the mission of eradicating Doctor Maiko once and for all.
Yui gives the girls more protective yet skimpy garments to defend them from the attacks of Doctor Maiko during their final stand.

Sage Rubin attempts to intervene and also beats Dr. Maiko as he is proved to be impenetrable.

Rubin reappeared before Kosaki in the middle of her class, assigning her a new assignment and transforming her into a ninja in front of her peers, after Kosaki and Rubin had returned to their normal lives. We’ll have to wait and see.
We’ll provide any new information on the Nisekoi season 3 plot that comes our way. So, be sure to keep an eye out for updates on this page.

On April 10th, 2015, the second season of Nisekoi was released. Watch the trailer for Nisekoi’s upcoming third season.

Nisekoi Season 3 Trailer:

The Nisekoi Season 3 trailer has yet to be released. It looks like it will be launched very soon. This post will be updated with any new information we get about the third season trailer for the anime Nisekoi.

Find the trailer of the second season of the anime series Nisekoi below. Let us have a look at it. We’ll update this page as soon as the trailer for Nisekoi’s third season is out.

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